Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 38: Merit and Reward

Chapter 38: Merit and Reward

As for Little Fatty and Monkey, they also received great rewards. First, was that they were absorbed into the Enforcement Hall and became an Enforcement disciple in charge of monitoring the outer court disciples. Enforcement disciples are normally prepared for the elite disciples. There were many benefits that came with it, and the most important, is safety. Enforcement disciples represented the sect’s authority, and they all had a Natal jade talisman. If anybody dare touch them, the sect would immediately notice and carry out an investigation. Thus, after becoming an Enforcement disciple, nobody dared to provoke Little Fatty and Monkey. Amongst the outer court disciples, they can walk fearlessly.

Furthermore, they also received a few special privileges including spiritual stones and elixirs supplements. They can also choose any 3 cultivation or Dao methods in the sect’s Scripture Library. A pity, after Little Fatty searched through it once, he did not find any lightning spells. It seems that such things are still of a high grade, and cannot be easily found.

Of course, they had a decent amount of spiritual stones and magical tools as rewards. This time, nobody dare to have any greed over it. Each of them received 10,000 spiritual stones and 3 pieces of 3rd, 4th or 5th grade magical tool or flying sword. Little Fatty chose a metal type flying sword with a speed of 1200 and gave the other rewards to Monkey. Ever since he had his lightning spell and Copper Bell, he no longer had interest in these low grade magical tools.

After Monkey received a total of 5 magical tools, his little pistol changed into a cannon, and he was very delighted. Little Fatty and Monkey no longer hid around, but walk out in the open freely. Those outer court disciples which were so arrogant before became extremely careful. Afraid to give Little Fatty any information that could be used against them. Where he could borrow the authority of the Enforcement Hall to take care of them.

Thus, Little Fatty lead a period of very happy life. However, it is said that all happiness would come with setback. Little Fatty’s worry-free days did not last long. He received a notice that he was to complete a compulsory sect mission.

A compulsory sect mission is one which is given out by the sect. The reason is also simple, and it was because in the 3 years he became an outer court disciple, he did not complete a single sect mission. The reason why the sect accepted so many outer court disciples was for them to help the sect take care of errands in the name of a mission. This was to save the time of the inner court disciples to focus on cultivation.

Once an outer court disciple do not complete these missions, but only receive the monthly handouts from the sect, it was obviously very disadvantageous to the sect. Thus, in order for the sect to restrict such disciples, they came out with a rule. The rule states that if a disciple did not do any sect missions for 3 years, the sect would appoint a mission for them. Under normal circumstances, these missions are really troublesome missions which nobody wanted to do.

Although Little Fatty was not part of the Enforcement Hall, but it does not change the fact that he is an outer court disciple. Even though he had contributions, but he cannot go against the sect rules. Thus, he did not have a choice but to accept a compulsory sect mission. His mission was to guard the Mystical Sky Temple which was situated near the Blue Moon City, capital of the Blue Moon Nation.

The Blue Moon Nation, was one of the big nations outside of the Vast Mountains. There were millions of households, and a territory of over 10,000 miles wide. It is said that the Blue Moon Nation’s royal family has blood relations with some of the upper echelons of the Mystical Sky Yard. Thus, the royal family of the Blue Moon Nation holds the Mystical Sky Yard in honour, and built a famous Mystical Sky Temple in the periphery of the capital. It already had over a thousand years of history. It can be said that the reason why the Blue Moon Nation is able to flourish, it was because it had the Mystical Sky Yard as backing.

The reason why the Mystical Sky Yard wanted to support a secular nation was because it needed to replenish new talents. Only with the power of a nation, can it gather cultivation talents in the sea of people. Besides, the people of the Mystical Sky Yard were not all saints who completely did not need to eat or drink at all. The lower grade disciples all still need to eat, wear clothes, and other kind of daily essentials. This was also why they could not break away from the support of a large nation. Of course, the Mystical Sky Yard supported many nations, and the Blue Moon Nation was only one of the larger ones.

The Blue Moon Nation’s, Mystical Sky Temple had a foundational stage expert guarding it all year round. But his main focus is on cultivation and is rarely bothered with the affairs of the mortals. Thus, the temple needs XianTian stage disciples to manage the mortal affairs, especially the relations with the royal family. Besides if there were other sects stirring trouble within the country, the mortals have to deal with them. Only cultivators would be able to settle these things.

However, although the Blue Moon Nation was very majestic and luxurious in the eyes of the mortals. But this was not an ideal place for cultivators. Density of spiritual Qi was low, and was far from that of the vast mountains. Plus, they had to be disturbed by the matters of the mortals, affecting cultivation. Helpless, the sect could only list it as a compulsory mission.

Now, this unpopular mission fell onto the head of Little Fatty. In regards to going to the Mystical Sky Temple, Little Fatty did not mind. After all, he cultivates within his dimension and does not bother about the density of spiritual Qi. Plus, avoiding the troubles of the sect and going to a fresh and bustling place to see isn’t too bad. Thus, he accepted the mission gladly and happily packed his luggage.

First was what is needed for cultivation. Elixirs, 5 element spiritual wood and etc. Such things could not be found in the secular realm. This trip would take a few years, he definitely had to make proper preparations. As such, Little Fatty’s first stop would be Firmament City, where he could buy everything.

As Little Fatty went through the transformation portal to Firmament City, he could not help but sigh. When he sat the transformation portal previously, it was the first time he did not need to go there in secret, but could do so in open. The guards of the shifting towers also no longer stared at him with doubtful looks, but with an envious look. Such a large change in reaction, made him very moved.

After a moment of sentiment, Little Fatty shook his head, and cleared out all the strange thoughts out from his head. He then began to shop around in the busy streets of Firmament City. Unknowingly, he walked in front of a medicine shop.

Seeing the familiar appearance of the shop front and that slippery salesman, Little Fatty suddenly thought of something. An unknowing anger raised raised from his gut. He then walked to the front of the salesman and laughingly said “Brat, do you remember who I am?”

“This~” The salesman timidly looked at Little Fatty, with guilt suffusing through his eyes and accompanied by an obsequious smile “ How can I not recognise you, boss? You are my benefactor!”

“Benefactor? Ha, to think you still can remember!” Little Fatty gnashed his teeth irascibly “You this ingrate that doesn’t knows gratitude!”

As it turns out, Little Fatty had once bought spiritual medicine from this stall. According to intelligence that Han Lin Feng obtained from Gu Long, the latter had bribed the salesman, resulting in news regarding Little Fatty’s wealth getting leaked out. That had engendered Gu Long’s and Xuan Yu’s avarice into activity, culminating in the Blood Ravens incident.

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