Castle of Black Iron

Chapter 114: Loner

Chapter 114: Loner

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When Zhang Tie returned to the cabin that was marked with the words “Logistics administration”, despite his clothes being the same as before and him still looking as rugged as before, he felt as if he was treated completely differently than before.

At the same office desk that was placed in front of the cabin, the same two girls from before were sitting there. At the sight of Zhang Tie walking towards them, they both showed a big smile with great warmth, causing Zhang Tie stunned.

“I’m Emily, what can I do for you?” One girl took hold of this chance to introduce herself. As for the other girl, who was about to stand up, Zhang Tie saw her pouting in dissatisfaction.

“I’m here to hand in the mining basket and the mining hoe...” When Zhang Tie said this, he glanced over their breasts. Feeling Zhang Tie’s absent-minded eyes, the two girls sitting behind the desk consciously raised their chests. ‘Hmm… although they are not as extravagant as Alice’s or Beverly’s, their breasts are big enough. At least, they’re much bigger than Pandora’s.’ When he thought of Pandora, Zhang Tie felt a slight headache. Not knowing why, Zhang Tie felt that Pandora has been acting weirdly lately, especially when he asked Pandora to “pound” him using her fists to help form the Iron-Body Fruit. Whenever he asked Pandora to do this, Pandora, while gritting her teeth, would pound him so fiercely that it was as if she wanted to beat him to death, causing Zhang Tie to be a bit frightened.

“Are you Zhang Tie? Hmm, please sign your name here!” The other girl also seized the opportunity to stand up. With a big smile on her face, she passed a notebook to Zhang Tie.

“You know me?” Being called by name by a girl who he didn’t know, Zhang Tie was slightly surprised.

“Of course, everybody knows you. You are the hero student who had exposed Samira’s status as a mole of the Norman Empire and had defeated a LV 3 warrior!” As she said this, the girl cast a sheepish glance at Zhang Tie, causing Zhang Tie to be a bit dazzled as his vanity was satisfied once again.

Finding the student number he had registered with in the notebook, he then signed beside it before handing it back to that girl.

“Can I leave now?”

“Yes, you can!” This girl kept staring at Zhang Tie with eyes wide opened. After taking the notebook, she slightly hesitated before bravely asking Zhang Tie, “Do you still need a partner for the survival training?”

“A partner for survival training?”

“Yes, Emily and I have not formed a team with the boys yet!”

For such an obvious and bold intent, Zhang Tie could naturally understand what she meant. Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva as he looked at the two big and beautiful smiles that hung on their face and their half-matured figure and breasts. The untamed thing in his crotch became like an animal. Over the past few days, Zhang Tie had realized he really couldn’t withstand the flirting from girls. Every time, that untamed thing would turn hard in the face of any sex appeal. Was this the boredom in the puberty ?

“I… I already have a partner in this survival training!” When he told a lie, Zhang Tie hurriedly used his “right hand covering method” to press down on that untamed thing.

“It doesn’t matter. Excellent boys usually have many partners in the survival training,” Emily replied as she lovingly blinked her beautiful eyes a few times.

Seeing the two beauties, Zhang Tie had already burst out into tears inwardly. ‘My god! Is this punishment for not having accepted the circumcision surgery? This is too much torture. After this survival training, when I return to Blackhot City, I will immediately get a surgery. I can’t stand it anymore!’

“Sorry, I can’t. I have to accept the toughest of challenges alone. During that kind of survival training, I may encounter many dangers, and under these cases, I can’t take care of you. That’s why I’m really sorry. I can’t bring you into danger just because of my selfishness!” Although he couldn’t eat[1], he still pretended to be righteous and gentle in front of them.

Zhang Tie’s excuse had truly increased the favor the two girls had towards him. Hearing that Zhang Tie was going to challenge the harshest environment alone, the two girls’ eyes immediately began to shine, much like shiny stars. In such training, anyone who dared to face troubles alone would usually receive the nickname “Loner”. Those who received this nickname were considered to be one of the most able students by the public. Currently, there was only one person who was awarded the title of “Loner” and that was the boy who excelled in archery. Unfortunately, Zhang Tie had not seen him before.

“I’m Sharapova, and I live in No.198, Musan Avenue in Blackhot City. Remember to find me when you come back!” As she said that, that girl took out a notebook and wrote down her name and address in the notebook before tearing off a piece of the paper and handing it to Zhang Tie.

“I live in Iron Vine Alley, and my family owns a small hotel. Once you come to Iron Vine Valley, you will immediately be able to see it!” Not willing to be defeated, Emily also told her home address to Zhang Tie before adding a sentence full of implications and seduction: “I have a lot of free time during the holidays!”


Seeing Zhang Tie leaving, they even waved their hands towards him, feeling reluctant to part from him. Zhang Tie had to say it—having the favor of a lot of girls felt really cool.

As for the reason why he was favored by so many girls, Zhang Tie thought back to Hista’s, that obscene guy’s, conclusion—all women liked excellent men; however, a man who is already favored by excellent women would be even more appealing. Seeing this kind of man, all women would have the impulse and instinct to snatch him away from the other woman’s hands, thus in that night party when he was grabbed by Alice and Beverly, other girls had begun to favor him even more.

‘Heh… heh… I like it!’ Zhang Tie became a bit happy as he put away the notes from Sharapova and Emily.

Walking out of Wild Wolf Castle, since he wasn’t planning to mine anymore, Zhang Tie felt pretty relaxed. Standing in that small square outside Wild Wolf Castle, Zhang Tie felt completely different than when he had just arrived here less than a month ago. Not knowing why, Zhang Tie felt that his real life had just begun.

“Wild Wolf Valley, here I am!”

After howling, regardless of how many people had been scared, Zhang Tie took long steps and trotted down the mountain from the small square outside Wild Wolf Castle towards the tree base in a very deft way.

When he arrived at the tree base, Zhang Tie found the other members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood practicing the Lying Tiger Move, one of the basic skills from the Iron Blood Fist Skill. Crawling on the ground like a tiger, they all panted as they were covered in sweat as their faces were turning red and their arms were shaking like strands of noodles.

When the boys were practicing the fighting skills, the girls were happily watching them from the side and pointed to them as they made comments every once in awhile. How the boys practiced fighting skills was very attractive to the girls. Girls watched boys practice fighting skills and sports in the same manner as guys watched girls dance. This was something that they would never get bored of.

Seeing that Zhang Tie has returned, Barley immediately found that Zhang Tie was not carrying his mining basket this time. After raising his head, Barley’s Qi dissipated, causing his hands to feel soft before throwing himself onto the ground like a ball of twisted noodles, causing a sound of ‘Pa Ta’. He then started to pant heavily.

“This time… how long was I able to hold on?” Lying on the ground, Fatty Barley barely raised his head and asked the girls who were watching them.

“Less than one section!” One girl replied.

Since they had no tools to calculate time, whenever they practiced fighting skills, they would fill several sections of bamboo with water. With this bamboo, they would open a small hole, causing water to drip out one droplet after the other. It would roughly take five minutes for one section of the bamboo to clear out all the water. According to , they had to hold on to the Lying Tiger Move for half an hour to meet the basic requirement of the Lying Tiger Move. After meeting this requirement, they were to increase the weight on themselves. With each additional load of weight on their back, if they were able to hold on for half an hour while doing the Lying Tiger Move, then they would have reached that threshold. If they were able to remain for half an hour while having 200 kg weight on them, they could be considered to have basic mastery; if they were able to remain for half an hour while having 500 kg on them, then they could be considered to have mastered most of the skill; and if they could remain for half an hour while having 1000 kg on them, then they could be considered to have successfully mastered the skill.

Currently, among the members of the Hit-Plane Brotherhood, with the exception of Bagdad and Zhang Tie, everyone else could only hold on for enough time to have the water in one section of the bamboo be drained. Bagdad was barely able to hold on for enough time to have two sections of water from the bamboo be drained off, which was almost the same as Zhang Tie. None of them had even met the basic requirement of this move. From this, they could see how difficult it was to practice Iron-Blood Fist. During the past days, they could only keep the contents and moves from the book in mind. As to which level they could reach in the future, it would depend on their own talent and efforts.

Soon after Barley collapsed, the next was Hista, Sharwin, and Leit, while Doug was able to last a minute longer than them. The only person remaining in the posture of the Lying Tiger Move was Bagdad, whose sweat had covered all over his robust muscles, causing them to glisten.

After looking around, Zhang Tie found that the three girls who gave him headaches were not in the tree house.

“Where’s Pandora, Alice, and Beverly? Where did they go?” Zhang Tie asked Barley...

“Heh… heh...” Picking himself up from the ground, Barley made an obscene smile. “They are over at that stream washing your clothes. For a man to be cared about by women, that is true happiness. They even fought over washing your clothes...”

Before Barley finishing talking, a high-pitched scream suddenly drifted over from the stream in the distance—it was Alice! Hearing the scream, Zhang Tie didn’t hesitate and immediately grabbed a spear and darted towards that stream...

“Girls, climb onto the tree. Sharwin and Leit, you two stay here to protect the girls. The others, follow me...” Fatty Barley didn’t even put on his clothes. Holding onto a spear, he also rushed forward. Springing up from the ground, Bagdad also instantly grabbed a long sword beside him and dashed forward...

[1] He can’t have sex with them.

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