Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 49: An Influential Figure

Chapter 49: An Influential Figure

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“Bros, are you willing to suffer from their oppression like this? Are we scared of them just because Glaze is a LV 2 fighter? Are they more dangerous than the wild beasts that we will meet outside the city walls in a week? If we dare to risk our lives to face the challenges outside the walls, then why are you afraid of them?” Standing on a dining table, a man was provoking the others as he used his limbs to make gestures. As a result, the horny students in the cafeteria became increasingly excited. He then continued, “Those who are being bullied by them, do you dare to show up? Those who don’t want to be bullied by them, do you dare to show up? They are only four people, yet we have at least 400. Why should we fear them? Why should we be bullied by them? Once we unite with each other, we will definitely have no reason to fear them. Can they withstand our siege? Let’s drive those bastards away from the cafeteria and never let them in before graduation. From today onwards, once they dare to take revenge on one of us, we will take revenge on them together with even more intensity. Are you willing to unite with me and drive these boring guys away from the cafeteria? Come on, men from the Seventh National Male Middle School, pluck up your courage! Miss Daina is watching us…”

Being incited, the horny students became really excited. Those who were bullied by Glaze became even more excited.

“F*ck ‘em to death…”

“F*ck those bastards…”

“F*ck ‘em to death…”

“It’s time to end this…”


Everybody in the cafeteria became excited and gradually moved towards Glaze’s group.

Zhang Tie and Barley looked at each other for a while before Barley said, “Let’s f*ck ’em together with the other students…” Thinking for a while, Zhang Tie nodded. Then, the seven members of the brotherhood glanced at each other and nodded.

Seeing the student provoking others on the dining table, Zhang Tie suddenly understood Donder’s proverb—“a soft tongue could break hard bones”.

However, before Zhang Tie was able to put in much thought into it, Bagdad had already rushed forward and kicked Sharon onto the ground, resulting in all the horny students no longer able to wait as they immediately surged forward with furious growls. A chaotic battle started…

When the students surged forward toward Glaze’s group, Zhang Tie swept his gaze at the common looking boy who stood on the table and noticed a flash of a smile at that moment. Zhang Tie became a bit uncomfortable when he realized that Miss Daina’s promise was used by someone to provoke others.

In fact, if a LV 2 fighter was afraid of fighting back, he would soon be defeated by a group of green birds who didn’t even reach LV 1. If Glaze were to fight them without any restraints, then the other students would have to pay a considerable price. Glaze was not a fool. Although he would stop someone from leaving and beat them fiercely after school, he didn’t dare to cripple a group of furious students. He knew that if he did that, what awaited him would not simply be lashes. Even his dad wouldn’t be able to settle his punishment.

Bench press: 290kg;

Deep squat: 380kg;

Maximum explosiveness of right fist: 510kg;

Maximum explosiveness of left fist: 340kg;

Maximum explosiveness of leg: 780kg;

Resistance: 13;

At this moment, Glaze could only try his best to protect Sharon, Zuhair, and Garnier while dozens of punches and kicks came from all directions. Glaze’s group suffered greatly; with the exception of Glaze, his three followers cried miserably.

When Bagdad surged forward and started this whole mess, the other six members of the brotherhood were unable to push inside at all. As a result, they could only watch the awkward state of Glaze’s group through the thick wall of people.

Finally, Glaze was no longer able to withstand it after having been kicked in the face and belly several times. He no longer had any choice. With a furious growl, he rushed towards several people behind him and escaped from the cafeteria with Sharon and his two other peers.

“We’ve chased them away... We have won…” Seeing Glaze’s group escaping the cafeteria, all the horny students became ecstatic…

On the Friday one week before graduation, an insignificant student named Burwick immediately became famous within the Seventh National Male Middle School for completely defeating Glaze’s group. Additionally, in the same afternoon, the physique test revealed that Burwick had already ignited his Shrine burning point, indicating that he was already a LV 1 fighter. This sudden revelation shocked everyone, as this would make him the second strongest fighter after Glaze among the undergraduates. Although Glaze was one level higher than Burwick in terms of physique and fighting strength, everybody knew that Glaze’s time in the spotlight has passed. After the two events in the past two days, Glaze had lost all face in front of the other students. The day before, he was whipped by Captain Kerlin. Today, he was beaten by all the other horny students very fiercely. As a result, he was like a mouse passing the street that was beaten by every passer-by at school.

In the past, everybody would be in awe at Glaze’s performance in the training grounds every Friday afternoon and would admire his records as well. However, today, although Glaze was still unparalleled in those physical aspects and in fighting strength, he could only hear sounds of dislike and ridicule. For the whole afternoon, Glaze looked dejected and kept silent. As he listened to other people admiring Burwick, he casted a hateful look at Zhang Tie from time to time.

Noticing Glaze’s furious glare, Zhang Tie became gradually alert and tried to be low-keyed. Zhang Tie faintly felt that the hatred between him and Glaze was deepening.

In the afternoon, Zhang Tie was very low-key. In every assessment, he tried and performed as he usually would, though he had spared some effort. After having ignited the Shrine burning point, his physique was greatly enhanced in all aspects, and this was especially seen in the 100m dash. In the past, Zhang Tie had always spent a gargantuan amount of effort, only to get a poor mark in the end; however, this time, the result was completely different. The moment he heard the whistle, Zhang Tie had surged forward like an arrow. Surprisingly, his explosiveness and speed were obviously higher than before. He felt extremely nimble and soon rushed ahead of the others; however, glancing back at the people beside him, Zhang Tie slowed down and eventually finished in 6th place. Although he received no mark this time, as usual, he felt very satisfied with his result. Since he had spared some effort this time, Zhang Tie clearly knew that he would be able to break through 11 seconds if he tried. The marks of his other items under Zhang Tie’s deliberate control were as follows:

Bench Press——140kg

Lifting force in deep squat——180kg

Explosiveness of Fists——Right Fist: 260kg; Left Fist: 200kg

Maximum Kicking Explosiveness of the Legs——320kg

Maximum Continual Armor-Breaking Spikes——52

The results from his tests were the same as usual. Aside from Zhang Tie himself, no one else was concerned about his results. Although it was a bit better than before, it did not attract any attention.

“This way, people won’t be suspicious,” Zhang Tie mocked himself. What had happened today led Zhang Tie to deeply understand the truth—in this age when everyone was striving for their own survival, one should remember to avoid being the target for anyone no matter where one was, as one would never know who was closeby and wanted to beat them to death. Glaze’s failure was caused by his arrogance. Even as a LV 2 fighter, the proud guy was marked as a loser during his last two weeks at school. In contrast, nobody had noticed Burwick before this incident at all. He took this opportunity to climb above Glaze, becoming the new star of the school...

“Compared to Burwick, Glaze is just an idiot!” Barley said to Zhang Tie under the shade of a tree during the afternoon break. “That guy took advantage of what had happened to you yesterday and what had happened to our brotherhood this morning. He really seized the overwhelming opportunity to cause trouble to Glaze’s group. I suspect that that guy has always been waiting for an opportunity to use the animosity towards Glaze to attack him and to use Glaze’s threats to unite the others. This guy was actually that terrifying. He hid the fact that he was a LV 1 fighter. This guy is actually not as open-hearted and righteous as he looked; he is actually really dangerous—you have to be careful around him!”

Zhang Tie nodded and recalled the smile that flashed on Burwick’s face when the others surged forward to attack Glaze’s group…

Afterwards, bustling sounds reverberated from a few steps away. Without even looking, Zhang Tie naturally knew that the exclamations were for Burwick. Being surrounded by a great amount of people, Burwick was showing his obvious physical advantage as a LV 1 fighter over common soldiers. At the same time, a great amount of horny students were shouting in amazement.

That afternoon, besides Burwick, Bagdad also became eye-attractive by hitting Glaze’s group…

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