Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 115: Awakening

Chapter 115: Awakening

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Although it was more than 50 m away, it only took Zhang Tie several seconds to get there.

As he darted through the bamboo grove with the fastest speed he could muster, the scene Zhang Tie saw almost made his eyes pop out from fury.

Alice and Beverly were hurriedly rushing towards Zhang Tie, and closely following behind was the thin Pandora. In addition to them, there were four wolves closely chasing after Pandora, and the wolf closest to Pandora was only 2.5 to 3 m away from her.

Pandora’s face was covered with fear. The wolf chasing after her had already jumped into the air and widely opened its mouth in preparation to bite Pandora’s neck.

Time seemed to stop at this moment. If her neck was bitten by the wolf and torn apart by the sharp canines, her artery and trachea would likely be injured within a second, which may prove to be a fatal injury.

“Pandora!” Zhang Tie roared.

At this moment, Zhang Tie, who was rushing towards them, was still more than 20 steps away from Pandora.

At the sight of Zhang Tie, although she did not know the reason, all the fear that was on Pandora’s face disappeared and was instead replaced with a tranquility.

At the same time, Zhang Tie started his counterattack. He had never thought that he would one day start an attack from more than 20 steps away from the target.

In Zhang Tie’s eyes, time seemed to have stopped...

He saw the wisp of tranquility on Pandora’s face...

He saw the dripping saliva at the corner of the midair, wild wolf’s mouth...

He even saw the mud and broken stones that were dispersed into the air as he dashed forward and the slight waving movements of the weeds due to the breeze.

Glaring at the wolf that had jumped into the air, each strand of fur on that wolf became clear in Zhang Tie’s eyes.

With eyes fixed on the fatal point of the wolf’s neck, Zhang Tie felt as if something had lit up in his mind. At the same time, he felt a weird connection between the spear in his hand and the fatal point on that wolf’s neck. A channel that was invisible yet could be sensed seemed to come into being at that moment. The channel was funnel-shaped and the most pointed spot was on the neck of that wolf.

It was a mysterious feeling. At that moment, Zhang Tie thought that even if his eyes were closed, as long as he threw his spear, he would definitely hit that wolf. This was not confidence but certainty. It was much like how a naughty kid could casually take glass beads and flick them into a large, upright funnel. No matter how the glass beads move, it would, in the end, arrive at the most pointed exit of the funnel.

Thus, Zhang Tie exerted all his strength and threw his spear along with the huge momentum of him dashing forward...

The moment Zhang Tie threw his spear, everyone, including Alice, Beverly, and even the people following Zhang Tie like Barley, felt their hearts pounding. At that critical moment, Barley and the others had even thought that Zhang Tie had lost his mind. Although they had learned how to use the spear at school, the throwing skills that they had learned required team work. In special occasions, they could defeat their enemy using a high density of spears; however, given its precision, no single student in the entire school dared to show off their throwing skill alone. Unexpectedly, the spear that Zhang Tie had thrown was directly flying towards the three girls rushing towards him and the wolf closely chasing after the three girls. Even if there was a throwing angle and Zhang Tie didn’t actually target at the girls, it was still too dangerous to launch an attack in such a manner...

Considering that it was an emergency, nobody had time to think about the outcome if Zhang Tie failed to hit the wolf precisely. However, in a split second, the situation was reversed.

The spear flew over a distance of 20 steps as a sharp wind blew past Alice and Beverly’s panic stricken faces and passed Pandora’s ear by the width of a hair. Previously, the wolf had opened its bloody mouth, intending to bite Pandora’s neck; however, the spear directly pierced through its neck and nailed it to the ground five steps away, causing the wolf to instantly die.

Following that, Zhang Tie flew over to Alice, Beverly, and Pandora and rushed towards the second wolf, which had jumped into the air and charged towards his arm.

The moment the second wolf had jumped up, Barley and the others who were closely following Zhang Tie had already surrounded the three girls in order to protect them before Bagdad and Doug rushed towards Zhang Tie to help him. After slightly recovering their composure, the three panting women, whose faces had turned pale, looked back at Zhang Tie.

The moment they saw the wild wolf charging at Zhang Tie’s arm, the three girls cried out in unison once again. They wanted to warn Zhang Tie to be careful, but what they saw next had seriously shocked them.

Although that wolf moved extremely fast, Zhang Tie was faster. The moment that wolf opened its mouth as wide as it could, Zhang Tie’s two hands had already grabbed hold of its mouth, and using his hands, he was stretching its mouth. With one hand clasping onto its upper jaw and the other clasping its lower jaw, Zhang Tie exerted all his strength to tear them apart.

Everyone then heard the high-pitched cry of the wolf, who had its jaw opened so wide that its upper jaw and lower jaw was forced opened beyond 180 degrees. Zhang Tie ferociously threw the wolf onto the ground before kicking the wolf’s neck, breaking the neck bone and causing a “Ka Cha” sound, causing the short yet high-pitched cry to stop.

Not even just the people, but even the two other wolves in front of Zhang Tie was shocked by such a bloody scene.

“Come on...” As he stepped on the corpse of the wolf, Zhang Tie, with red eyes, shouted towards the other two wolves.

Bagdad and Doug, who were rushing forward, soon arrived by Zhang Tie’s side. At the sight of this, the two remaining wolves had no choice but to turn around and escape. After dozens of steps, one of them even turned its head and glanced at Zhang Tie once again before drilling into the bushes beside the stream, causing Bagdad and Doug to have come in vain.

Seeing the two wolves escape, Zhang Tie then turned around, wanting to check if Pandora and girls had suffered any injuries.

“Are you guys okay?” Zhang Tie said as he nervously circled the girls a few times, checking them from head to toe. Even though the others were looking at him weirdly, with his eyes fixed only on the girls, he didn’t realize. When he saw several drops of fresh blood on Pandora’s neck, Zhang Tie was so frightened that he almost jumped up. Within a split second, using his sleeve, he helped Pandora wipe off the blood, and thankfully, he found no injuries after wiping it off. He figured that the blood was probably left behind by the wolf he had killed using his spear. Letting out a sigh, it seemed as if he was relieved of a heavy burden.

The three girls didn’t say anything as Zhang Tie checked them for injuries; instead, they all seriously watched Zhang Tie’s performance. The anxiety and concern on Zhang Tie’s face and the funny look when he looked around them to check for injuries were all out of sincerity. Despite this, the three girls didn’t laugh out loudly. They all kept in mind Zhang Tie’s series of actions, including the suddenly anxious expression on Zhang Tie’s face when he saw a couple drops of fresh blood on Pandora’ neck. When he had seen that, he had hurriedly used the sleeve of his coat to wipe it off, but when he realized that his sleeves were not clean, he hurriedly pulled out the sleeves of his shirt to wipe it off.

“It’s great that you guys are fine!” Soon after, when Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh, he was tightly embraced by the three girls. This feeling of being hugged by three girls at the same time was really stimulating, especially because Alice and Beverly had such hot bodies. In a split second, Zhang Tie felt his armpits and the two sides of his arms were glued onto four soft yet firm balls of flesh. Although there were several layers of clothes between them, Zhang Tie still turned weak all over from feeling an electric current course through his body at the touch of those balls of flesh. That untamed thing in his crotch had also become as hard as a stick, immediately poking Pandora’s stomach.

Lifting his hands, Zhang Tie became a bit embarrassed, as he did not know where to put his hands. He then looked at Barley and the other guys, who were staring at him with envy and admiration. Hista had even thrust his waist forward and silently pointed at the three girls as he raised his thumb towards Zhang Tie.

Even now, he didn’t know where to put his hands and decided to directly embrace all of them. His two hands almost couldn’t deal with so many girls at the same time. “Okay, okay, it’s fine now, it’s fine now...”

Pandora felt something hard poking at her stomach. Mistaking it for a dagger, she stretched out a hand and touched it, aiming to put it back to its rightful place; however, upon touching that “dagger”, she realized that Zhang Tie had become stiff all over. At the same time, the feeling through her hand had allowed Pandora to figure out what was happening. Like a frightened rabbit, Pandora, who had been hugging Zhang Tie, instantly jumped back as her face turned red all over.

The moment Pandora jumped back, Zhang Tie shouted inwardly, ‘That’s too bad!’ As Alice and Beverly hugged him on both sides, causing him to not have a chance to even cover his embarrassment, it resulted in that troublesome thing supporting a high tent in his trousers being displayed right in front of everyone.

Everybody was shocked by Zhang Tie both inside and outside.

“Wow, Zhang Tie! What’s that thing hiding in your crotch? It looks like it wants to jump out of there!” Hista weirdly shouted to the side.

Hearing his weird shout, Alice and Beverly both turned their heads and took a look at Zhang Tie’s trousers. Even if they were fearless, they still felt very shy when they were under the gazes of the other people, and within a split second, they had loosened their arms and had taken several steps backwards. Before Alice stepped back, she even ferociously pinched Zhang Tie’s arm.

Seeing the three girls watching him with mixed expressions, Zhang Tie, who was heroic just now, immediately became so embarrassed that he hurriedly used his “Right Hand Covering Method” to press down on that untamed thing in his crotch. Although it was his instinctual reaction to use his “Right Hand Covering Method”, at the sight of Zhang Tie doing this move, the three girls’ eyes became widely opened as they covered their mouths with their hands and took two more steps back in fright.

Zhang Tie faintly felt that he had made another mistake and felt exceptionally embarrassed with his right hand on that untamed thing. Finally, Bagdad, who walked over, changed the topic with one sentence, which also instantly relieved Zhang Tie of his embarrassment. With one hand on Zhang Tie’s shoulder, Bagdad curiously stared at Zhang Tie. “Since when have you mastered the spear throwing skill so perfectly? You should know that what you have done just now almost scared me to death...”

Seeing that everyone was staring at him, Zhang Tie also found it hard to answer. ‘That’s right, since when did I master spear throwing skills so perfectly? What was that mysterious feeling just now...’ Zhang Tie doubted himself inwardly.

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