Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 48: Preemptive Move

Chapter 48: Preemptive Move

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At the end of the last history class, under the order of the on-duty class-monitor, Zhang Tie and the other students stood up and hammered their right hand onto their left chest in a show of respect to the teacher. The number sequence was something that they had never heard about. Zhang Tie considered the number sequence to be a form of mysterious knowledge, one which could not be easily obtained by commoners.

“An extremely strong human fighter should not only have overwhelming power on the battlefield; more importantly, they should have a pair of sharp eyes that are able to discern the sources of power that make him strong like the laws of nature and the universe. Through my classes, I hope that everyone of you will finally have a pair of these sharp eyes!”

After saying that, the old man left in his usual calm manner under the silent gaze of all the horny students.

Knowing that they would soon graduate, the teacher decided to give his blessings to everyone in his last class.


When the class was over, Zhang Tie leaned against the walls in the corridor and stared at the plants in the parterre under the stairs. The horny students couldn’t help but rush downstairs to count the number of petals on the roses in an attempt to test the mysterious number sequence.

Thinking of the last history class today and perhaps even the last one for the rest of his life, Zhang Tie felt slightly dejected.

“That man is very respectable…” said Bagdad. Without Zhang Tie noticing, the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood had already gotten close to him. “The relationship between the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Spiral and the relationship between the level of a fighter and numerous things in nature are definitely some form of mysterious knowledge. I have talked about this topic with some of his former students, and even they didn’t know about the relationships and its secrets. The old man probably poured out this mysterious knowledge because this is his final history class...”

“Mind your own business! LV 10... I have never seen a LV 10 fighter at all. If there was a member above LV 6 among us, we would have nothing to fear at all. I’ve heard that Glaze’s dad is a LV 6 Black Spider!” Hista said languidly.

Waving his fist fiercely, Bagdad gloomily said, “I will definitely reach LV 6!”

“Let’s solve our trouble first! I feel like some guys are giving us some very unfriendly looks!”

Along the direction Leit pointed at, they found Glaze’s group staring at them furiously on the other side of the corridor. Zhang Tie was evidently their target. Even when they had noticed that the brotherhood of seven turned to them at the same time, they didn’t spare them a single glance; they only looked at Zhang Tie. When Zhang Tie noticed them, Zuhair, one of Glaze’s most devoted followers, made an aggressive and menacing gesture of slitting his throat with a thumb toward Zhang Tie.

“Leit, you’re wrong. They’re not looking at us, they’re looking at Bighead. We’re being ignored!” Sharwin said languidly.

“What the f*ck. We are the Hit-Plane Brotherhood. Those bastards dare to provoke us? On the count of ‘1 2 3’, let’s go send them a greeting from our brotherhood, so they’ll stop ignoring us,” Barley suggested to the side. Then he started to count, “Come. 1… 2… 3... F*ck you…”

After the countdown, the group of seven, including Zhang Tie, raised their middle fingers towards Glaze’s group, causing the expression of Glaze’s group to suddenly become twisted. Doug had also turned around and pulled down his trousers before starting to slap his butt. He then turned around and started to stroke his little brother as he faced them. Seeing Doug’s actions, all the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood started to laugh loudly, frightening the people around them…

By the third class, the news of the two groups clashing and mutually provoking each other in the corridor had already been spread through the whole grade. Many people had already prepared to see what would happen. Zhang Tie’s group had also prepared to fight with Glaze’s group at noon or after lunch. Thinking of how they would be accompanied by six other brothers if they were fiercely beaten by the other group and sent to lay in the hospital, the group of seven looked extremely righteous and dauntless.

“If Glaze’s group dares to provoke us at noon, we’ll f*ck them up fiercely. Bagdad, you are the strongest one among us, so you’ll be responsible for Glaze when we fight. Leit and I will be responsible for Sharon, Bighead and Hista will be responsible for Zuhair, and Doug and Sharwin will be responsible for Garner. Except for Bagdad, the six of us will form into three groups. Any group that cleared their target will go support Bagdad. Once we solve the problem of Glaze's three followers, we will fight Glaze together. No matter what, even if we are beaten fiercely, we have to at least bite off some flesh from Glaze. If anyone dares to bully our brother, we will f*ck them up…” Fatty arranged the tactics with the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood in the classroom after the third class. Nobody showed any disagreement. Zhang Tie had originally planned to fight Glaze alone, as he had already been promoted to LV 1. Through last night’s “skeleton rearrangement”, Zhang Tie felt a bit more powerful than even Bagdad, regardless of the difference in muscles. However, seeing that ambitious mood of Bagdad, Zhang Tie didn’t say anything. He wouldn’t be able to explain how he had ignited his Shrine burning point so fast anyways.

In the fourth class, Zhang Tie didn’t listen to what the teacher taught at all. Instead, he recovered his composure and focused his attention on his belly, which gave off a warm and comfortable feeling after having ignited the Shrine burning point. Along with this comfortable feeling, he felt an energetic wave slowly spreading throughout all his muscles and bones. The Shrine burning point was like a marvelous, small door in his body that had been pushed open. Ever since the door was open, something strange was floating from the door. This explained why a common LV 1 fighter could defeat most ordinary soldiers. The ignition of the Shrine burning point indicated that physical abilities and functions of that person have started to improve. As the history teacher said, once one had ignited their Shrine burning point, they would be standing at the starting line of evolution in accordance to the Golden Spiral, which represented the laws of the universe and the creator. The difference between a LV 1 fighter and an ordinary fighter was similar to the difference between a fighter standing on the starting line and the spectator who was watching the race outside the runway. In most cases, the spectators in the audience outside the runway would hardly be able to catch up with someone who was already on the starting line when the race began…

“I am already a LV 1 fighter. Only one level away from Glaze,” Zhang Tie constantly reminded himself in the classroom and became increasingly confident.

Class was finally over. Seeing the others rushing towards the cafeteria, the group of seven stayed behind.

“Are you ready?” Barley asked. According to the tradition in the Male Middle School, whenever two groups held aggression toward each other, they would fight on the same day, usually at noon or in the afternoon when class was over. The small woods beside the cafeteria was always the best place to fight or solve personal affairs.

Everybody nodded.

“Do you remember your targets?”

Everybody nodded again.

“It’s a good day for us to be famous in school. Come on, let’s go!” Fatty waved his hands heroically. Then, the group of seven walked out of the classroom, brimming with confidence.

“Erm… could you please wait for me for a second…” Doug said sadly with a flushed face.

“What’s wrong?” Sharwin asked as his nose turned red. “The fight will start soon”.

“My stomach isn’t feeling too well, I’d like to use the washroom!” saying that, Doug’s face was almost lowered all the way to the crotch of his trousers. “It… might have been breakfast… and… the pulling-down of my trousers just now… I have a stomachache. It’s really hard to stand it, and I don’t think I can stand it any longer. I think if I don’t solve it right now, it will weaken our total battle force…”The other six gaped at each other. Fatty opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something; however, in the end, he replied dejectedly, “Hurry up, we will wait for you to return!”

Everybody waited outside the washroom for ten minutes. When Doug finally came out, he looked much more energetic; however, the morale of the other six had already weakened from 90% to 60%.

“Come on, let’s finish lunch first. Though, we probably won’t get enough plates today…” Barley weakly waved his hand.

Nevertheless, when Zhang Tie’s group arrived at the cafeteria, they could not believe their eyes. Surrounded by hundreds of furious students, Glaze’s group looked really scared. At the same time, someone from the same grade was standing on a dining table and was instigating those horny students to fight them...

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