Chapter 36 - Chapter 5: Entry #3

Chapter 36 - Chapter 5: Entry #3

[The King's Knights Lv1]

[A group of knights will be generated. Please wait a moment.]

A woman’s voice rang in his head as he activated the skill. In-gong’s eyes widened.

‘A group of knights will be created? Perhaps this is similar to a guild creation?’

A window of light stretched out in front of him after the order of knights was completed.

[The King's Knights Lv1]

[Knight Leader: - ]

[Knight Personnel: 0/2]

[Knight Skills Lv1]

[Knights Protection Lv1: Health of the knights will increase by 5%]

[Nurtured Knights]

[ - ]

[Special Skill]

[Call Lv1: -You can summon the leader of the knights. (Once every three days)]


It was similar to an online game guild. No, it was much better.

‘The knight skill isn’t a problem.’

The members of the group of knights would have their health increased by 5%. It was definitely a good option. It was still level one, so the effect would definitely get better. There was a possibility that new options would be added.

However, there was something else that caught In-gong’s eye.

The nurtured knights.

There wasn’t a detailed explanation but he could guess by the name.

Nurturing the knights… He could make them stronger!

‘Call is also amazing.’

It could only be used once every three days, but there was unlimited potential in being able to call the leader of the knights.

‘If the number increases when it levels up, I might be able to summon general-level knights.’

In-gong’s excitement grew as his imagination spread. However, Carack couldn’t see the window of light and he thought In-gong was crazy.

In-gong caught the gaze of his impudent subordinate number one. He then coughed and turned to face Carack.

“Carack, there is something I want to suggest.”

“What is it?”

Carack asked with wide eyes. In-gong felt strangely shy and spoke after a little bit.

"You- Would you like to keep moving forward with me?”

"Uh... are you asking me to be your direct subordinate? Just like those women called Seira and Delia?”

"That's right. If you want to, I will ask Chris hyung if I can keep you.”

In fact, it was possible if he just asked Chris. In-gong had built up quite a lot of merits, so he could do as he wanted.

However, In-gong wanted to respect Carack’s will as much as possible. It was a relationship that needed to be maintained in the future.

‘Although, what will happen if he refuses?’

In-gong stared at Carack with uneasy eyes. Carack scratched his chin and replied,

"Well, okay. I like Prince as well.”

It was fortunate that he agreed. In-gong laughed and told Carack,

“Okay, then fall to your knees. A simple ceremony is needed.”

In order to use The King's Knights skill properly, it was necessary to ‘appoint’ a knight. Just like when he took control of the Thunder Light Anvil, the method popped into his head.

Carack fell to his knees in front of In-gong without any complaints. In-gong took out a dwarf sword from the inventory.

"Uh, how can I rebel against Prince?”

Carack leaned back as In-gong suddenly pulled out a short sword. In-gong clicked his tongue and approached Carack.

“Don’t worry. I am going to make you a knight. Just stay calm and cool.”

"Uhh, I will trust you.”

Carack was as gentle as a sheep. He kneeled down but he wasn’t that much shorter than In-gong. In-gong raised the sword to each shoulder and said,

"The mighty orc warrior Carack, I appoint you as my knight.”

It was a simple ceremony but the effect was obvious. As soon as he finished speaking, a white light wrapped around Carack’s body.


It was a little different from Below the King’s Flag. The light was much larger and brighter.

[The King's Knights Lv1]

[Knight Leader: Carack]

[Knight Personnel: 1/2]

[Knights’ Personal Information]

[Carack Lv24 (Rank: Soldier)]

[Nurtured Knights]

[Carack Lv24 (Rank: Soldier)]

There was only one person, so appointing him to a position wasn’t necessary. In-gong smiled happily at the Nurtured Knights section.

‘Is this achievement experience?’

If a certain amount of achievements were consumed, a person’s stats could be raised or new skills could be obtained. Indeed, it was called a king’s reward.

In-gong formed tight fists as he thought of the rewards he could get from the achievements. He understood why there was the rank of ‘soldier’ next to Carack’s name.

Once he reached a certain level, his rank would be promoted. As far as chess was concerned, the pieces could be promoted through special rules (such as a pawn being upgraded to a queen or knight).

‘Good, very good.’

The most powerful orc he had seen in Knight Saga was the Orc Emperor, the pinnacle of all orcs. In-gong pictured Carack standing side by side with the Orc Emperor.

“Excuse me, Prince. Is everything alright?”

Carack’s voice pulled In-gong back to reality. In-gong closed all the skill windows and nodded.

"Yes, for now.”

“Umm, it is a strange feeling. I was enveloped in a white light and could only think of my loyalty to Prince.”

'That's great.’

The words weren’t bad.

'I should increase the personnel in the group of knights quickly. Knights are preferred.’

In-gong was reminded of Caitlin for a moment but quickly shook his head. The position would be like Seira and Delia.

'In fact, the most attractive one is Vandal.’

He had obtained Vandal when playing Zephyr.

Something he wanted to put his hands on Vandal again.

'Yes, someday.'

In-gong’s resolution hardened after obtaining Carack. Thanks to discovering the armoury straight away, not much time had passed. Caitlin and Felicia would be sleeping for a while, so it was now time to look around the dungeon.

"Let's go to the next room."

Carack followed In-gong without saying anything.


Unfortunately, he didn’t find anything good in the other rooms. Moreover, he needed to leave a share for Caitlin and Felicia, so In-gong only took a few dwarf weapons and armour, as well as Earth Quaker.

'Will it be more expensive after thousands of years?’

Of course, that was under the premise that they weren’t damaged.

Once In-gong and Carack returned, Seira, who had been looking after Felicia and Caitlin, got up.

“You’ve come back? I was worried.”

"Uh, thank you. There wasn’t anything special.”

Seira’s reaction was a little surprising, but he always welcomed it from a beauty.

‘Wait, she was worried about something else?’

Seira’s gaze was directed towards the dwarf armour that Carack was wearing. In-gong realized the reason behind the scene.

‘Ah, that’s it.’

Caitlin was part of the group that discovered this ruin. In other words, some of the finds inside the ruin belonged to Caitlin.

‘If I take too much, Caitlin will lose her share.’

He felt a little bit of regret, but he also felt good. Seira was truly loyal to Caitlin.

‘I wish for Carack to be the same.’

Following that thought, In-gong’s gaze moved to Carack’s almost empty bag.

"There was nothing surprising. There is enough for my noonas. So I took this armour from the armoury.”

"You found the armoury?”

Seira’s face became animated. In-gong grinned and nodded.

"Yes, there were many things.”

Due to In-gong’s conscience, he didn’t collect all the equipment in the armoury. He left 30% of the total amount.

'Umm, it is a small prick.’

However, now wasn’t the time to be brazen. In-gong knocked on the armour that Carack was wearing and said.

"This armour will be part of my share in the official distribution. I will give it to Carack.”

“You will give it to Carack?”

“Yes, he is my number one subordinate.”

After In-gong’s words, Seira stared at Carack with a little bit of envy. Carack just accepted Seira’s glance with a smile.

"Anyway... How is the situation with the two of them?”

"Their stamina is depleted, so they need to rest a little bit longer. We will stay here today and leave early tomorrow morning.”

Anyway, the Red Lightning tribe was already in a state of collapse. There was no reason for fugitives to run here, so it was a safe place.

"Okay, let's do so." The fight is already won, so there is no need to overdo it.”

Chris would be worried but it was unavoidable.

‘He already knows that we have succeeded.’

It was only a day or two, so he could wait that long.

"Prince, I will prepare the camp now.”

Carack said while taking off the cumbersome armour. In-gong just nodded.


As expected, Felicia and Caitlin turned a blind eye to Carack’s armour after waking up the next morning.

In fact, they weren’t greedy over the artifacts in the ruin.

Just like in the dwarf cave, Caitlin wasn’t worried about the merits and was more upset that she couldn’t break the cliff. On the other hand, Felicia was focused on the anvil.

“I am sorry that there are only a few artifacts, but there are other things. There is a huge income, starting from the Thunder Light Anvil and the arc golem. This is really a great discovery!”

Caitlin’s eyes shone.

‘There is no need for me to worry.’

He felt full of energy like it was a spring day. So, In-gong decided to worry about Caitlin.

“Is your body okay?”

"Yes, I felt better after waking up. Shutra, what about you?”

"Me too.”

The two people gazed at each other with warm expressions before being summoned by an excited Felicia on a phantom steed. In order to explore the ruin some more, Felicia didn’t want to go back. However, she realized that she couldn’t be foolish and had to return.

Due to the reversal of the losing battle, Chris and Vandal’s base was filled with vitality.

As soon as he was informed that In-gong’s party was approaching, Chris leapt out of the tent and welcomed them with open arms.

“Oh! These lucky people!”

Chris rushed over to the phantom steeds. The first thing he did was hug Caitlin then In-gong tightly.


Due to the fact that Chris was big and powerful, the hug itself was close to torture. However, it was still quite a good feeling. Chris released In-gong and headed towards Felicia, but he stopped short just before hugging her.

"You did great work, Noonim.”

Chris greeted her with both arms in an awkward position. Felicia, who shuddered like she was a little afraid he would hug her, grinned at him.

"Well, it was nothing because I am me.”

She lifted her chin with the arrogance of a princess but her words weren’t over yet.

"Shutra and Caitlin helped me a lot.”

Although her voice was smaller than before, she definitely mentioned them.

‘Her ears are red.’

In-gong just smiled while Caitlin alternated between looking at Chris and Felicia.

"It is good to see Prince and the Princesses.”

Vandal simply summarized the situation and Felicia nodded in response. Chris laughed and spoke to In-gong and Caitlin.

"Take a break. I will take care of all the chores.”

"What chores? Wasn’t the Red Lightning tribe swept up?”

In a game, it was the end after defeating the enemy. However, reality was different. Moreover, there were still leaders in the Red Lightning tribe such as Kairam.

Chris replied to In-gong’s question,

“There are still things like the swamp monsters. We have to negotiate with the lizardmen.”

The lizardmen attacked the expedition along with the Red Lightning tribe. It couldn’t be allowed to continue.

“It will take more than a fortnight to finish. Troops will then be stationed here to take care of the Red Lightning tribe.”

Chris looked briefly at Vandal’s army that would be left here and asked Felicia.

“Noonim, what will you do now?”

In-gong didn’t understand the question but Felicia replied without hesitation.

“Well, shouldn’t I follow you? I have to report the discovery and use of the anvil.”

“I will be returning with Caitlin.”

In-gong was now able to understand what the two of them were talking about.

The Red Lightning tribe mission has been accomplished. There was only one thing left to do:

Return to the castle to receive the rewards for the merits.

It was a return to the Demon King’s Palace.

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