Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 33: Human Body Energy

Chapter 33: Human Body Energy

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“Big Head must have a bee in his head now. I clearly saw him absent-minded just now. Eyes half closed with an obscene smile on his face, his saliva almost flowed down. He was sleep-talking and didn’t know what Miss Daina was talking about!” Leit muttered slightly to Doug. Right then, Barley kicked Leit slightly to tell him to shut up. Barley never knew that what Leit had said was actually true.

“Last night, I was heating up water at home. After the water was boiled, I lifted the kettle from the stove and placed it on the ground; however, I forgot to fill the thermos flask with the boiling water. By the time I noticed it, I found that the boiling water in the kettle had already cooled down…” The other horny animals widely opened their ox-egg-like eyes and stared at Zhang Tie. They didn’t know what he was talking about at all. Thankfully, they were the utmost disciplined in Miss Daina’s class. If this had happened in another teacher’s class, Zhang Tie might’ve been miserably hit by rotten eggs thrown by the other students the moment he finished his sentence.

Miss Daina listened to him patiently, which allowed Zhang Tie to have enough time to organize his words.

“I didn’t think too much at that time and just boiled it again; however, when I thought about this in the evening, I thought of a problem that I couldn’t solve at all. Hence, that’s why I invite Miss Daina to solve it for me. Are each of us like a kettle of boiling water? From the moment we were born into this world, are we constantly losing energy from our bodies minute by minute and day by day unconsciously?” This question was really unconventional, even the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood were shocked. They never thought that Zhang Tie could fabricate such a high-level question — whether each of them was a kettle of boiling water?

This question originated from the message Zhang Tie had seen when the “Leakless Fruit” came into being. Zhang Tie had been unable to comprehend the message, thus he took the opportunity to ask Miss Daina about it.

“This student is really good at thinking. This is a special question. As this is your final semester at school, I had planned to talk about body energy in a later class, but unexpectedly, you’ve already noticed it. So, I will talk about it with you now…”

“Dingling dingling…”

The moment she opened her mouth, the bell rang. Miss Daina waited until the bell finished ringing before giving an embarrassed smile. “Class is over, it’s time for a break. Since this topic will take much time to explain, let’s talk about it in the next class...”

After class, a few people left the classroom, while the majority stayed in the classroom. Some students even purposely asked Miss Daina foolish questions concerning the previous biology class, and Miss Daina would patiently answer their questions, seemingly as though she did not notice their intentions. Glaze and his three followers almost surrounded Miss Daina as Glaze talked loudly and laughed exaggeratedly from time to time, as if showing that he was very familiar with Miss Daina. He pretended that he was getting along well with Miss Daina and would turn to the remaining people in the classroom when Miss Daina didn’t notice, showing a pleasant and blatant expression.

“Glaze is an idiot!” Hista muttered aside, “If it wasn’t for his accomplished dad… if it wasn’t for his good family background… Bagdad could definitely beat him up! It wouldn’t be his turn to show off here!!”

This assessment really made Bagdad pleased. Hearing their assessment, Bagdad made a cold “humph” and gazed at Glaze. Every member of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood knew that Glaze was the very target that Bagdad had set in his mind to surpass.

“I hear that the final recommendation list will be determined by the end of this semester. If Glaze wants to obtain a recommendation to enter the Andaman Alliance’s Military Officer Training Academy, he needs to have a good performance this time. Within our school gates, a LV 2 fighter is truly amazing; however, outside of the school gates, he is nothing at all. I’ve heard that in the recent years, the lowest requirement for apprentices from Blackhot City to join the Andaman Alliance’s Military Training Academy is LV 3 fighter. To conclude my analysis, currently, Glaze is somewhat unqualified!” Leit added.

“Suppose he doesn’t get enrolled in the academy. Glaze is already something special!” Sharwin said admirably.

“Sharwin, the Andaman Alliance’s Military Officers Training Academy is already something special for the commoners; however, it is not the best. We, the Andaman Alliance, are just a small power in the Blackson Human Clan Corridor that could only protect itself reluctantly. In the end, the alliance is not good at combat. Although the Andaman Alliance’s Military Officer Training Academy is a comparatively senior learning agency within the Alliance, outside the alliance, it’s not something to show off about. Outside of the alliance, there were real talents like Li Shizhen, who was directly taken away by a senior member of the Pharmacists Union and became an apprentice of a mysterious senior member. Li Shizhen was thousands of times greater than Glaze. Even Glaze’s dad is just a pile of bullsh*t in front of him!” said Barley like an old man as he Sharwin’s shoulders lightly.

“I heard pharmacists could make a lot of money?” Zhang Tie was interested in every highly paid industry, thus hearing the word “pharmacists”, the first thing Zhang Tie thought of was money.

“There are only four pharmacists in the entire Blackhot City. Three of them are long-term advisers at the three fighting clubs in Blackhot City, while the last one is the supplier of the CSIF. Of course, they are rich! No one else could make more money than pharmacists on the whole continent…”

“If only I could be a pharmacist!” the manly Doug said like an idiot.

The moment Doug opened his mouth, nobody else replied. Instead, they all turned to him. Doug pretended to be arrogant. After a long while, Barley patted his shoulders. “Doug, I never thought you’d be this funny!”

The ten minute break soon elapsed and the last morning class began. With their hands on their desks, they pretended to sit well again. Without further explanation, Miss Daina started to draw something on the blackboard with a stick of chalk. After a few minutes, a time-honored tree, twisted with numerous vines, appeared. Nobody knew what it meant. Afterward, Miss Daina put the stick of chalk on the desk and turned around as she clapped her hands.

“Last class, a student asked whether our human body is losing energy over time. I will now explain it to you with an anatomy diagram of the urine routes and blood vessels neighboring the bladder of the human body. The old tree-like thing is the urine routes neighboring our bladder, and the vine-like things coiling around them are tiny blood vessels, which are similar to the tree roots, that absorb the rarely seen elements and energy from the urine back into the human body in order to avoid waste. The science of anatomy provides a tool for us to recognize the secrets of our body; however, this tool is also limited, as our body is the most precise instrument in the world. The instrument has numerous secrets that could never be explained by anatomy. Actually, even though our body has numerous complex systems and function whose purpose is to reduce the amount of body energy wasted, our body is still wasting a large amount of energy over time. Take urine for example. As you have learned in the survival class, when you are stranded in a cold environment, you would be able to last five more hours than others simply by just not peeing. When you are in a situation where you have no access to food and water, you can collect your urine, and by drinking it, you would be able to last another 48 hours. Urine is very important when it’s concerning life and death, as it contains a large amount of body energy and beneficial substances. The body energy and beneficial substances that should’ve been staying in our bodies run off for no reason. Although our body has adopted numerous means to prevent the loss, it can only slow down the loss. Much of the body energy escapes through various means. I know some special communities use their urine as a medicine, so as to improve their health. The first thing they do after getting up in the morning is going to pee, followed by collecting the urine and drinking it. They believe that they can prevent the loss of body energy and beneficial substances in this manner...”

Everyone in the classroom was at a loss for words, for they thought that drinking urine was much more terrifying than the “blood clan”, especially when the words came out of Miss Daina’s mouth. They became so oddly excited that they almost exclaimed.

“Miss Daina, are there actually people who drink their urine?” a horny student in the first row couldn’t help but ask.

“There is!” Miss Daina looked stern. Not feeling embarrassed from the question, Miss Daina seemingly treated it as a purely “educational question”. “When they drink their first urine in the morning, they believe that the energy within the urine could help them maintain their youth and health. Actually, they are all famous person now, as they live longer than commoners. They also treat the urine of children and infants as good medicine to cure diseases. They believe that the urine of children and infants contain the purest life energy!” The whole classroom became bustling.

“Using the example of urine, I wanted to tell you that much of the energy within the human body is wasted over time for no apparent reason. Nobody knows how much energy is wasted precisely. I only know that if a person could recollect all of this wasted energy each day, even a bit of them, it would be a very large amount. Besides urine, there are other ways that waste even more of our body energy!”

“What ways, Miss Daina?”

“Wet dreams and masturbation!” Miss Daina looked stern and calm. When the two nouns came out of Miss Daina’s mouth, the classroom oddly calmed down once again. They looked left and right with very weird expressions. Some of them directly lowered their heads and dared not to look at Miss Daina at all. Zhang Tie glanced at those horny students of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood and found very excited expressions on their faces.

At this time, no one opened their mouth. Miss Daina looked around and continued, “When a sperm from a man combines with the egg from a woman, it could create a living being. Each sperm contains the great miracle of life that’s waiting to enter the world. Have you ever thought about the rule behind it? Each sperm contains huge amounts of life energy. A mature female could only produce one egg a month, while an adult male could produce hundreds of millions of sperms a day— this means hundreds of millions of life miracles! Do you know how powerful these sperms are? This is something you’d never know and neither would I. The only thing that I know is in the ancient East, Qi cultivators treated the life energy from their sperm as treasures that could make them stronger and allow them to live longer. Besides giving birth to kids, they would never let their sperms flow out for no reason. Another thing that wastes our energy is having too many thoughts in our minds, which consumes a large amount of spiritual energy over time. However, in this age, there are powerful cultivators and fighters who use this large amount of life energy and spiritual energy to ignite their burning points, breaking through cultivation realms one by one solely depending on their self-discipline and mysterious cultivation techniques before finally becoming revered fighters and powerful individuals who can safeguard humanity. If you want to become a powerful person, you have to learn how to prevent your body energy from escaping...” Seeing the students who were thinking over her words in the classroom, Miss Daina showed a pleasant smile. “Do you want to know my dream?”

With their mouths gaping, the horny students stared at Miss Daina. Zhang Tie’s eyes also shone in anticipation, not knowing what she would say...

Under their anticipating looks, Miss Daina spoke a paragraph that changed all their views and their outlooks on life and the world.

“My dream is for one of my students to become a powerful fighter or a powerful person who could protect humanity. At that time, I will dress nicely and get married to him. Unfortunately, I have not encountered the right person yet. That’s why, I beg you to make a promise with me…” The mature and seducing smile on her face and her glittering, beautiful eyes made them all gape. They gazed at Miss Daina, who was genuinely beautiful, and said nothing. Unexpectedly, she had said something so surprising.

“The promise between you and I is: marry me when you are strong enough to protect me.”

Marry me…

Marry me…

Marry me…

These words reverberated within all of their minds and shocked them all. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard. The classroom instantly became bustling…

“Do you agree to make such a promise with me?”

“I do!” the horny students shouted at the same time, causing the windows to almost shatter into pieces.

“Well, then it’s a promise. You are tough guys now, but females have limited youth and it’s impossible for me to wait for my whole life. That’s why, for our promise, if any one of you can become a Bloody-Scorpion Fighter before the age of 20, then I will marry him!”


At this moment, they could not understand of the lie called love, which could weave the most beautiful bliss and expectation of the world, becoming the largest driving force for a person to mature. Right then, all the horny students stared at Miss Daina with red eyes, sucking in a deep breath. The only thing they could feel was the blood rushing to their p*nis and their head simultaneously.

Zhang Tie also became excited at this moment as a sentence reverberated within his mind — become a Bloody-Scorpion Fighter by the age of 20...

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