Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 127: Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit

Chapter 127: Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit

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In Wild Wolf Valley, you could see mountain caves left everywhere by gold-eating boas which had occupied the valley before, just like the one in front of Zhang Tie.

This cave was at the top of a hill in the middle of Wild Wolf Valley, the entrance of which was almost 3 m in width. In its surroundings, there were some huge grooves that looked to have been ploughed through. Given the terrain, the hill seemed to have been destructed by external forces. He could see obvious marks left by human beings.

However, the most important part was that Zhang Tie found some tunnels in the cave left by gold-eating boas. Since the cave was almost horizontal to the ground like how a mouse drills its den, he could easily walk inside with the sun’s light. The weather had turned for the better today, so sunlight could reach dozens of meters inside the cave. Under it, Zhang Tie immediately saw two tunnels inside.

With the help of the sunlight, he didn’t hesitate any longer. He swallowed the apple in his hand and put away the other apples into his pockets. After that, he pulled out a long sword and entered the cave.

Many people would be afraid of grain circles on the walls in the cave when they entered gold-eating boa’s cave. However, Zhang Tie felt nothing since he was familiar with the situation in the cave and had already accepted it inwardly. As for the mountain caves drilled by gold-eating boas, he had already become immune to them since the time he dug in the mines.

At that time, all the miners had realized that no beasts seemed to like staying in gold-eating boas’ caves. Let alone beasts, even insects could not be seen inside those caves. In the evening, although Wild Wolf Valley was filled with swarms of insects and mosquitoes, not one dared to enter a cave made by gold-eating boas.

Even the bats in the place where he’d dug mines dared only to hang themselves outside the cave marked by grain circles. They never dared to fly inside. The circles of grains on the walls inside gold-eating-boas’ caves posed both a magical and natural threat to any spiritual animals. So none dared to enter, except for human beings.

There were some withered twigs and fallen leaves, some stones and puddles on the ground near the entrance. After passing 5-6 meters, the entire cave became clean. About 20 m away from the entrance, Zhang Tie arrived at the tunnels which he had seen before.

It was somewhat different from what he had seen outside, instead of two tunnels, there were three. One faced underground, one left, while the last one was hidden and could be easily missed since it faced upward. That pit really made Zhang Tie excited since it was so hidden that he had not even seen it from outside.

The entrance of this pit was obviously blocked by collapsed stones and soil. It was all piled up so high that it was even slightly higher than Zhang Tie. Of course, he could easily climb onto the stones.

When he reached the top, he found the pit was less than 10 m deep. The pit contained a medium-sized space and was pretty dry. The sunlight could not reach here at daytime. Of course, it would be even more difficult to be found in the evening.

‘That’s it. I’m really lucky today. It only took me several hours to find such a pleasant base,’ Zhang Tie mumbled.

“I’ve decided to make it my No.1 base!” he loudly declared before laughing out loudly.

After laughing, he couldn’t wait to put down his luggage and sleeping bag onto the ground. He then threw the apples from his pockets onto the luggage and jumped out of the pit. Afterwards, he rushed to the entrance of the cave and silently looked around. After ensuring that nobody was outside, he became reassured.

When he returned to the upward pit, it took him several seconds to enter Castle of Black Iron.

——Handsome and Magnificent Castle Lord, welcome to the Castle of Black Iron!

The scene in front of him changed quickly. Seeing the rolling colorful cloud in the Castle of Black Iron, he revealed a smile of one coming back home. In the Castle of Black Iron, he fully relaxed.

He then walked towards that small tree.

The diamond Iron-Body Fruit, which was slightly bigger than a walnut, was hanging on that familiar twig. The last time he had entered, this Iron-Body Fruit had already been ripe. This time, there were two days left before the latest Leakless Fruit would became ripe. The to-be-ripe Leakless Fruit already looked full as a wisp of luster could be already seen on it.

Seeing this, Zhang Tie became excited. ‘It’s really great to eat fruits everyday. Mom is really intelligent to call me Guoguo. Hahahaha…’

Zhang Tie then continued to circle around the small tree. He was used to doing that. He didn’t know whether it was just an illusion or not, but he felt that this small tree had grown up a bit during the past month. It looked more lush and higher than before.

According to his experiences, it was necessary to circle around the small tree each time he entered because the small tree could bring you a huge surprise at any time.

On the other side of the small tree, he saw two more fruits - one was a Trouble-Reappearance Fruit which impressed Zhang Tie a lot. It was pitch dark all over, in the shape of a hexagon, and as large as a plum

--Trouble-Reappearance Fruit has become ripe. Usage: Pick and direct eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

Reading the familiar words, Zhang Tie knew that the fruit was ripe. Scratching his head, he became puzzled.

‘Does it mean that killing wolves can lead to new killing fruits?’

Although this new ripe Trouble-Reappearance Fruit pleased him, what surprised him to the point of leaving him with his mouth wide open was another fruit. It was a sitting white wolf which was as high a finger. It looked as delicate as a miniature wax statue carved by a sculpting master. On its head there were two eccentric leaves of Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree. It was cute, like a kid’s toy.

--Wild Wolf Seven-Strength Fruit, the Strength of Qi has been formed, six more strengths need to be formed; not ripe yet.

--Strength of Qi, Strength of Blood, Strength of Vein, Strength of Channel, Strength of Bone, Strength of Marrow, and Strength of God. These are the seven strengths of living beings. For each 50 changes, 49 of them can be available while the remaining one belongs to people. Seven-Strength Fruit is a spare fruit—one can spare one force from seven Seven-Strength Fruits. After eating 49 Seven-Strength Fruits, one can gain seven strengths. As for one Seven-Strength Fruit, it cannot become ripe without gathering seven strengths, the spare strength also included in the fruit. Each ripe Seven-Strength Fruit will contain all the strengths of an individual in its heyday. After eating it, one can gain all that strength. These strengths are awarded to brave men and are beneficial in becoming more powerful.

The latter sentences were a bit difficult to understand. Zhang Tie didn’t get them until reading it for the second time. After that, he felt hot blood rushing to his head.

‘I’m rich, I’m really rich this time! I’ve killed seven wild wolves and gathered the Strength of Qi of the Seven-Strength Fruit. According to this paragraph, as long as I can kill seven more wild wolves, I can then gather their strength of Blood for Seven-Strength Fruit. If I can kill 49 or 50 wild wolves, I’ll make this Wild Wolf Seven-Strength ripe.

‘Then the Seventh-Strength Fruit will contain the full strength of an adult wild wolf. Undoubtedly, after eating this fruit, I’ll obtain the strength of an adult wild wolf.’

Thinking of the strong endurance, dashing speed, and the sensitiveness of wild wolves, Zhang Tie started to drool. Although Leakless Fruit had been a great surprise to him, he had never imagined that one day he could obtain a wholly new fruit from that small tree which could greatly improve his strength. This was really exciting.

“Zi… Zi...”

Being so excited, Zhang Tie started to kiss the trunk of the small tree. Then he burst out laughing. As long as he could obtain a wolf’s full strength, he felt that he could completely eliminate the natural-born disparity between Chinese clan and other human races, like Bagdad’s or Glaze’s who had greater physical strength.

After the disparity was eliminated, he would never be defeated by them on the premise that they were of the same level. Additionally, they could never match him on igniting burning points. Seeing the Leakless Fruit that was going to be ripe on the other side of small tree, Zhang Tie revealed a smile...

At this moment, he felt great!

Smirking, he picked off the ripe Iron-Body Fruit and Trouble-Reappearance Fruit. Holding the two fruits of different shapes and colors, he curiously touched and sniffed them. With satisfaction on his face, he crossed his legs and sat under the small tree, starting to eat.

Based on his experiences, Zhang Tie ate Iron-Body Fruit first. The silver fruit tasted crispy and fragrant. After eating it like a peach, he waited for awhile and found no response at all. Therefore, he estimated that it would be the same as like last time.

He then directly engulfed the Trouble-Reappearance Fruit in his hand. It was as fresh as last one. After eating it, a similar energy directly rushed to his brain and converged with that spiritual swirl in his mind. Seeing darkness before his eyes, he immediately came to a pitch black place. However, compared to the first time, this situation was different...

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