Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 270 - Lack Of Training

Chapter 270: Lack Of Training

After saying those words, Zhou Jumin glanced at Lu Xingzhi, and continued, “Madam, you are very beautiful!”

Zhou Jumin turned to flee the moment the words left his mouth, pushing his way through the other men, desperately running off to save his own hide!

Once Zhou Jumin had left, the others followed his footsteps and fled the scene. Who would be stupid enough to continue standing there, waiting for the axe to fall?

“They’re lacking training.” Lu Xingzhi said as his eyes darkened, watching the men flee. “Right hand? I have never acknowledged that stupid kid as my right hand. How thick can his face be, daring to say that he represents the entire platoon too.”

Even though his mouth was criticizing Zhou Jumin who had fled the scene, the undertone of his words obviously spoke of recognition of said underling.

Once the last figure had disappeared from their sights, Lu Xingzhi led Jiang Yao upstairs. As they were walking, he said, “Zhou Jumin is one of the platoon leaders under my command, the rest were fresh egghead recruits under him. They are the same sort as their leader, hence they get along well.”

“They seemed rather afraid of you.” Jiang Yao thought that it was a rather hilarious scene, with Zhou Jumin clearly fearing Lu Xingzhi, but still wanting to take a poke at the sleeping dragon. He probably did not have a chance to see Lu Xingzhi’s reaction to his words, running off almost immediately after saying his piece, as though it was an ingrained reaction.

“Haha…” Lu Xingzhi chuckled, not explaining to Jiang Yao that there were only a few people in this platoon that did not fear him, and could probably be counted on one hand. Those who feared him thought he did not know that they called him Hades Lu behind his back.

They reached the fifth floor while talking, and as Lu Xingzhi took out the key to open the door, he gave a once over at Jiang Yao.

He thought that Jiang Yao would complain that there were too many floors, and struggle to climb all the steps it took to reach here, so he intended to distract her with the small talk as they were climbing. He did not expect for there to be no breaks in between the climb, no sign of any irritation in her voice, and no strain on her face after climbing five floors.

The last time he saw her, she did mention that she had joined a martial arts club. At that time, her physical strength had already surprised him and was good. But it seemed that in this half a month’s time, she definitely did not fall behind in her learning and training with her studious attitude.

Jiang Yao was confused as to why Lu Xingzhi was staring at her, he had not even opened the door yet. Seeing that he was not about to move anytime soon, she said, “Why aren’t you opening the door? Is there something on my face, or are you trying to make a flower bloom on it, with the way you’re looking at me?”

With her words, Lu Xingzhi seemed to snap back to reality as he continued his action of opening the door. Incidentally, he could not help but think that the face of his woman was infinitely more beautiful than any flower one could find in the world.

Perhaps it was their voice that had carried through the walls, as they were about to enter the door that had just been opened, the door opposite their unit opened up at the same moment. A woman in a grey sweater and loose black pants stepped out, holding the hand of an eight-year-old girl.

“Oh, Commander Lu, you’re back? And this would be your wife, yes?” The woman greeted them warmly, and then she turned to her daughter, “Wenwen, greet auntie.”

The little girl seemed very bashful as she hid behind her mother’s legs, not saying a single word. She peeked out from behind, looking quietly at Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

“Yes, this is my wife, Jiang Yao. She’s visiting over National Day.” Lu Xingzhi said, introducing her. “She just got off from her flight, so she’s a bit tired. We’ll catch up another day, Mrs. Ge.”

Saying that, Lu Xingzhi nudged Jiang Yao through the door, not saying anything further to the woman outside and closed the door. To be honest, Lu Xingzhi’s way of dismissal was quite rude, however he was already accustomed to doing things his own way, and did not find his actions wrong.

Jiang Yao was well aware of Lu Xingzhi’s temper, and his need to maintain the platoon’s image. If he were not concerned about the other party’s opinion, he had no qualms in dismissing people the way he just did.

She followed after Lu Xingzhi who was carrying her luggage into the bedroom. The room was plain and simple, having a table, a wardrobe, a bed. It looked exactly the same as the picture that Lu Xingzhi had sent her.

Entering the room, Lu Xingzhi started talking to her about the woman outside that they had just met as he sorted through Jiang Yao’s clothing and putting them into the wardrobe.

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