Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 46: First Time in a Sedan

Chapter 46: First Time in a Sedan

“Sedan?” As Little Fatty heard, he did not know whether to laugh or cry, “Senior brother? Such a short distance, I can reach in the time of a few breaths by flying on my sword. If I were to take a sedan, that would take half a day. How troublesome~”

“Ai, you can’t say that!” Wang Zhi Wu smiled, “Song junior brother, this is the mortal word. Not the cultivator’s world. You cannot just casually fly around in here. Those foolish citizens who have little outlook would treat you like a celestial. Don’t tell me you want to be surrounded by the few million citizens of the Blue Moon City to worship and offer incense to you?”

“Oh, this~” Little Fatty was immediately speechless and he could only laugh bitterly and say, “It is my lack of thought to the matter. Since that’s the case, I'll trouble you to prepare the sedan then!”

“Ah ah, that’s the way!” Wang Zhi Wu smiled slightly, then instructed a Taoist kid under him to lead the way for Little Fatty. At the same time, he told Little Fatty that he would arrange a place for him to stay when he returned.

Little Fatty hurriedly cupped his fists and thanked him, then followed the lead of the Taoist kid to another courtyard. In here, Little Fatty saw a middle-aged man with a noble air around him. This man was the head butler of the imperial tutor and was waiting for the Mystical Sky Temple to send out a celestial elder!

When the butler heard the introduction of the Taoist kid, that Little Fatty was the Taoist monk which the Mystical Sky Temple was about to send out, he was first stunned. He then carefully measured Little Fatty’s worth and began frowning. Obviously, this guy despises the pitiful attire of Little Fatty, plus his vulgar appearance, and did not seem like an expert who achieved the Dao.

Although the butler despised Little Fatty, but he also knows that the Taoist monks of the Mystical Sky Temple cannot be provoked. Thus, he did not show it on his face. Instead, he maintained a smile and began talking to the Taoist kid. He even asked about Little Fatty’s background in the Mystical Sky Temple subtly. When he heard that Little Fatty was the new celestial elder who came today, his expression immediately took an 180-degree turn. He tactfully expressed that his master was the imperial tutor, with high post and authority, and he hoped to invite a real celestial elder to catch the ghost.

Little Fatty at the side was long irritated already. As he heard this, he was immediately enraged. Although it isn’t good for him to unleash his rage on a mortal, but he would definitely not put himself at a lost. Little Fatty then pretended to hmph and embedded his Qi within.

Although this hmph did not sound like much to other people’s ears, but when that butler heard it, it was as though it was a loud thunder and it shook him to the point he was dizzy and partially deaf. He directly sat on the floor and began panting profusely. His whole face was filled with cold sweat as though it was a fountain.

Only at this moment did he suddenly realise that he had unwittingly looked down on and enraged an expert.

As he understood, he did not dare to delay and hurriedly climbed up. He then bowed to Little Fatty and apologised, “This celestial elder, I was the one who did not recognise your greatness. Please forgive my rudeness!”

“Hmph, didn’t you just complain that I was too young?” Little Fatty said unhappily, “Why is it that you were so arrogant then and so polite now? Your face changed a little too quickly!”

“This, that was my mistake earlier. You are benevolent, don’t bring yourself down to my level!” The butler then hurriedly digressed, “My master is still waiting anxiously at home, why not you follow me to see him now?”

“Who do you take me for? Am I someone who you can say you don’t want, then when you ask to follow I have to follow? Imperial tutor? Is he very big? I really can’t be bothered about him!” As he finished, he shook his robes and prepared to turn and walk off.

As the butler saw that, he immediately panicked. He hurriedly made eye signals to the Taoist child by the side, “This Taoist master, please help me say something?” Saying that, he secretly snuck a piece of jade to that child.

The Taoist child who brought Little Fatty here was a disciple of Wang Zhi Wu, and also had authority here. He calmly received the jade, then smiled slightly, walked to Little Fatty and said, “Senior uncle, don’t be angry. This b*st*rd’s eyes are mortal, and would naturally look down on people. You're a magnanimous person and I know you won't follow his line of thought. Although they're not worth your time, but since this task was given by my teacher, could Senior, on account of my teacher's face, give them another chance?"

Seeing a disciple with so much authority in the Mystical Sky Temple being so courteous to Little Fatty, the butler realised that he really provoked a celestial elder which he should not have provoked. His face immediately became more solemn.

Hearing the Taoist child mention Wang Zhi Wu, Little Fatty also had no choice but to think twice. Since he was staying in the territory of others, it wouldn’t be good if he didn’t show any face. Plus the fact that the butler had already apologised, Little Fatty decided not to take things too far and said, “Hmph! Since you already brought out senior brother, it is also not good for me to reject. However, this is the one and only time!”

“Yes yes, if that b*st*rd dares to dissatisfy you, you can just come back. I believe that master will not blame you as well!” The Taoist child smiled apologetically then signalled to the butler.

The butler understood, and quickly apologised, then invited Little Fatty to the sedan. Little Fatty waved his hands, then followed him out of the hall. He realised that there was already a large sedan carried by 12 men in place. On the sedan was many birds and animals embroidered onto it. It was very detail and delicate. The 12 men carrying the sedan was also very big and fit. With a single look, it was obvious that they were all carefully chosen.

This was the first time in Little Fatty’s life where he sat on such a thing. He found it to be very fresh, and under the aid of the butler, he sat on the comfortable chair.

Following which, the curtain to the sedan was let down, and the butler shouted, “Raise the sedan!”

“Heh~” The 12 men groaned and lifted up the sedan. They began walking forward, but very quickly, the 12 men’s faces changed. They were all flushed red and felt their arms and legs turn to jelly. It was as though the man they were carrying was not human, but a mountain!

The reason was also very simple. It was that Little Fatty’s weight was really too perverted. Ever since he cultivated the Primal Chaos Formula, his body begin to strengthen greatly. At the same time, his weight also increased at a rapid pace. As though what was growing on his body wasn’t meat, but bricks. Although he only looked slightly chubby, but his weight already exceeded 800 catties. He was fatter than even a super fat man! They thought to themselves, ‘Is this Taoist master transformed from a pig? Why is he so heavy!’

800 catties of body weight, plus the original weight of the sedan was over a hundred catties. That was almost a thousand catties heavy. On average, every man was carrying about 80 to 90 catties of weight. Carrying something so heavy over dozens of kilometres, just thinking of that made their bodies shake from the horror. There were even some who thought that they would probably die from fatigue on the way back.

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