Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 24: Spring Winds

Chapter 24: Spring Winds

In addition to these, Little Fatty’s equipment was also extremely luxurious. First was the mat which he was seated on. It was a magical artifact produced from Qi absorbing grass, and could boost cultivation speed by about 30%.

Of course, this increase only applied to the XianTian stage cultivators. After advancing to the Foundational stage, the effect would only be 10%, and above it at the JinDan stage, the effect could be considered negligible.

Although this was only useful for low-tier disciples, but because of the rarity of Qi absorbing grass and the difficulty in refining it, this resulted in a very high price. Plus, people would not be willing to sell an artifact like this, which acts as a supplement, until it loses its effect. Little Fatty also had good luck and managed to meet the owner of this artifact who advanced into the JinDan stage. Since it lost its effect, the seller was willing to exchange it for a piece of Cold Black Gold .

Furthermore, Little Fatty also collected a few other items. A necklace made from 5 elemental spiritual pearls and a shirt weaved from spiritual silk. The 5 elemental spiritual pearls would increase the effectiveness when worn during cultivation. It would also increase the power of the 5 elemental spells when used during casting. A treasure that is worth tens of thousands, Little Fatty would not dare to bring it out normally, but only use it when he was cultivating. The shirt would automatically absorb the spiritual Qi in the surroundings, and would also increase the speed of cultivation.

There were also five incense burners which were used to burn the divine wood of the 5 elements. The fragrance it effuses is a big aid to cultivation. It is just that the price of burning the 5 elemental divine wood was too high. Just burning an incense of about the size of a thumb was worth over a 100 low-grade spiritual stones. How could this be considered burning incense? This was practically burning money!

Burning these things could not only increase the speed of cultivation but also make the Qi purer. Thus, Little Fatty still bore with the price and burnt it.

All these things added up, it was worth at least a few million low-grade spiritual stones. If not for the large amount of treasures his Natal Artifact was able to produce, he would be unable to afford it. But, it was also because of Little Fatty’s act of burning so much money, that he able to advance to the 5th level in such a short time. 5 levels in 3 years, if it was anyone else, they would not even dare think about it.

Despite having reached such a level, but because of his cultivation method, it made him look as though he was only at the 2nd or 3rd level, thus not surprising anyone. Apart from Monkey and Han Ling Feng, almost nobody knew about how strong he was. It was just that Little Fatty’s wealth could not be concealed. This is because he had to go to Firmament City every month to purchase the different items.

Although Little Fatty very carefully concealed what he bought, but every trip he made, just the transportation portal fee amounted to 40 spiritual stones. To an outer court disciple, this was not a small amount. If he only went once or twice it was okay, but Little Fatty went every month. This was a bit too suspicious. Especially the people in the Shifting Towers, they had already begun noticing Little Fatty since the start.

At least the guards in the Shifting Towers were all foundational stage cultivators and had a decent amount of savings. Although they found Little Fatty’s wealth strange, but they would not think about robbing him. But what spoiled everything was the fact that when he was at Firmament City, he would be seen by some of the outer court disciples sometimes. They were all shocked that Little Fatty would appear there, and it was not just once or twice. As he kept going, the rumors of Little Fatty being rich began to spread.

Today, Little Monkey suddenly found Little Fatty who was refining water lightning in the cave and asked in concern, “Fatty bro, recently, there are always people trying to find your whereabouts. By the looks of it, they seem to suspect that you are in possession of a large number or spiritual stones or even high-grade magical tool. They have bad intentions towards you!”

“Who are they?” Little Fatty kept his incantation technique and asked with a frown.

“Plenty, when I went to a class in the Imparting Techniques Hall, many people were asking about your whereabouts. I fed them all disinformation but they did not seem to believe me. I was followed on my way here, and it took me a lot of effort to shake them off!” Monkey hurriedly replied.

The Techniques Imparting Hall was a place where high-level inner court disciples cleared any doubts lower level outer court disciples may have during cultivation. Any outer court disciple who met with any problems could go there to find someone for an answer. Even if the inner court disciple on duty did not know the answer, he would also help you to ask even higher level cultivators.

The cultivation method which Monkey was cultivating was a cultivation method which the Mystical Sky Yard prepared for the outer court disciples. Little Fatty only knew about the Primal Chaos Formula but did not know anything about this. Thus, Little Fatty would not be able to answer any questions which Monkey had, and could only ask the inner court disciples of the Techniques Imparting Hall.

Hearing what Monkey said, Little Fatty began to frown. He then said with a little bit of frustration: “I was also followed the last few times I came back from Firmament City, it seems that they are getting impatient! No matter what, the Mystical Sky Yard is also considered to be a righteous sect. Not mentioning the fact that the relationship within the sect was not very friendly, the people were always competing and even threatening each other’s life. Almost as though they were thieves! What is this supposed to mean?”

“Ai, they also do not have a choice! With just that little bit of spiritual stones being given out to the outer court disciple, it isn’t enough to do anything at all. Moreover, cultivation requires so many spiritual stones, they would take every opportunity to get more spiritual stones. If they were unable to advance before they run out of time, they would have to disappear completely from the world. In comparison to that, the brotherly sect relationship really isn’t considered much!” Monkey said helplessly.

“Ai!” Little Fatty sighed and said, “Forget it, ignore them! In any case, be more careful when you go out in the future. I suspect that they will still look for you, after all, everyone knows that you have the best relationship with me!”

“En, don’t worry Fatty bro, I will! I’m going to cultivate first!” Monkey immediately replied while nodding. He then went forward to cultivate in meditation.

After sending Monkey away, Little Fatty thought for a moment, but could not find any solution to the problem. He then did not think about it any further and continued refining his negative water lightning. Especially in this crucial period, it is important for him to increase his abilities. In the eyes of cultivators, having abilities was the biggest deterrence.

Two hours later, Little Fatty’s hands had an extra pearl of the size of a longan. It was the negative water lightning which was very destructive. Following the increase of Little Fatty’s abilities, the water ball which he condenses is at least 300 feet in diameter. The size was at least 10 times larger than before. The lightning pearl condensed was also 10 times more destructive. But the time taken to condense it was shortened to a mere 2 hours. For a 5th level XianTian stage cultivator, this was already very rare.

After keeping the lightning pearl, Little Fatty thought that it was about time. He then got up and begin walking out. He did not alert Monkey, who was meditating in a cave, but he went straight out of the Sky Ravine and flew on his sword towards his hut.

At this moment, the sky was already dark. Little Fatty flew leisurely and quickly reached his hut. There was a small beam of light, and a white dressed fairy seated in front of the table blankly staring at the light.

After Little Fatty walked in and closed the door, he smiled lecherously and walked over. Both his hands stretched out from behind, and directly grabbed the fairy’s chest and began caressing it. At the same time, he smiled lecherously and said: “Baby, do you miss me?”

The fairy in his embrace struggled for a bit but knew that it was useless, and could only let him do as he pleased.

“You, always in a rush~” Han Ling Feng who was like a fairy said helplessly.

“Can’t be helped, maybe it is due to your attractiveness? It was your beauty tempting me~” Little Fatty laughed evilly and said, “Come, baby, it is said that the joyful moments are bitterly short, let’s not waste any more time!” Saying that, Little Fatty used more strength in his arms and carried Han Ling Feng up. He then began walking towards the bed.

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