Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 150: To Take Revenge

Chapter 150: To Take Revenge

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Zhang Tie started to argue with Miss Qili...

"Miss Qili, I didn't mean to challenge your authority. But if you want to interfere with the affair between them and I by punishing me, you would then challenge the authority of the Norman Empire and the barbarous survival training rules that it had persisted with for more than 600 years, as well as its dominion over Blackhot City.

"Since Blackhot City is already the territory of the Norman Empire, of course all the laws and regulations of the Norman Empire are applicable here, including the barbarous survival training rules. Do you know what is the barbarous survival training of the Norman Empire? Do you need me to interpret it for you..."

With her eyes fixed on Zhang Tie, Miss Qili took a deep breath.

Zhang Tie also stared at her straightforwardly. For some reason, Zhang Tie's eyes fell directly onto her undulating breasts. He then forcefully swallowed his saliva and licked his lips.

Seeing Zhang Tie moving his eyes to her breasts, Miss Qili, whose face had turned pale due to irritation, became a bit red. She then cast her glare at Zhang Tie once again. After that, she turned back and left the canteen without saying another word.

Upon turning back, Miss Qili even felt Zhang Tie's blatant eyes fall onto her bottoms, causing a part in her lower body a bit dumb. It was almost like there was a current flowing inside her body, and Miss Qili became a bit flustered...

Eventually, under the gaze of all the onlookers, she clumsily stumbled out of the canteen...

At this moment, all the students in the canteen only had one phrase in their minds: 'barbarous survival training'! Why would Miss Qili leave when she heard this phrase? What was this barbarous survival training of the Norman Empire?

Stepping on Sharon's back, Zhang Tie didn't care about the guy's miserable scream. Instead, he just grabbed one of Sharon's hands and twisted it to his back. After that, he took hold of one finger and said, "Do you know what is the barbarous survival training of the Norman Empire?

"In it, whatever happens, even killing in revenge between students, regardless of casualties, would be allowed. The Norman Empire's laws would never look into who's responsible during the barbarous survival training. Of course, as for the family members of the person killed, any of them have the right to ask for a duel with the killer in the name of revenge for the clan and the kin. More importantly, anyone who has killed a person in the barbarous survival training is forbidden to forfeit such a duel.

"This is the barbarous survival training of the Norman Empire. Based on this rule, even if I kill you three now, I won't face the interrogation of the laws of Blackhot City, but will duel with your family members that come forth. Do you want to have a try?"

Saying this, Zhang Tie tightened his grip on the other's hair.

Sharon started to scream loudly.

"I'm asking you one more time, will you wash the dining plates? If I hear no again, I'll break your fingers one by one here!"

"Washing, or not?"

"I'll wash, I'll wash, I'll wash..."

Howling and crying, Sharon beat against the ground using his free hand.

Zhang Tie then let go Sharon and walked towards Zuhair. Hit by a bench, Zuhair was still groaning on the ground. Seeing Zhang Tie come to Zuhair, all the other animals in the canteen gave way to him willingly.

When everybody thought that Zhang Tie would deal with Zuhair using the same method he did to Sharon, they saw him squat in front of Zuhair and grab his head with his hands: one above, one below. Seeing his actions, everybody turned pale, including the other members of the Brotherhood.

"I've been to the mountain cave where you killed the den of the female wolves and their cubs. I also found the rags of the towel that I lost at school. Everybody said you're the most poisonous snake beside Glaze.

"When I was attacked by the seven wild wolves, I was almost killed. That plot was definitely conceived in you head.

"First, you stole my old towel. Second, you found a wolf den. When the male wolves went out to hunt, you hid your body odor and killed all the female wolves and cubs inside the den. Third, you threw one of my towel rags into the wolf den, leaving my smell there. Fourth, you used other towel rags as landmarks to lure the male wolves onto the path which I used to take when coming back after mining to take revenge on me. Am I right?

"But I am still alive, it's your turn to die now..."

Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zuhair's face twisted. He wanted to argue with him, however, Zhang Tie didn't even give him a chance to explain. Then, under the gazes of over 1000 people, he increased his strength and broke Zuhair's neck like breaking a cucumber, causing the head to turn upwards after moving half a circle with a sound of 'Ka cha'.

"These f*cking laws of the Norman Empire are really adorable. If there is a resentment, you just go and kill the other; no need to go through any tedious procedures!"

After putting down the head of the dead Zuhair to the ground, Zhang Tie then walked towards Garner.

The sight of him killing Zuhair had left Garner dumbfounded. Before Zhang Tie could even draw close to him, he had already collapsed inwardly. He burst out crying.

"Don't come here, I'll tell you... I'll tell you everything... since you stirred up Glaze at school, he was irritated by you. He wanted to get back at you. It was Zuhair and Glaze who wanted to kill you. It was Zuhair's idea! It was Zuhair's idea! Because Glaze wanted to kill you, he set the wild wolves on you. It really had nothing to do with me. At the beginning, I even didn't agree with them as I felt it went too far. However, Glaze threatened me by pinching my neck... wooh wooh... mom, I want mom..."

Having lost it, Garner poured out everything. Such a scene made everybody else quiet down. They then became irritated after hearing Garner pour out how they've stolen Zhang Tie's towel, found a wolf den, and set the plan to let the wild wolves kill Zhang Tie in motion. They had set such a meticulous plan to kill their own classmate just because he had refused to be bullied and made them lose face in public. This kind of an evil deed surpassed everybody's tolerance.

"Kill them, kill them!" all the onlookers shouted out loudly.

Their voices could be heard in the entire Wild Wolf Castle. Hearing such a loud noise, the teachers of the Temporary Supervision Committee also came over. Seven or eight of them arrived including Captain Kerlin and Mr. Zerom. After figuring out what was happening, the teachers also fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie without saying anything. The moment Captain Kerlin wanted to move forward, he was pulled back by Zerom. He slightly shook his head when meeting eyes with Captain Kerlin, then narrowed them to observe Zhang Tie.

At this time, under the groundbreaking calls of "Kill them, kill them...", all the onlookers fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie.

Gazing at Garner who was now a crying a mess and Sharon who was scared into dumb shock, Zhang Tie slightly raised his hands. Seeing his hand gesture, the surrounding calls died down in a bit.

Zhang Tie walked to stand before Garner. Facing his quivering body, Zhang Tie pulled out a piece of paper and threw it onto Garner's hand. "Clean your tears first. If you promise me one thing today, I won't kill you!"

Crying so heavily that tears and nasal mucus flowed down his face together, Garner took Zhang Tie's paper and hurriedly wiped it. "What's that?"

"Can you promise me, even if only for your mom's sake, that you won't continue doing bad things? Can you promise me to be a good man from now on? Can you do that?"

"Yes, I can, I promise you..."

Seeing a chance to survive, Garner almost burst into laughter instead of tears. He hurriedly nodded.

"Fine, then let's call it an end. As long as you don't find me trouble, I will not find you trouble from now on!"

"Yes, yes! I promise to be a good man!"

Zhang Tie then nodded and stood up. He then walked to Sharon, who was already as weak as a sand worm. If there was a crack on the ground, he wouldn't hesitate for a heartbeat before going into it.


Hearing Zhang Tie calling his name, Sharon, for the first time, felt that his voice was terrifying, and he started to quiver all over. Glaze was terrifying; however, no matter how terrifying he was, Sharon still didn't feel that he could match Zhang Tie. He simply couldn't understand how this classmate of theirs could be this horrifying.

"Are you still going to kill me?"

"No... no, I was wrong. I dare not do that again..."

Sharon almost burst out into tears. It would be a nightmare to go against Zhang Tie as this guy was even more terrifying than Glaze.

Zhang Tie carefully looked into Sharon's eyes. "I don't want to kill anyone else today as I don't want my hands to be drenched in my classmates' fresh blood. So you've got good luck. I won't kill you! Do you remember which classmates you've bullied at school by letting them wash your dining plates..."

Sharon raised his head and stared at Zhang Tie, not knowing why he would ask this.

"From today on, until the end of the survival training, your task is to wash dining plates. You should wash all the dining plates in this canteen. Will you do that?"

"I will, I will..."

After peering at the dead Zuhair, Sharon hurriedly nodded. Compared to having his neck broken, washing dining plates was really not a severe punishment at all.

When the confrontation in the canteen finally came to an end, Zhang Tie found that wherever he walked in the castle, he would always receive many gazes filled with admiration.

He had killed Zuhair, gaining the reverence of many students. Glaze was dead, and Zhang Tie had almost died himself. As for Zuhair, who always played the role of a poisonous snake setting up vicious plots, why would he be alive? Therefore, Zuhair had to die.

Letting go of Garner was to express Zhang Tie's mercy. Among the three lackeys of Glaze, Garner's reputation was not that bad. He at most had the role of banging the drum for Glaze while standing behind him. When he cried mom, Zhang Tie was especially moved. So he let Garner go since he didn't want to be regarded as a butcher in the eyes of teachers and students.

In contrast, he punished Sharon as he didn't want to kill any one else in public. Another reason was that if he treated Sharon and Garner in different ways, it would draw a line between them, and the two would never gather together like before to set any plots. After Glaze and Zuhair were dead, if there was a misunderstanding between Sharon and Garner due to different treatments, if Sharon was put on the opposite side of all the other students attending this survival training, he would definitely become a stray dog. And if he ever dared to bite Zhang Tie alone, the latter would have hundreds of methods to play him to death.

As Glaze had a great dad and Zuhair had an elder brother who was already a LV 4 warrior, after the survival training ended and they all returned to Blackhot City, Zhang Tie would definitely face unavoidable duels.

This was the road he had chosen. Now that he had made the decision, he had to walk on it bravely.

Although everything in Blackhot City had changed, a notice came from it to the Wild Wolf Castle

saying that the survival training here would continue...

On the next morning, Zhang Tie left the Wild Wolf Castle once again...

Under the admiration filled gazes of the animals of the Brotherhood, Pandora, Alice, and Beverly hugged Zhang Tie and kissed him one by one, letting him enjoy the enchanting taste of several golden fishes once again.

When kissing the three girls, Zhang Tie thought about Miss Qili's undulating breasts and the weird feeling when her bottoms slightly quivered under her skirt. That was how a mature woman felt, completely different from girls.

"When we return to Blackhot City, come to my home, I'll leave you full!" Beverly mumbled in Zhang Tie's ear, forcefully pinching that thing as hard as iron below, and slightly licking his ear after.

"Watch yourself!" Alice also confided in Zhang Tie's other ear.

Pandora then twisted her waist to show her protest. Pushing away Alice's roaming hands, she tightly embraced Zhang Tie with her hot face on Zhang Tie's chest. "I'll wait for your return!"

If he kept staying with these three girls, Zhang Tie really feared that he would soon be unable to stand it and would just f*ck them right here. So with a wolf-like howl, Zhang Tie strode away and left the Wild Wolf Castle...

This time, Zhang Tie decided that he wouldn't come back until breaking through LV 4 by eating enough Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruits.

In a room in the Wild Wolf Castle, Zerom and Captain Kerlin were standing before a window with their eyes on Zhang Tie, who was leaving the castle again. He had just come back yesterday and was now leaving once more. Only after one day, everything seemed to have changed in Blackhot City. Same as Zhang Tie's impression on them.

"Kerlin, I feel that Zhang Tie might become a person that you and me cannot even imagine now!"

The one-eyed man had not yet recovered his composure from how Zhang Tie was accosted by the three beauties at the same time. Thinking back to how he himself pursued Miss Daina, he even started to be a bit jealous . Hearing Zerom's praise for Zhang Tie, the one-eyed man rebutted, "How so?"

"For how this guy was accosted by the beauties, he would never be unknown in the future..."

Hearing Zerom's words, Captain Kerlin realized that he could not even find an excuse to rebut any more...

"That guy ran so fast..." Zerom murmured after seeing Zhan Tie's swiftly disappearing back.

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