Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 149: Growing Up

Chapter 149: Growing Up

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On the second day, before dawn, people in the Wild Wolf Castle already knew that Blackhot City had surrendered to the Norman Empire. To be precise, they hadn't surrendered, but joined it.

The message falcon had brought the latest news from Blackhot City to the Wild Wolf Castle: the Coal, Steel, and Iron Federation that ruled Blackhot City had declared that from today on Blackhot City would separate from the Andaman Alliance and would join the Norman Empire as a LV 4 city of Brunswick Province under the management of the governor of the Norman Empire's North Border.

After delivering this declaration, the Coal, Steel, and Iron Federation that ruled Blackhot City for dozens of years officially declared its disbandment.

In this age, when chaos arrived to the world by the way of war, big fishes started to eat those smaller than them, and lions begun to hunt down hares. It was hard to say whether it was a tragedy or a comedy for small figures with little force behind them, but many would find that they had already changed their nationality between going to sleep and waking up next morning...

As citizens of the Andaman Alliance, everyone in the Wild Wolf Castle became citizens of the Norman Empire when the sun rose up the next morning.

After realizing that his destiny was casually toyed with by a huge hand, and learning of what had happened to Blackhot City, Zhang Tie just calmly left the Wild Wolf Castle, and ran off at his full strength. He didn't stop until reaching the highest point of the mountain in the border between the Wild Wolf Valley and the Crescent Prairie. With his eyes fixed on that vast Crescent Prairie, he stood still until the the sun set off.

Nobody knew what he was thinking about at that moment.

When the sun set off, Zhang Tie returned to the Wild Wolf Castle.

From today on, people in the castle started to eat from the same big pot. After opening the barracks to the public yesterday, the canteen in the castle was also opened up.

It was much larger than the one at school. Everybody received their dining plates and food in the castle's canteen like soldiers. After eating, they would wash their own dining plates and hand them back.

The atmosphere in the castle was really gloomy.

After eating, when the members of the Brotherhood intended to wash their own dining plates, Zhang Tie collected them all and said he would deal with them.

"What's wrong, Bighead?" Doug asked like a dumb ass.

"I feel like that guy was a bit weird today. He's not that diligent before!"

Barley shook his head.

Everyone in the Brotherhood then cast their eyes on Zhang Tie who was lifting a pile of dining plates and walking towards another side instead of the water faucets.

He was walking directly towards where Sharon, Zuhair, and Garner were sitting.


Loudly, Zhang Tie threw the seven metal dining plates in front of Sharon. The noise caused by the dining plates crashing onto the wooden table, startling everybody else. They all turned their heads and watched what was happening over here. As a result, the gloomy canteen became even quieter.

Zhang Tie had thrown the dining plates directly onto Sharon's own, causing the soup in his plate to splash all over his body.

Seeing this, Sharon, Zuhair, and Garner immediately turned pale and stood up.

With such an obvious aggression being displayed, all the other students sitting on the same table with the three guys hurriedly stood up and moved away.

Zhang Tie was definitely one of the most famous people in the Wild Wolf Castle. At the same time, Barley and the other members of the Brotherhood had quickly rushed over, rolling up their sleeves. Knowing that Zhang Tie was going to beat up Sharon and the other two lackeys of Glaze, all the other members of the Brotherhood had prepared to fight.

"Wash the dining plates and hand them back to the kitchen!" Zhang Tie ordered with an icy expression. "I think you don't need me to tell you how to do that. You try it by yourselves for once, having bullied others so long at school by asking them to wash your dining plates!"

Those people who felt that Zhang Tie was being too aggressive before, immediately knew what was happening after hearing his words. They then remained quiet. Especially since many animals in the canteen were from the Seventh National Male Middle School.

After some quiet murmuring at first, there was no more sympathy in the onlookers' eyes for Sharon, Garner, and Zuhair.

"Zhang Tie, you... you... Don't go too far!" Zuhair pointed at Zhang Tie, his face turning pale. He had never imagined that Zhang Tie would dare to be so aggressive against them. "After Glaze comes back, you'll be in great trouble!"

"After Glaze comes back, just point him to in my direction. I'll be waiting!" Zhang Tie revealed a cold smile. "Now, answer me, are you going to wash them or not?"



Zhang Tie moved so swiftly that Zuhair hadn't even finished swearing when he was slapped in the face. He then wanted to withstand it, only to feel like he was crashed into by a running rhino. His movements and wishes didn't influence Zhang Tie's attack whatsoever. With the feeling of one's bones fracturing, Zuhair was slapped by Zhang Tie's ferocious move and sent flying. After several rolls in the air, he fell heavily onto the ground.

Almost at the same time, Zhang Tie kicked Garner's, who was sitting in the middle, abdomen, and sent him flying as well.

Sharon was too weak. The moment he punched at Zhang Tie, his fist was patted away like a fly, which, however, felt like an iron plate slapping his hand back. In a split second, Sharon was in so much pain that he almost teared up. But before he could utter a sound, Zhang Tie had already grabbed his hair and driven his face down onto his dining plate with great ferocity. The newly born shrill shriek was cut off short, and Sharon's face was turned into a bloody pulp.

Before the other members of the Brotherhood could rush in to help, the fight was already over. In front of Zhang Tie, the three guys hadn't even stood for three seconds. They were all beaten up and were now lying on the ground, unable to pick themselves up.

All the onlookers were shocked by Zhang Tie's fighting force. A LV 1, even a LV 2 warrior could never do this as easy as Zhang Tie had done it. This was definitely how an adult would beat up a toddler, leaving the latter in no position to fight back.

"Washing, or not?"

Gripping Sharon's hair, Zhang Tie pulled his bloody and dirty face out of his dining plate and asked with an icy expression.

Sharon kept silent, his fierce glare a clear enough answer!

Zhang Tie hit his head onto the dining plate once again, causing another shrill shriek.

"Washing or not?"

Zhang Tie tightened his grip onto Sharon's hair and pulled his face out of the plate again.

Sharon looked a bit scared as he sensed something calm, emotionless coming from Zhang Tie's voice.

But he didn't answer. And thus, his head was brought into close contact with the dining plate for the third time.

"Washing or not?" Zhang Tie's voice was heard once again. Before Sharlon uttered a voice, Zhang Tie had ferociously crashed his head onto the plate for the fourth time...


When Zhang Tie smashed Sharon's head for the sixth time, a furious voice finally reverberated through the quiet canteen.

"Zhang Tie, what are you doing?"

Miss Qili appeared behind Zhang Tie, glaring at his 'atrocious behavior'. She couldn't understand how such a soppy youth who had run to the bottom of the tall tower to send black mulberry seeds to his beloved girls last night could turn into a thug in such a short period of time.

"Miss Qili!"

Zhang Tie put down Sharon's head and turned back calmly.

The moment Zhang Tie loosened his grip, Sharon slipped off the dining table and straight to the floor. Seeing the three groaning guys lying on the ground, Miss Qili looked even more infuriated.

"What were you doing here? Why did you beat up your classmates?"

"I wanted them to wash my dining plates for me. They didn't agree, and swore at me, so I beat them up!" Zhang Tie explained straightforwardly.

At his words, Miss Qili frowned, but the other onlookers, including the other members of the Brotherhood, felt that Zhang Tie was really great. This was their first time seeing a person who considered bullying others as reasonable.

Upon noticing the teacher, Zuhair, who had lain on the ground for quite a while, immediately moved towards Miss Qili and complained, "Miss F*...Li, I... want to appeal to the Temporary Supervision Committee..."

The fierce slap had sent Zuhair's three teeth flying along with him before. The moment he opened his mouth, he found that air was leaking in through where his teeth had previously been. It drove him even more furious at Zhang Tie.

At this critical moment, Miss Qili was definitely the savior of Glaze's three lackeys. However, clearly, Zuhair felt happy too early. The moment he moved towards Miss Qili, a bench fell from the sky and hit him straight on the head, forcing out a miserable scream.

Of course, it was a bench thrown by Zhang Tie. When he threw it, he was also stamping onto Sharon's back, producing another shrill shriek.

Seeing Zhang Tie daring to beat up others before her, Miss Qili was driven mad. At the same time, the onlookers' eyes on him widened in amazement.

"You..." Miss Qili couldn't stand it anymore and wanted to stop him. For some reason, each time she saw Zhang Tie, she would feel like losing her temper. "From now on, if you dare to make any more aggressive moves, I'll break your limbs!"

She walked toward him and said in an icy voice, "You leave with me, or I'll force you to come with me."

"Miss Qili, although I respect you very much, sadly, I'm afraid that you cannot force me to do anything!"

"What did you say?" Miss Qili glared at Zhang Tie. "Do you think that you can go rampant in the Wild Wolf Castle?"

"Miss Qili, don't you understand it?" Zhang Tie looked with pity at this woman who was still confused. "Now, the Wild Wolf Castle is following the survival training rules of the Norman Empire instead of the war-time decrees of the Andaman Alliance or Blackhot City's survival training rules.

"From last night, when Blackhot City declared to join the Norman Empire, the game rules have changed. As a traditional monarchical nation which still preserves its slavery, it has laws that are greatly different from those in Blackhot City. As a teacher of the Norman Empire, I think you should know the rules followed by students who attend survival training!"

When Zhang Tie said that, Miss Qili immediately stopped walking forward, casting her sharp eyes onto him...

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