Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 37: Returning to the Sect

Chapter 37: Returning to the Sect

After hearing what Little Fatty said, Han Ling Feng and Monkey’s eyes lit up. They immediately realised that Little Fatty’s words made a lot of sense. Since there is no point caring about the products of the spiritual rock mine, why not use it to exchange for a big contribution? With such a big contribution, the rewards of the sect would definitely be very ample. Being a person with merit, the sect would definitely give us special attention. At least, we do not need to worry about being harmed by others.

The Mystical Sky Yard is still a righteous sect no matter what. The disciples of the lower echelons would constantly fight over cultivation resources, even killing others in secret was not an uncommon sight. But in the upper echelons of the sect, in the realms of those who have achieved Dao, the cultivation of character is also very important. According to them, cultivating Dao is cultivating the heart. Only those who have their hearts aligned with the heavens can achieve the true essence of Dao.

Thus, once a disciple has committed great merits and attracted the attention of the upper echelons, he would definitely receive meticulous care and concern. There were similar examples before, when some of the outer court disciples obtained a heavenly treasure by chance and presented it to the sect. They immediately became an inner court disciple and were rewarded with a large amount of spiritual stones and magical artifact. The key is, once they received these treasures, safety was no longer a concern. Since the upper echelons began to pay attention, nobody dared to have any designs on them.

As such, Little Fatty suggested such an idea. After Han Ling Feng and Monkey both ruminated over it, they nodded their heads in agreement.

What transpired afterwards was simple. After discussion, the 3 of them began their exodus from Blood Raven Ridge. Although they had 5 element pure essence at the moment, they were reluctant to waste it on combat. Thus, they thought of an ingenious plan, which was to traversed underwater. Although the crater which the waterfall formed was not very deep, it was more than enough to submerge the 3 of them as they walked.

Of course, the river water would not block the sights of the Blood Ravens. Thus, they still had to shield their heads with the black iron bell. Once the bell appeared, it immediately attracted the attention of the Blood Ravens. These guys really had a good memory, and they still remembered that the fellows who fought them from a few days ago had such an item. Thus when they saw the bell appear, they immediately surrounded over. They attacked the bell using various means while wailing. But their attack was still too weak. Be it their wings or talons, the black iron bell was impervious to all their threats. They would have been able to enter the bell from the base. But since they were of the bird family, the Blood Ravens could not swim.

Under such circumstances, regardless of how many Blood Ravens there were, it would not pose any threats to the trio. However, they were indignant, and continued attacking the 3 of them, Helpless, the 3 of them could only follow the river and continue downstream. Only after walking over a thousand miles, which was a few hundred miles away from the Blood Raven Ridge, did those pesky fellow give up.

A thousand over miles of journey, under normal circumstances on their flying swords, they would have reached in an hour. But because they were walking underwater, they spent over 5 days. In other words, the 3 of them spent 5 days submerged in water before finally escaping.

If not for the 5 element pure essence replenishing their Qi, Little Fatty would not have been able to support such a heavy bell over his head for such a long period of time. The amount of 5 element pure essence which was spent was more than a catty. That was worth over 10,000 spiritual stones. Thus, the escape journey of the three of them could be said to be extremely extravagant.

However, at least they kept their lives. To the 3 of them who struck lottery, they could not be bothered with that amount of spiritual stones anymore.

Only after the Blood Ravens left, did the 3 of them emerged from the river. After a day of rest, they flew towards the Mystical Sky Yard.

2 days later, the 3 of them returned to the Mystical Sky Yard. Han Ling Feng immediately took them to find a sect elder which she knew. They only vaguely told the elder what happened. They mentioned that the 5 of them went to pick the moonlight grass, and unexpectedly provoked the Blood Ravens. In the end, they were forced to separate as they could not win against the Blood Ravens. Gu Long and Xuan Wu went missing, and the 3 of them escaped into a cave where they unexpectedly found a spiritual stone mine. After they stayed there for a few days, they escaped with great difficulty by diving under water at night.

Although the story was not very coherent, but it was not much of a problem and did not have any flaws. The crux is that that Gu Long and Xuan Wu both died and had their corpse ravaged by the Blood Ravens, and there was no one to testify against their them. Furthermore, with their contribution, the upper echelons would not look too much into the details but would be more interested in the spiritual rock mine.

After investigating the spiritual rock mine which the 3 of them presented, the foundational stage cultivators were really excited and reported up quickly. Very soon, the upper echelons were informed.

This matter has earned the undivided attention of the upper echelons. After all, it involves the future of the sect. They could not even wait till dawn and sent out 3 Jindan stage experts in the night. They led more than a hundred foundational stage cultivators and flew over majestically.

The existence of the mine was quickly verified to be the true, but information regarding it was locked down. Only a few people were informed and was prohibited from spreading it. After all, that was not within the territory of the Mystical Sky Yard, it would not be good for the matter to blow up and for others to know about it. The Mystical Sky Yard may be very strong, but a good dog could not defend against many wolves. Within this mountain range, there were over a thousand sects cultivating Dao. Furthermore, there were 7 or 8 sects which had the same strength as the Mystical Sky Yard!

In the following days, many astounding news percolated amongst the outer court disciples. The first was that Han Ling Feng, as a 7th level XianTian stage cultivator, became an inner court disciple as an exception. Plus, a JinDan stage expert had his eyes on Han Ling Feng, and took her in as an unofficial disciple. The moment she advances to the foundational stage, she would be made an official disciple. At the same time, as a gift on their first meeting, the cultivator actually gave her a pair of fire and ice dual disk magical artifact!

Remember, what Han Ling Feng got was not a magical tool, but a 3rd grade magical artifact. The difference was too great! A magical tool was what a XianTian or foundational stage disciple would commonly use. But a magical artifact is something which can only be refined defined by the Natal fire of a JinDan stage cultivator. Even a low grade magical artifact is far more valuable than a high grade magical tool.

Under normal circumstances, a foundational stage cultivator would only get a magical artifact in the later stages. As for Han Ling Feng who could get it at the XianTian stage, such things would usually only happen in the noble families of Dao cultivators. With this ice and fire dual disk which was worth over a few million spiritual stones, Han Ling Feng’s prowess has been elevated by leaps and bounds. She should be able to fight with a foundational stage cultivator already.

Of course, not all JinDan stage cultivators would give their unofficial disciple such a treasure. Although it was not declared, but Han Ling Feng and company knew that it was one of the rewards from the sect.

Apart from that, Han Ling Feng also received a decade worth of access to both the Fire and Water Divine Hall. This was also a very big reward. You have to know, in order for an ordinary disciple to enter for a day, he have to pay a fee of 100 spiritual stones! As for the 10 years of free admission given to Han Ling Feng, that was worth hundred thousands of spiritual stones!

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