Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 25: Another Plot

Chapter 25: Another Plot

After a wild night, both of them were lying naked on the bed. Little Fatty’s fitness was shocking, and he repeated it for over 2 hours before he was done. He almost made Han Ling Feng die from pleasure. Luckily she was a cultivator, if it was any normal woman, she would have long been played to death by Little Fatty.

At this moment, Han Ling Feng laid on Little Fatty with her whole body limp, with Little Fatty caressing all over her body. Her beautiful eyes, staring at the two jade rings on her fingers. A blue one and a red one, which were a high grade water jade and fire jade crafted magical artifact. Not only can it aid Han Ling Feng’s cultivation speed normally, it can also strengthen her fire and water type spells during battle.

Such a high grade and effective treasure was rare amongst cultivators. Typically, only a few Foundational stage cultivator were able to get these things. But during her last birthday, Little Fatty gave it to her. This made her touched to the point of tears, and from then on, she began to completely open up and accepted Little Fatty in her heart.

At this moment, Little Fatty suddenly realised that Han Ling Feng was feeling a little down. Out of concern, he asked: “What happened? Did something sad happened?”

“I don’t have anything much!” Han Ling Feng changed her attitude and said, “The point is that you seem to have trouble coming your way!”

“En?” Little Fatty asked in curiousity. “What is going to happen to me again?”

“Do you know who is Gu Long?” Han Ling Feng said suddenly.

“Yes, I heard that he is a very powerful person, almost at the 8th level of the XianTian stage already. He is very famous amongst the outer court disciples!” Little Fatty began rubbing his head and said “I remember that idiot was interested in you. Why? Is he pestering you again? If you find it irritating, I can find a chance to take care of him!”

“I’m not afraid of him pestering me. After all, we are all outer court disciples and he cannot force me to anything!” Han Ling Feng said. “But the problem is, he has his eyes on you!”

“Eyes on me?” Little Fatty asked in doubt, “I do not have any relations to that idiot, why would he have his eyes on me?”

“Yesterday he came to look for me and invited me to participate in a special mission, robbery!” Han Ling Feng then looked at Little Fatty and continued, “The target is you!”

“Ah?” Little Fatty was immediately enraged as he heard that and scolded “This bastard, not to mention him pestering my girl, he still dares to have plans about me? This is outrageous, it seems that if the tiger don’t show its prowess, they will really take me to be a sick kitten!”

Little Fatty then suddenly asked: “Right, did he tell you why I was his target?”

“He said, last month when he went to Firmament City to do something, he saw you walking out from a pharmacy. He then began to think about the rumours which were percolating about your wealth. Therefore, he hatched an idea, and bribed the servant in the pharmacy. He managed to find out that a certain fatty spent tens of thousands of spiritual stones in the pharmacy all at once! Plus, he did not only bought it once, but many times!” Han Ling Feng then stared at Little Fatty and said, “I didn’t expect, you are actually so rich! How can you be so heartless, and not support me a little at all?”

“You’re the heartless one! If I did not support you, I would not have given you Wang Zhong and cultivator’s Zhang belongings. Their possessions were worth at least 10 thousand spiritual stones added together, and you’re still not satisfied?” As Little Fatty said that, he began to bite Han Ling Feng’s chest.

“Aiyah, don’t play, I know my mistake already!” Han Ling Feng begin pleading and said, “Good husband, let this servant go!”

“Haiz, see if you still dare to do this again?” Little Fatty acted fierce and said.

“I don’t dare to already, I’m afraid of you already!” Han Ling Feng put on a pitiful look then asked weakly, “Fatty, how much did your parents leave for you exactly? Can you tell me, I’m really very curious to know!”

“Ai, I am virtually penniless. Those things in the past, after splurging it for so long, it has been long spent. Now I also do not have anything extra.” Little Fatty acted pitiful and said.

“You just spent so much last month and now you say you’re broke. I’ll only believe you if I was an idiot!” Han Ling Feng rolled her eyes at Little Fatty. Knowing that he did not want to tell the truth, she did not bring the matter up again. She then changed the topic and asked: “Now that Gu Long knows about your wealth, he will not let you off for sure. What should we do?”

“Didn’t he already look for you? Then you can come and kill your husband together with him!” Little Fatty replied with a big grin.

“Stupid Fatty, I talking to you about something serious!” Han Ling Feng said frustratedly.

“Hehe, I am being serious!” Little Fatty then coldly said. “I am usually a low profile person, and will not step on people’s toes. But if people wanted to plot against me, then I will not show mercy!”

Hearing Little Fatty say that, Han Ling Feng who was very sharp suddenly became enlightened and quickly replied, “What you meant was for me to ingratiate myself with them, then collaborate with you to get them all at once?”

“Wait, them? You said them?” Little Fatty’s face changed as he asked; “Apart from this fellow, there are still others who want to act against me?”

“It is Gu Long’s friend, Xuan Yu, of the same ability as him. The both of them are in cahoots, and does everything together. He also knows about you, and Gu Long’s plan is for the 3 of us to come together to kill you!” Han Ling Feng explained.

“Strange, according to abilities, Gu Long is enough to take me out. Plus another Xuan Yu, that should be more than enough. Why do they still have to look for you?” Little Fatty asked in doubt “Don’t tell me they’re afraid that there isn’t enough people to split the loot?”

“They found me because they need me! No one else but me!” Han Ling Feng replied with a tinge of pride.

“No one else but you?” Little Fatty asked strangely “Why?”

“A honey trap, stupid!” Han Ling Feng hammered Little Fatty and said: “You’re always so mysterious. First, they cannot find you. Second, it was also not good for them to take action within the sect, afraid that they would be found out and punished by the sect. Another thing which gave them the biggest headache is that since you are so rich, if you have any life saving treasure on you, they may lose their lives instead of robbing you. That would be really funny!”

“I understand!” Little Fatty nodded his head and said: “Gu Long’s plan is for you to approach me. After gaining my trust, then take action in secret. En, the best would be after we were in bed, when I am not alert. If they are to ambush us then, that would be the best! Am I right?”

“Although Gu Long did not say things so blatantly, but his intention is roughly there!” Han Ling Feng nodded and said.

“Then did you agree to him?” Little Fatty quickly asked.

“Of course not, what kind of a person do you take me to be?” Han Ling Feng replied in frustration. “But Gu Long really has a thick skin. I already said that I was not willing but he still keeps pestering me, asking me to consider it, and that he would find me in a few days for the answer!”

“So that’s the case, then the next time he finds you, why not just agree to it!” said Little Fatty grinned evilly.

“En?” Han Ling Feng recognised that Little Fatty was scheming something and replied, “What are you thinking of doing?”

“Hehe, it goes like this!” Little Fatty then whispered into Han Ling Feng’s ears his plans in detail.

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