Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 271 - Not Injured

Chapter 271: Not Injured

“Mrs. Ge is Platoon Leader Ge’s lover, initially, she didn’t meet the conditions to reside here. However, Platoon Leader Ge was injured when he was on a mission with me, and adding on some other reasons and their family’s situation, the platoon allowed Mrs Ge to bring her daughter to reside here. She’s been here less than a month, you just have to greet her if you see her around for the time you’re here. Even though Platoon Leader Ge is my underling, he’s my senior and has been enlisted far longer than me. So, just greet her when you see her, but you don’t have to say much of anything else other than that.”

Lu Xingzhi was not the kind of person who would talk bad about others behind their backs, so while it was obvious he disliked Mrs. Ge, he would not say much on the negative things about her. He merely reminded Jiang Yao to greet her if she did see her during her stay here, and be courteous, and that was enough.

Jiang Yao hummed in agreement, and did not think too much about it. She was going to Kyoto the next day with Lu Xingzhi, and would probably stay for about two days. She would not be spending too much time in the platoon, and probably would not have many chances to bump into the other residences here anyway. Naturally, she did not put too much thought into the neighbours in the building.

But when she heard Lu Xingzhi mentioned that he and Platoon Leader Ge had been injured on a mission, she forcefully pulled up Lu Xingzhi, who was bent down arranging her clothes in the small cabinet in front of him.

“Are you injured?” Although Lu Xingzhi had assured her that he was not injured on the phone, hearing that Platoon Leader Ge, who had been on the mission with him, had been injured, she could not help but still be concerned.

Lu Xingzhi shook his head without hesitation, assuring her, “Do you think anyone would be able to hurt me, with my capabilities?”

If Lu Xingzhi had not been so quick and confident to answer her, Jiang Yao would have believed him. Adding on the fact that he had denied it so quickly, putting on the image that he was indestructible, she felt even more suspicious.

‘System Admin, scan his physical condition.’ Jiang Yao gave the order as her eyes swept over Lu Xingzhi, who had lied with a straight face, as she tried to find out which part of his body had been injured.

‘Understood, Master!’ the System Admin’s response was fast, and a few seconds later, a message appeared in Jiang Yao’s mind.

Jiang Yao looked Lu Xingzhi dead in the eyes, and she said, “You’re sure you’re not injured anywhere?”

Lu Xingzhi nodded, not giving away anything. She frowned as she pressed her hand directly on the wound on his abdomen. The results that she got from the System Admin was that there was a cut of almost five centimeters long on that area that had just started to scab over, which indicated that it was a recent injury.

Lu Xingzhi was unprepared for the pressure, as he did not expect Jiang Yao to press on the wound so accurately. His first reaction was a sharp inhale of air, and then releasing it shakily, slightly tensed.

“Haha, that tickles. My darling, please don’t stir up any trouble.” Lu Xingzhi hurriedly removed Jiang Yao’s hand, glaring at her slightly as he pulled her into his arms, “I’ve already said that I’m not injured, why won’t you believe me?”

The more Lu Xingzhi denied it, the more Jiang Yao was unhappy. She already knew that his injury was not serious, but the fact that he was still hiding it from her made her angry!

“Take off your clothes and let me see it.” Jiang Yao demanded crossly, looking at Lu Xingzhi in the eyes. She was prepared to pull out the medicine that she had made with the System’s laboratory in order to use on his injuries.

Lu Xingzhi had vehemently denied that he was injured, so it was natural that he would not follow the demand to shed his clothes for her to examine him either. He shook his head, saying solemnly, “I already said I’m not injured, so how could I show you any wounds? Let’s just forget about this, alright?”

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