Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 34: Bloody-Scorpion Fighter

Chapter 34: Bloody-Scorpion Fighter

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Like the other horny students, Zhang Tie was also unable to control himself for the duration of the afternoon. For all the undergraduates, this biology class had become unforgettable. Some among them still couldn’t believe that they had made such a promise with Miss Daina. They would never have imagined that they would have a chance to marry Miss Daina one day!

Even though the chance was slim, it was still enough for all the horny students to unexpectedly burst forth with high morale. The excitement of the students that afternoon greatly shocked the coach.

However, for the duration of the afternoon and even after he had returned from Donder’s grocery store, Zhang Tie kept on thinking about two things.

The first thing was the Leakless Fruit. According to Miss Daina, the human body lost a huge amount of energy every day through urine, masturbation, sweat, and even from undigested food. Nobody could tell how much energy they contained. After thinking for a long time, Zhang Tie realized that since last week, he had not had a wet dream for five consecutive days. Usually, he would have at least three wet dreams a week. Does this mean that the life energy from the thousands of millions of sperm was absorbed by the Leakless Fruit? Neither Zhang Tie nor Miss Daina knew how much energy was contained within those sperm. The only thing she had said about this topic was that in the ancient East, there was an ancient, mysterious cultivation system that described some Qi cultivators who converted tangible sperm into powerful, intangible life energy — “Qi”. This seemed to be related to the huge amount of life energy produced by the reproductive system. However, this was only one source for the Leakless Fruit. Zhang Tie recalled that his urine was much cleaner than before. Besides that, he now had a good appetite and sweated less than before when doing exercise. Were these the benefits of the Leakless Fruit?

Miss Daina mentioned that these were simply just tangible energy loss, while there was also more invisible energy loss. For example, our body was constantly releasing energy over time. Before the Catastrophe, human beings had already discovered the magnetic field and the brilliant rays circling our bodies as well as an energy called electricity that was produced in the human body every second. In contrast, the source of the most energy loss was something that could not be seen with the eye — having numerous, ever-changing disorderly opinions and thoughts. This was also known as human spiritual and mental movements. Some of those tangible spiritual and mental movements were called evidence consciousness, while the intangible movements were called sub-consciousness or over-consciousness. Miss Daina had mentioned that mental and spiritual energy was wasted during dreams or disorderly and blind conjectures. This reminded Zhang Tie that he had slept really well for the past couple of days. He was clear-minded each morning. Was the leaking mental energy absorbed and converted by the Leakless fruit?

Then what miraculous functions would the Leakless Fruit have after it absorbed all the tangible and intangible energy that leaked from his body for a whole week?

This made Zhang Tie become more expectant towards the Leakless Fruit that would be ripe within three days. Zhang Tie still couldn’t figure out what “Leakless” meant. No matter what it meant, he thought that there was nothing greater than the badge of a Bloody-Scorpion Fighter.

The second thing that Zhang Tie thought about for the entire afternoon was how he could become a Bloody-Scorpion Fighter before the age of 20. This way, he would become strong and would be able to protect and marry Miss Daina. However, at the moment, Zhang Tie was not able to see even the slightest bit of chance for this to happen.

Bloody-Scorpion Fighter — Among the 5 classes of fighters, a Bloody-Scorpion Fighter was a LV 9 professional fighter that belonged to the 4th class and was authorized by the Continental Fighters Union. A Bloody-Scorpion Fighter would have ignited 34 burning points on their backbone and would have high-end fighting force that could only be awed by many people in the rest of their lives. They were even an existence that was even more powerful than the one-eyed Captain Kerlin. A 20-year old Bloody-Scorpion Fighter — what a dazzling great existence! If it wasn’t that, who else could match with Goddess Miss Daina?

As for the poor boy who had not even ignited his Shrine burning point, how could he become a Bloody-Scorpion Fighter, which required 8 consecutive increase in ranks, within 5 years? This was his only chance to garner the favor of Miss Daina. This was not possible unless he was a genius...

But as he had the Castle of Black Iron and the marvelous tree, he became determined to fight for Miss Daina...

Thinking of Miss Daina’s promise, Zhang’s heart began to thump.

On the way back from Donder’s grocery store, watching the road lamps being ignited one by one, the 15-year old boy had a stern expression. He started to envision the goal that he had never dreamt of before — to become a powerful fighter with an image of Bloody-Scorpion on his back before the age of 20.

Gulugulu… His belly started to growled once again. “I’m more like a foodie now,” Zhang Tie muttered to himself as he began running home…

When he arrived at home, Zhang Tie found the gate unlocked and was even half opened. “Is there a thief?” Zhang Tie’s heart started pounding. He slightly pushed open the gate and walked in quietly. Clasping onto a wooden stick that was previously hidden, he moved closer towards the entrance. Before he entered, he heard a strange voice

“I only have one daughter at the age of 20, and now she’s pregnant because of your son. She no longer has any face to live. How can she get married anymore? Today, I brought her here for you to bring her into your Zhang family. If you don’t admit that the baby in her belly belongs to your Zhang family, then I’ll beat her to death. If you admit it, you’ll have to tell this news to the neighborhood...” The voice was full of fury. At that moment, Zhang Tie heard a “pa” sound and the curses of that man, “I will beat you to death, you son of b*tch…”

A woman’s cry drifted from inside. The moment Zhang Tie entered, he found the door curtain pushed aside and Boss Wang from the tailor store and his wife walked out. Boss Wang looked really infuriated when he saw Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie instantly hid his wooden stick behind him and forced a smile. “Boss Wang, don’t leave so fast. Have a seat...”

“Humph, all of you Zhangs are scumbags!” The man left furiously as he hit the gate. His wife glanced over Zhang Tie carefully and followed him away with a deep sigh. Seeing them leave, Zhang Tie closed the gate and hid the wooden stick again. He then pretended to cough and walked into the guesthouse…

There were three people inside the guesthouse. Zhang Tie’s dad was smoking with a frown. The smell of the poor quality tobacco spread everywhere. In normal circumstances, Zhang Tie’s mom would definitely scold him; however, his mom was comforting a crying woman, whose head was lowered as she cried. Seeing this woman, Zhang Tie remembered the sound of “papapa” from his elder brother’s room in the recent couple of months. Then he understood everything. Dad and mom also knew what had happened.

“Unexpectedly, my dashing elder brother stirred up some trouble now, heh… heh…”

“Your supper is in the pot. Go eat it now!” Seeing Zhang Tie come back, his mom raised her head reluctantly. She then continued to comfort that girl.

Dad also peered at Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie knew what to do. “You guys continue. I’ll go eat supper!” Then he ran into the kitchen and took out the food from the pot. Although the food was simple, it was made by his mom and smelled fragrant, thus Zhang Tie engulfed it all very soon.

After eating, Zhang Tie washed the bowls and chopsticks and cleaned the kitchen to gain another point of merit value. Thinking about it happily, Zhang Tie saw his dad come over. It seemed that his dad and mom had already made the decision.

“Zhang Tie, come here. I need to talk with you…”

“What’s up, dad!”

“Your elder brother, that bastard, he slept with that girl and made her pregnant” Zhang Tie’s dad felt really felt reluctant when he mention that.

“Does this mean I have a sister in law now!?” Zhang Tie asked with a grimace.

“Quiet!” Zhang Tie’s dad stared at him with eyes widely opened and flicked Zhang Tie’s head with his fingers which made Zhang Tie spring up from the pain. “Above all, your elder brother is not at home at the moment, so that girl will live in your elder brother’s room. Be polite and call her sister when you see her. Am I clear? Don’t let her feel uncomfortable…”

“Uncomfortable with what? She has already entered my elder brother’s room more than once already...” Zhang Tie touched his head as if he was being wronged and muttered.

“What?” Zhang Tie’s dad widely opened his eyes once again.

Zhang Tie hurriedly made a wry smile. “It’s nothing. When I think about how you’re going to be a grandpa, I’m really happy for you!”

Before his dad had a chance to kick his butt, Zhang Tie had long run away. Zhang Tie had already thought it through while he was eating just now. According to his dad and mom’s temperaments, they would never force her to have an abortion. To have an abortion would be a huge problem. Additionally, she was innocent and although she wasn’t beautiful, she wasn’t ugly either. They lived on the same street and almost grew up together under the watchful eyes of mom and dad. No other girl could be her match. The fault lied with his elder brother, who was too rushed and did not make sufficient preparations.

When his elder brother returned, the two families would discuss the marriage between the two. Additionally, when Zhang Tie mentioned that his dad was going to be a grandpa, although he looked furious, he couldn’t conceal his excitement.

Zhang Tie didn’t think of it too much. After supper, he washed his feet and brushed his teeth. Afterward, he went to the guesthouse to say goodnight to his mom and his sister-in-law before returning to his own room.

In his own room, Zhang Tie sat on the bed and started to practice in accordance to . Through a couple days of studying, he had noticed that cultivation became more effective by visualizing in accordance with before and after cultivation. If he practiced visualizing in accordance with before igniting his Shrine burning point, his spiritual energy would be slightly more condensed. If he visualized the golden abacus after cultivating and igniting the Shrine burning point, he could recover much faster. Zhang Tie felt like he has already learned the mysterious functions of .

Through a couple days of cultivation, Zhang Tie found it to be easier to enter meditation before, as it took less time now.

In the past, it would take him more than two hours to enter meditation since he felt distracted. In recent days, he would instantly enter meditation the moment he sat down and closed his eyes. He was always clear-minded now. Being “polished” by the pure spiritual energy, the Shrine burning point over the navel radiated an increasingly bright indigo flame and responded more easily to the crystal. It seemed that in a couple of months, the flame would become completely blue and would help him reach a higher level. Was all of this the result of the Leakless Fruit? Zhang Tie was not certain about it. No matter what, these were good changes. What made Zhang Tie uncomfortable was the piece of crystal that he used to cultivate. Gradually, it was unable to provide enough energy for him to cultivate. This made Zhang Tie dejected like a thirsty person who moved his mouth in front of the water faucet but found that the size of the tap was as small as a needle. The amount of water that trickled down did not meet his demand. This was rightly what the poor people faced. If Zhang Tie owned a pyramid-based crystal, he believed that his Shrine burning point would already be radiating purple flames.

After almost two hours of cultivation, Zhang Tie stood up from the bed and slightly moved his numb legs. Heaving a deep sigh, he placed the white crystal back into the crystal sand by the windowsill, so as to refill the energy. After peering over the pitch dark street which was not matched with roadside lamps, in order to ensure that nobody outside was peering in, he closed up the window again.

“What’s elder brother doing now?” Zhang Tie suddenly wondered.

Before he fell asleep, Zhang Tie entered the Castle of Black Iron as usual.

——Eyes closed… Lock… Enter

It felt much easier to enter…

Opening his eyes, Zhang Tie found himself already inside.

——Handsome and Magnificent Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron!

Zhang Tie casually touched the basic attributes panel.

——Castle of Black Iron

——Length: 1 Krosa

——Width: 1 Krosa

——Aura value: 7.3

——Merit value: 52

——Basic energy storage: 0.5

——Special output: void

As expected, he gained 5 more merit value points; 2 at home and 3 at school. However, the growth of spiritual energy really surprised Zhang Tie. After closing the attributes panel, Zhang Tie went to his field. Squatting down, he checked his plants carefully.

Surprisingly, he found rows of stubborn, fresh sprouts coming out of the niblets’ land.

“The niblets have already sprouted.” Zhang Tie instantly became excited. They sprouted three days earlier than Zhang Tie anticipated. “It seems that the soil here is suitable for the growth of plants,” Zhang Tie muttered. Thinking of the increasing price of food, Zhang Tie glanced over the vacant Castle of Black Iron that spanned almost 1,000 mu1 of land. He instantly thought of a crazy idea, “Will I become rich if I plant more than 100 mu of grains and fruits here in the Castle of Black Iron…”

1 mu is equal to 666.666 m2

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