Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 2013 - An Ant Was Trying to Shake a Giant Tree

Chapter 2013: An Ant Was Trying to Shake a Giant Tree

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Elder Mushen…

Only those elders and some disciples of Huaiyuan Palace still called Zhang Tie Elder Mushen till now across the country. However, Zhang Tie didn’t mind it. Besides these people, nobody else across Taixia Country dared call Zhang Tie in that way; especially after Zhang Tie killed Meng Shidao, destroyed the Far-Ancient Morality Stele and reached his heyday.

The arrival of Elder Muen shocked Zhang Tie to a certain degree. Recognizing that Elder Muen was urgent given his voice, Zhang Tie directly had someone take Elder Muen into a parlor of the Suzerain’s Pavilion.

When Elder Muen reached the sky above Xuantian Peak, he was instantly blocked by patrollers headed by Zhao Bing, who were Zhang Tie’s disciples. Therefore, he directly opened his mouth over there and transmitted his voice into the Suzerain’s Pavilion. He hoped to shock Zhang Tie and meet the latter with this trick.

“Elder Muen, what are you here for?” Zhang Tie asked Elder Muen straightforwardly at the sight of him without any greetings.

With a grave look, Elder Muen didn’t waste any time either. However, after hearing Elder Muen’s first words, Zhang Tie’s face turned gloomy at once. “Yunxi is in trouble!”

Zhang Tie instantly sprung up as he asked Elder Muen with shiny eyes, “What happened to her?”

“10 days ago, Yunxi suddenly left TigerEmbracing City with the reason that her master called her. All the elders of Huaiyuan Palace thought that Yunxi was going to receive the interrogation from the Supreme Court back in Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Therefore, we didn’t mind it. Although Yunxi grew up in Taiyi Fantasy Sect, she had been staying in Huaiyuan Palace over there and didn’t have any relation with Taiyi Fantasy Sect. Neither was she involved in the conspiracy that Taiyi Fantasy Sect exterminated the Great Wilderness Sect and Royal Alliance. We thought that Yunxi would come back soon. Unexpectedly, someone sent this item to Tiger Embracing Mountain last night and urged to give it to me and the other elders. After reading it, we had no other means but to seek for your help, Elder Mushen!”

As Elder Muen explained, he took out of a piece of crystal and gave it to Zhang Tie.

Only sage-level knight could leave motion pictures in a piece of crystal. The first piece of crystal of motion pictures that Zhang Tie saw was from Fang Qingming.

With bit confusion, Zhang Tie injected a bit of spiritual energy into that piece of crystal. In an instant, he saw motion pictures——In a gloomy backroom whose floor was covered with red light, Lan Yunxi was quietly lying on a stony bed well dressed, as if asleep. Closely after that, he saw a mirror in the space, the image on the mirror was Taiyi Old Man who looked gloomy.

As it was presented from the first perspective, as long as Taiyi Old Man was facing the mirror, Zhang Tie could see Taiyi Old Man’s face too.

With a bit hatred on his grim face, Taiyi Old Man in the mirror uttered, “Zhang Tie, Lan Yunxi is in my hand. If you want to meet Lan Yunxi, you’d better follow my arrangement… ahem… ahem…” Taiyi Old Man said with a gloomier face as he coughed weakly, “After this piece of crystal reaches Huaiyuan Palace, you must go to the Vast Peace Inn, Fighting Righteous City, Flying Dragon Prefecture, Light Province in three days. There’s a letter in the wardrobe of No. Heavenly 7 room. Follow the order in the letter first. If you don’t do that, I will have people send you Lan Yunxi’s head next time!”

Closely after these words, the motion pictures in the piece of crystal turned dark.

After putting away that piece of crystal, Zhang Tie asked Elder Muen with a calm look, “Who sent it to Huaiyuan Palace?”

“It’s a boss of an inn in TigerEmbracing City. We’ve checked him. He was hypnotized by someone. He just sent this item to Huaiyuan Palace involuntarily like a puppet. He received this item from someone else 5 days ago. However, that inn didn’t remember that man’s look any longer!”

“I will deal with it. I will take back Lan Yunxi!”

“Although the other elders of Huaiyuan Palace and I don’t know why Taiyi Old Man threatened you, we all believe that it’s not something good. I’m afraid…” Elder Muen said with a worried look.

“Don’t worry. I will deal with it,” Zhang Tie said with a calm look.

When he saw Zhang Tie recovering his composure again, Elder Muen also became reassured.

“Thank you!” Elder Muen then stood up and prepared to bow towards Zhang Tie. However, before he made it, Zhang Tie had already stopped him by pulling his hands.

“Elder Muen, you don’t have to do that. I was also a member of Huaiyuan Palace. Even though I’m not now, I won’t allow Huaiyuan Palace to be humiliated…”

“After that event, although Yunxi always looked strong-willed, we all knew that she was heart-broken. If not that event, you and Yunxi…” Elder Muen stopped with a deep sigh, “The destiny is making fool of you!”

After being silent for half a minute, Zhang Tie talked to Elder Muen again, “Elder Muen, go back to Huaiyuan Palace please. You will receive my message soon!”

“Hmm, see you!” Elder Muen could only leave here for the time being. The entire Huaiyuan Palace couldn’t deal with this event except Zhang Tie.

At this moment, Taiyi Old Man was already the No. 1 criminal as for the Supreme Court of Taixia Country; instead, Zhao Yun and Yun Zhongzi had been acquitted. A few months ago, Taiyi Old Man was heavily injured by Emperor Xuanyuan in the base of Taiyi Fantasy Sect. However, he escaped in the end. The entire Taiyi Fantasy Sect was being rectified in recent months, which shocked the world. As a result, Taiyi Old Man didn’t show up over these days. When he showed up, he targeted at Huaiyuan Palace and Zhang Tie. On this occasion, those elders of Huaiyuan Palace could never defeat Taiyi Old Man who was a sage-level knight and save Lan Yunxi! Of course, they could only seek for Zhang Tie’s help.

After Elder Muen left there, Zhang Tie returned to his attic and told those women that he was going to leave Iron-Dragon Sect for a couple of days at most. After saying these brief words, Zhang Tie took to the skies with one step from the Suzerain’s Pavilion and flew towards one place at a high speed. He moved 60 miles with one step. In the blink of an eye, he had already seen a vast ocean under his foot…

Given the direction, Zhang Tie didn’t go to the Light Province of Taixia Country; instead, he left Taixia Country for the Western Continent at a high speed.

As he had experienced an absolute failure in “dream”, Zhang Tie would never allow Taiyi Old Man and Ancestor Shenkong to threaten Huaiyuan Palace and Jinwu Palace when he came back again.

After saving Emperor Xuanyuan, Zhang Tie prepared to have Emperor Xuanyuan deal with the awful mess of the three major sects. No matter what, Emperor Xuanyuan was the most suitable person who could deal with it. However, it didn’t mean that Zhang Tie wouldn’t take any precautions about emergencies.

Actually, Zhang Tie had already been to the bases of Qionglou Pavilion and Taiyi Fantasy Sect before Emperor Xuanyuan arrived there on the day when he left the Gobbling Province. He left special marks on the two old d**chebags. As long as the special marks were with them, they could never escape from Zhang Tie’s chase even though they were in another space.

Taiyi Old Man and Ancestor Shenkong could never imagine that the gap between them and Zhang Tie was insurmountable. Zhang Tie’s tricks were completely out of their imaginations. They had long been in Zhang Tie’s control. However, they didn’t know it yet.

The reason why Zhang Tie didn’t kill them when he came back was that he wanted to leave them to Emperor Xuanyuan and wanted to know their secrets in case of other unprecedented cases.

Ancestor Shenkong was not as fortunate as Taiyi Old Man. After Ancestor Shenkong received the news that Taiyi Fantasy Sect was in trouble and was going to escape, he was blocked by Yun Zhongzi and finally killed by Emperor Xuanyuan.

However, Taiyi Old Man was seeking death this time; therefore, Zhang Tie had no other choice but kill him.

At this moment, nobody else might know Taiyi Old Man’s whereabouts except Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie soon came to a mountain cave in an unpopulated area in the west of Holy Light Empire in the Western Continent. In the blink of an eye, he had found a hidden portal in the deep mountain cave. He then released a bit of spiritual energy and opened the portal quietly, revealing a tunnel that was covered with red light. Zhang Tie then walked in the tunnel leisurely…

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