Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 128: First Space and Terrain Creation

Chapter 128: First Space and Terrain Creation

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It was the same dark space before Zhang Tie’s eyes. However, after a while, two light spots instead of one gradually enlarged and rapidly became two illuminating hexagon doors similar to the shape of Trouble-Reappearance Fruit. The two doors arrived and stopped in front of Zhang Tie like a train. Seven wolves’ shadows casually accessed the two hexagon-shaped doors.

Such a scene hadn’t happened when he had eaten the first Trouble-Reappearance Fruit.

--Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, you have killed seven wolves in three scenes, leading to two wild wolf Trouble Reappearance Fruits, which can be joined. After combining them, you would face seven wild wolves at the same time each time you activate it. Would you like them to be joined?

Zhang Tie carefully checked the two illuminated hexagon doors, which were like two windows through which he could view the world inside. Through the door on the left, he saw the same grassland where he had encountered the attack from the seven wolves, while through the door on the right, he saw two scenes: one of the bamboo woods near the tree house where he had killed two wolves, and the other on the hillside today.

For Zhang Tie, two-three wolves could no longer pose any challenge. He could hardly improve himself by fighting only two. But seven might be a bit more interesting.


Zhang Tie made his decision without any extra considerations.

Soon after he sent the command, the two illuminated hexagon doors joined. Through the now single door, he could see three backgrounds—grassland, bamboo woods, and the hillside!

--Please trigger the scene you want!

In the past days, Zhang Tie had fought the three wild wolves on the grassland for almost one hundred times. Therefore, he was bored of it. Besides, he had become familiar with the terrain near the tree house and no longer found it stimulating. Seeing the hillside which had a slightly more sophisticated terrain, he felt it would be more difficult to fight the wild wolves in.

There was no need to point at the hillside scenery in the illuminated door.

After that, the other two scenes slowly disappeared while the hillside scene slowly enlarged and finally occupied the entire door.

—Trouble-Reappearance Joining Completed!

Afterwards, the illuminated door enlarged, encompassing Zhang Tie, too. In a split of a second, he returned on that hillside where he had been in the morning. Everything in his surroundings, even the tree leaves on the hillside and the water drops hanging on the grass, were unchanged. Neither did his lance container and luggage change even a bit. He smelt the same disgusting odor as before.

Motherf*cker, that’s too smelly!

While Zhang Tie was complaining about the disgusting smell, seven wolves came out of the cave. With eyes full of hatred fixed on him, these wolves reminded Zhang Tie of the first time when he had encountered them on the grassland. The same moment, the seven wolves begun their attack.

Zhang Tie immediately threw one lance and killed the wolf rushing first. When he killed the second wolf using the same method, the other five wolves had already closed in on him, taking away his ability to use his lances to eliminate the other wild wolves.

Swearing inwardly, Zhang Tie punched in their direction. When he was practicing it in the first Trouble-Reappearance Fruit, Zhe had already found out that the more difficult and easily interrupted patterns he used to fight the wild wolves, the faster he would improve his strength and fighting skills, as well as strengthening his weaknesses. If he could punch a wolf to death, he would found it even easier to kill it using a dagger or any other weapon.

What was the most difficult way for Zhang Tie to kill these wild wolves? It wasn’t only by using his naked fists, but also the Iron-Blood Fist Skill that he wasn’t familiar enough with to fight against these wild wolves. For a low level warrior, a set of fist techniques that he had not fully mastered wouldn’t even match up counterattacking by instinct. However, Zhang Tie still insisted on using Iron-Blood Fist Skill to fight the wild wolves, as he thought that the best method to cultivate a fighting skill was by using in the fights for one’s own life. Thankfully, the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit would be the best battlefield! This was a God-given chance.

Real battle was truly the best method for a person to grow up. When the remaining five wild wolves charged at him, after Zhang Tie had killed one and wounded another with his kicks, a piece of his flesh was bitten off. That sharp pain immediately caused Zhang Tie to ooze sweat. Soon after that, the rhythm of Iron-Blood Fist Skill was disturbed.

Not until now had Zhang Tie realized how terrifying a pack of wolves was. When they moved in a pack, their fighting strength would never be as simple as an addition of each wolf’s strength. Although he was facing five wolves’ attacks, Zhang Tie felt like it was twice as difficult for him to deal with them than with the three wolves before. This was because a wolf pack attacked so fast that he might suffer an attack at any second. Under the guidance of the head wolf, the rest could even adjust their attacking frequency through mutual coordination, causing them to be harder to deal with.

By the time Zhang Tie had killed another wolf, he had suffered two more wounds.

Finally, due to the slippery and muddy land after rain, Zhang Tie lost his balance out of carelessness and fell down. He then rolled down the hillside, closely chased by four wolves. They quickly caught up with him.

Lying on the ground, Zhang Tie used a wrestling hand—a fighting skill of Iron-Blood Fist Skill—to break a wolf’s neck. At the same time while he struggled to hold back a wolf’s attack, his throat was torn open. Besides a sharp pain, he felt a sense of fresh blood pouring into his windpipe once again. He could see nothing then.

After the entire Trouble-Reappearance Scene broke apart and disappeared, Zhang Tie returned to the place under the small tree...

Thinking back to his struggle under the wild wolf’s bite, Zhang Tie, who had already opened his eyes, was still afraid. Not until that moment had he truly realize just how lucky he was to escape from his first fight with the seven wolves.

Recalling the fight that had just happened, Zhang Tie found his weaknesses. Previously, he thought that his throwing skills were already great so he could, at least, survive the entire Wild Wolf Valley with them. However, because of the fight just now, he understood that there was still a great space for improvement for his throwing skills.

Just now, he had only thrown out two lances before being killed by the rest of the wild wolves. However, if he could throw two more lances before the rest of the wild wolves drew close to him, the outcome would be totally different.

Although he had numerous chances to try out the same scene in the Trouble-Reappearance Scene, if he was surrounded by more than ten wild wolves in reality,, he would definitely lose his life.

Although he could throw a lance with great precision, his throwing speed could still be improved. Even more important was to learn to pull out lances from his lance container at the fastest speed possible. Additionally, he might also try throwing lances using both hands at the same time…

Besides, he should pay more attention to the surrounding terrain and environment where he was fighting against the wild wolves. He should adapt to any kind of environment. On a hillside after rain, the slippery surface could indirectly cause him to lose his life. If that truly happened and he lost his life, which of the two would he complain about: the God who had poured out rain, or the muddy and slippery land?

After such a serious evaluation, Zhang Tie let out a heavy sigh. Picking himself up from the ground, he walked a lap to observe the terrain of the Castle of Black Iron. After forming a general impression of it in his mind, Zhang Tie opened the Ground Layer button under the ‘Space and Terrain Creation’ function to start one thing that he had planned for a long time.

Soon after he pressed that button, a three-dimensional image of Castle of Black Iron appeared before his eyes. Everything in this space was displayed there, including each stalk of grass and tree.

Having experience with it, Zhang Tie wasn’t too surprised. Holding it in hand, he carefully enlarged and reduced the three-dimensional image. Putting the image before him, he fixed his attention and cast the water source in his mind onto that three-dimensional image.

Zhang Tie imagined a two meter high rockery while a clear spring flew down it, forming a two meter waterfall. The spring fell into a pond on the ground. Benefitting from his previous experience, Zhang Tie didn’t make the pond too large in case of insufficient energy. The entire pond was only as large as a small bath pool.

Everything was the same as the last time when he had used this function. The three-dimensional map was a dim shadow, which he could roughly recognize.

——Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord. The details of the terrain that you have imagined are lower than 5%. Do you agree with using optional natural creation law to construct the rest of your image? After the system completes the construction using natural creation law, Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord will be able to adjust it!


Zhang Tie chose Agree.

Soon after he made his choice, the dim shadow on the three-dimensional map gradually became clearer which was really more natural and vivid than the image in his mind. Even the pebbles and fine sand were created in the pond. Besides, there was a circle of white stone stages along the pond.

In addition, the terrain surrounding the clear spring also looked nature-born as it had been unexpectedly undulated and changed. Everything looked harmonious like natural. It was several hundred times more real-life like than Zhang Tie’s own clumsy image. Compared to this masterpiece, his image could only be called a scrawl of an infant.

After the terrain adjustment, the entire Castle of Black Iron became more vital.

Zhang Tie inspected this adjusted terrain several times but found no defects. Everything was better than he had imagined. After he confirmed the terrain adjustment plan, a new dialogue box popped out.

——A spring is going to form in the new terrain, Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, please choose the level of the live spring.

‘What? I can choose the level of the spring?’

Zhang Tie was stunned once again. Then, another page appeared before him.

--Natural Mountain Spring

--Spring of Aura

--Spring of Recovery

--Spring of Life

Besides the ‘Natural Mountain Spring’, which was available, the other three options were all gray and not available. Even though it was like that, Zhang Tie was still amazed. After recovering his composure, he pointed at ‘Natural Mountain Spring’ before another new sub-branch appeared.

——Common Mountain Spring: clear and abundant with some mineral materials and micro elements!

——Quality Mountain Spring: clear and abundant with many kinds of mineral materials and microelements; active to a certain degree!

——High Quality Mountain Spring: clear and sweet, abundant with a great number of mineral materials and micro elements; considerably active!

--Top Quality Mountain Spring: clear and sweet, abundant with all kinds of mineral materials and microelements; quite active and contains some aura.

The option ‘Top Quality Mountain Spring’ was gray which warned Zhang Tie that he lacked values of the basic items. However, even so, he was already very satisfied.

After thinking about it for a while, Zhang Tie chose the option ‘High Quality Mountain Spring’.

——This terrain creation requires the following resources:

Basic energy storage—3517; Aura value—4129; Merit value—1272

——Create or not?


Zhang Tie had never imagined that such a small live spring would cost him so many value points, especially the merit ones. He remembered that last time it would only have taken him a bit over 900 merit value points to create a big water pool. Could live water consume more?

“Just do it, if there’s a lack of merit value points, I will make them...” Zhang Tie said loudly and clicked ‘Yes’ without any hesitation.

——Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, after you leave the Castle of Black Iron, the system will start this terrain creation. This will take 18 seconds, during which you won’t be able to enter the Castle of Black Iron.

‘What? It will only take 18 seconds to complete all this? That will be solved within several winks! I was afraid it would take much longer before I could enter the Castle of Black Iron again.’

Seeing the rolling colorful clouds above, Zhang Tie revealed his awe of this mysterious space once again. Was creation here as easy as how the God had created the world by only moving a hand? What great force did it have to be able to perform such a miracle? Is it truly the God’s force...’

Zhang Tie could not answer this question for the time being.

He decided to try whether it was true. After fixing his attention, he locked on that great arch door before leaving the Castle of Black Iron and reappearing in the mountain cave. However, he didn’t waste time, only taking in two deep breaths. After counting inwardly to 18 seconds, he hurriedly locked that strange arch door in his mind and re-entered the Castle of Black Iron. Such a short period of time was akin to a person pulling open the door and leaving, only to come back as if having forgotten something.

The terrain creation was already completed in the Castle of Black Iron.

Reappearing inside, Zhang Tie was astonished upon noticing the pond full of water from the spring 20 m away from it. He then walked over there like an idiot, stretching out his hands and touching here and there, even scooping two pebbles from one side of the pond. After bumping the two pebbles, he heard the crispy sounds of ‘Guang… guang...’.

The spring was as crystal clear as a mirror, so Zhang Tie could almost see his own shadow on the water. After washing his face in there, he stretched out his neck and widely opened his mouth to drink from the spring flying down the rockery.

After that he smirked, holding the two pebbles, and locked the arch door in his mind again, returning to the mountain cave. When he came back, he found the two pebbles were still in his hands. He then bumped them again, causing a sound of “Guang… guang...”.

Then he touched his face and collar that were still wet and recalled that sweet and tender spring in the Castle of Black Iron. After doing all this, he confirmed that everything in the Castle of Black Iron was real…

Well, he finally admitted that he, who had poor knowledge, could barely understand how could something like this happen! He then had no other choice but to accept the fact that it did.

Right then, Zhang Tie’s abdomen made a sound of ‘Gulu gulu’, indicating that the second Iron-Body Fruit was about to start working...

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