Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 2014 - Love and Hate

Chapter 2014: Love and Hate

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The walls of the tunnel were embedded with very rare red eternal fluorescent lamps. As a result, the floor was covered with a bloody light. The red light and the material of the walls were absolutely as same as that Zhang Tie saw in the piece of crystal.

After taking a look at the deep place of the tunnel with his lotus-flower eyes, Zhang Tie completely became reassured at once.

It was very easy for him to kill Old Man Taiyi. However, he was afraid of hurting Lan Yunxi. After taking a look at the deep place of the tunnel, Zhang Tie instantly recovered his composure.

After marching downwards for thousands of meters in the tunnel, Zhang Tie came to the door of a backroom.

The door of the backroom was opened quietly. Almost at the same time, Old Man Taiyi opened his eyes with amazement as he saw Zhang Tie walking in.

“Zhang Tie…” Old Man Taiyi exclaimed with an amazing look.

At this moment, no words could describe Old Man Taiyi’s mood. Old Man Taiyi could never imagine that it was Zhang Tie who opened the door of the backroom at that moment.

‘Isn’t Zhang Tie supposed to have just received my crystal? Why is he here?’

Old Man Taiyi couldn’t imagine that Zhang Tie showed up at this moment in such an unbelievable and inexplicable way when he was working out a considerate plan and wanted to reverse the overall situation or at least made Jinwu Palace and Zhang Tie restless all the way. He didn’t believe that Zhang Tie could come to this asylum far away from Taixia Country that only he knew.

Even though Old Man Taiyi was a man of the times, he also became dumbfounded at this moment. He even felt as if he was numb all over.

Expressionless, Zhang Tie said, “I’m sorry. I must kill you again!”

‘Again? Why did Zhang Tie say that he ought to kill me again?’

A whim occurred to Old Man Taiyi all of a sudden.

Of course, nobody replied him.

Before Old Man Taiyi wanted to struggle to do something, Zhang Tie erected a finger and pointed at him casually. In a split second, he blocked the space around Old Man Taiyi. Old Man Taiyi became frozen in an instant. With wide, furious eyes, Old Man Taiyi instantly felt an indescribable force enter his central forehead.

At the same time, Old Man Taiyi’s body exploded and turned into a blood mist, leaving an odd token in the blood mist.

After taking that token, Zhang Tie released his chakra flame and burned up the remaining blood mist of Old Man Taiyi, leaving nothing else.

Old Man Taiyi, who was once overambitious and had cooked so many events in Taixia Country, was killed in a backroom in an underground mountain cave of a depopulated area in the Western Continent quietly like a withered and yellow leaf fell off a tree naturally and rotted. At this moment, all of his ambitious dreams and conspiracies perished.

There was another portal in this backroom which led to another place through a secret tunnel. After opening the portal, Zhang Tie entered the tunnel. After over 1,000 m’s walk downward, he saw another hidden door that was closed from outside. Zhang Tie then pushed it open.

There was a room behind the hidden door. A person who always appeared in Zhang Tie’s dreams was standing there, back against the door. There was some food on the table. However, she didn’t eat them at all.

“Don’t waste time on me. Even if you kill me, I would never cooperate with you and frame up Jinwu Palace and Zhang Tie. I will take revenge for my dad’s death aboveboard. Zhang Tie is going to hold his wedding ceremony. Previously, I wanted to avenge my dad on his wedding day even at the cost of my life. I prefer to be killed by him. Do you think that I still care about my own life today?”

After hearing the sound from behind, Lan Yunxi didn’t turn around; instead, she urged in a faint, miserable and decisive tone.

After being silent for half a minute, Zhang Tie opened his mouth gloomily, “Do you still hate me so much?”

After hearing his voice, Lan Yunxi whose face turned pale instantly quivered once all over. After that, she slowly turned around as she saw Zhang Tie watching her from outside the door with a complex look, which contained pity.

Lan Yunxi would never forget Zhang Tie’s expression for the rest of her life. Nobody else could watch her like that.

Lan Yunxi quivered all over as she instantly burst into tears.

Zhang Tie then walked towards Lan Yunxi slowly.

“Go away…” Lan Yunxi screeched as she moved one step back. Leaning against the wall weakly, she pointed at the door and exclaimed, “I don’t need your pity. I don’t need your help. It’s none of your business even if I die here. Roll out of here. Roll out of here…”

As was expected, Zhang Tie didn’t roll out of there; instead, he walked straight to the front of Lan Yunxi and embraced her tightly. Meanwhile, he kissed her lips despite tears over her face.

Lan Yunxi beat Zhang Tie by her palm forcefully. Her battle qi had already been restrained by Old Man Taiyi; therefore, she was almost like an ordinary woman. Even though she had recovered her full battle force and had promoted to a heavenly knight, she could never stop Zhang Tie…

7 months later, on a sunny day, Zhang Tie held his wedding ceremony. On that day, the entire Youzhou Province and Taixia Country as a whole were in uproars.

Representatives of major clans, dignitaries in Taixia Country and royal households, noblemen and special envoys from Western Continent and subcontinents had converged in Youzhou Province, hundreds of thousands of people in total. As a result, airboats were like clouds; knights were like rain…

On the special day, Crown Prince Changying came to Youzhou Province and brought Zhang Tie gifts from Emperor Xuanyuan——a pair of iron whips which were silver secret items and the imperial edict of conferring Zhang Tie as Lord Qianji. With this pair of iron whips, Zhang Tie could beat the fatuous emperor and the cunning officers and officials. Lord Qianji was the head of all the other lords. As the No. 1 knight of Taixia Country, Zhang Tie was entitled to be regent.

Additionally, the owners and elders of all the Zhang clans across Zhang Tie arrived on the same day. They hung a golden board on the top of the Shrine Palace of Jinwu Palace with some words on it——No.1 Zhang Clan.

The bounty gifts and honors from other representatives were hard to describe. From the Western Continent alone, Zhang Tie received a lot of titles of princes, bounty lands, honors and supreme reputations like Saint.

On that day, Lan Yunxi didn’t show up at the wedding ceremony; instead, she was watching the shimmering sea level in an attic that was leaning against a mountain and facing a brilliant seascape. Meanwhile, she stroked her swollen lower abdomen.

The fetus had been elder than 6 months. It could already move. Each time the new life kicked their legs, Lan Yunxi would feel complex as a mother.

The movement of the new life was melting Lan Yunxi’s icy mood. When love and hate wrestled with each other in her blood, they could never separate from each other. The blessing of the powerful bloodline brought infinite possibilities to the future of the new life. Because of this, Lan Yunxi got infinite hope and a possible pattern of “revenge”——Raise him up and let him become more brilliant than all the other children of that man. Additionally, Huaiyuan Palace will become more prosperous than Jinwu Palace and even tread that man underfoot…

Before the fetus came to the world, Lan Yunix had already got a name for it——Zhang Jixuan.

A new life meant a new start…

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