Chapter 35 - Chapter 5: Entry #2

Chapter 35 - Chapter 5: Entry #2

Ruins were discovered in Knight Saga for a reason.

Reporting useful ruins to the Demon King’s Palace would help someone to gain publicity and the appropriate rewards.

The most important thing for the Demon King’s children was that it was a system that allowed them to gain achievements.

Of course, depending on the type and nature of the ruins, privatization could sometimes be beneficial. However, the privatization of ruins was accompanied by considerable risks. If the Demon King’s Palace discovered it, not only would a great deal of achievements be removed but penalties such as fines and imprisonment would be received.

‘I’ve experienced it before in the game.’

However, the Demon King’s Palace didn’t just maintain a tight hold. They didn’t just treat the discovery of ruins harshly.

In general, those who discovered a ruin would be able to keep some of the relics, depending on the size.

'Of course, there are slightly more informal procedures.’

The hidden ruins and relics differed in their difficulties.

It was clear that the discovery of the Thunder Light Anvil was a great achievement. Even though it would be divided between three children of the Demon King, he was sure that the achievement would be great.

However, it was up to there. It was impossible to privatize the Thunder Light Anvil.

The Thunder Light Anvil was tied to these ruins. If the anvil was separated and installed elsewhere, it wouldn’t be able to give off the same performance.

‘It can’t be helped.’

It was a fact he had learnt after controlling the anvil. The anvil was powered by the enchantments left behind by the wyrm, Enkidu, and the enormous magic power flowing underneath the ruins. It was why the dwarves had left without the anvil.

‘But can I leave empty handed?’

He felt sorry towards Caitlin and Felicia but they were sleeping right now, so it was a perfect opportunity to obtain relics.

‘The ones I can use will go in the inventory, while the miscellaneous items will be put in Carack’s bag.’

There was no water left, so his excuse was perfect.


In-gong apologized to Caitlin and Felicia in his mind, then he entered the second room with Carack.

The second room was much bigger than the one with the anvil. The ceiling was higher and it seemed to be 10 metres wide.

"Wow, what a terrific monster!”

Carack acted like a little child as he pointed excitedly to a monster in the middle of the room.

In-gong was puzzled.

‘Oh, my god. It is an arc golem! Look at that shape!’

A monster with the head and wings of a eagle and the body of a lion. The monster in front of him seemed to be a griffon covered in armour.

If In-gong’s eyes weren’t mistaken, the monster in front of him was obviously a arc golem among the dungeon guards.

'Could we possibly face that head on?’

If it was the Caitlin at the time of the lycanthrope subjugation, it might be possible. However, right now, she was weaker.

‘Felicia also doesn’t seem to be a combat magician.’

Although she was a capable magician, not every capable magician was a combat one.

The magic that Felicia had shown on this expedition had mainly been indirect magic, such as supporting allies or changing the environment of the battlefield.

Carack asked In-gong a question while staring at the arc golem which stood still a statue.

"Prince, it won’t move, right? It won’t suddenly get up and attack us, right?”

"It’s okay, I am in charge of this ruin now.”

It was okay since he had the acknowledgment of the Thunder Light Anvil. In the eyes of the arc golem, In-gong and Carack were treasure keepers.

In-gong examined the room instead of the arc golem and said,

"We need to find a warehouse or arsenal. This is basically a fortress, so it is unlikely to have a treasure trove.”

Additionally, it was highly likely that the arsenal or warehouse was connected to this room or the next room. This was the safest place in the ruins.

Carack nodded at In-gong’s words.

"I’m sure that the anvil in that room is the best treasure.”

The purpose of this ruin was to defend the Thunder Light Anvil. As always, Carack’s understanding was quick.

There were no passages in the room with the arc golem, so In-gong moved to the next room. This time, it was a room with many doors.

‘I think there was some remodelling done.’

It was quite different from the dungeon he remembered from when he played Locke.

'Well, I was busy destroying it at the time.’

After he had destroyed the anvil, the mountain had collapsed and buried the dungeon.

“Carack, I’ll investigate this side, so take the doors on the opposite side.”

“Understo... Ooh! Look at this!”

As soon as In-gong spoke, Carack shouted loudly after opening the nearest door. Once In-gong approached, he saw a room full of weapons and armour.

‘Perhaps Carack is the protagonist?’

In-gong laughed inwardly as he entered the armoury with Carack. The item that greatly impressed Carack was the large armour in the middle of the armoury.

"Prince, isn’t this really cool? It looks really robust.”

Even In-gong was forced to admire the remarkable armour. The chestplate was decorated with stylish dragons while dragon wings were attached to the shoulders like decorations. It was obviously a magic armour because he could feel the magic power coming from it.

‘Is it for an orc mercenary?’

No matter how he looked at it, the size showed it wasn’t for a dwarf. It seemed like only someone Carack’s size would be able to fit into it.

‘It is likely a mass production item.’

It was a mass production item made by Enkidu’s treasure keepers. It couldn’t be compared to the armour that Carack was wearing now.

In-gong looked up and down and examined the armour using the authority of the anvil’s ruler. There weren’t any curses or harmful magic.

“Carack, do you want it?”

Carack’s eyes shone at In-gong’ proposal. He was speechless before finally opening his mouth.

“R-really? I can really have this?”

"Yeah, it is too big for me anyway.”

Furthermore, Carack was his precious subordinate number one. Carack becoming stronger was like In-gong being stronger.

"Thank you. I really thank you, Prince.”

Carack immediately rushed over to the armour and tried it on. In-gong looked at the scene with a warm gaze before turning his attention elsewhere.

There were strangely empty places at various points in the armoury. When the treasure keepers left the dungeon, the dwarves had taken the dwarf equipment.

‘Well, the dwarf size isn’t right for me anyway.’

In-gong thought it was good and started to enter things into his inventory. There was no reason to hesitate because they were treasures that the dwarves had left behind.

'One day, I will use them.’

The dwarfs had left them behind with the Thunder Light Anvil, so they probably didn’t play a big role. In-gong would decide whether to use the items, give them to his subordinates or sell them.

In-gong swept up the swords, shields and axes on the shelves before looking at the chests on the ground. Most of them were empty but some contained old gold coins.

‘Are these ancient gold coins?’

The value of an antique gold coin was significant. In-gong filled his inventory without thinking.

After dozens of minutes. In-gong suddenly felt uncomfortable as he looked at the chests.

‘This feeling is?’

Despite clearing the shelves and chests in the room, he felt like he had missed something.

What was it? What did he miss?

'My nerves are irritated.’

His gaze went to a chest in the middle. It wasn’t because of anything special. It was just a feeling. However, it was a feeling that absolutely couldn’t be ignored.

In-gong stretched out his hand unknowingly and touched the chest. His hand touched something.

'Heok, a secret device?’

He could feel a catch under his hands. In-gong swallowed his saliva and pressed the device.

'This is what I felt. As expected of Protagonist Correction!’

He heard the familiar sound of a machine and the wall behind the chest opened. It was a secret place to hide the really important things.


Carack was surprised by the sudden machine noise and came to In-gong while only half clad in the armour. However, In-gong didn’t look at Carack. In the middle of the secret place, a steel gauntlet were floating silently.

"Enchanted by Enkidu... Earth Quaker.”

The name popped into his head the moment he saw it.

It came to the top of his arms and resembled the wyrm Enkidu. The steel plates were like the scales of a dragon while the arm was sculpted like a dragon head.

"Oh... it looks awesome.”

Carack muttered with a blank expression. Breathing heavily, In-gong reached out slowly to grab the gauntlet.

[Your level is not high enough.]

[Your magic power is not high enough.]

[Your mental power is not high enough.]

[Your strength is not high enough.]

[Your persistence is not high enough.]

Numerous sentences popped into his head the moment his hand touched it. It was a powerful magical artifact that was impossible for In-gong’s current state to use.


[Earth Quaker has recognized you as its owner.]

[Earth Quaker’s user has changed to ‘Shutra.’]

In-gong found Earth Quaker. It accepted the one who conquered the Thunder Light Anvil as its master.

A yellow light shone and the gauntlet was disassembled. He was surprised to see that it reformed around In-gong’s right arm. It was a perfect fit.

"Did you see? It acknowledged Prince as its master!”

[Strength has increased by 10.]

[Magic Power has increased by 10.]

[Persistence has increased by 10.]

Some of Earth Quaker’s features were activated. In-gong formed a tight fist and was thrilled at the power he felt at his fingertips.

‘Wait for awhile. I will train hard to restore your original features.’

It would probably be a S rank weapon if all its original functions were working. He knew this because he had felt Enkidu’s magic power when using the anvil.

'Permission is needed.’

It seemed like the dwarves had known this and left Earth Quaker behind. If In-gong hadn’t dominated the Thunder Light Anvil, he wouldn’t have obtained the Earth Quaker.

In-gong dismantled the gauntlet and put it in his inventory. He then turned around and told Carack,

"Carack, I have something to say.”

"Prince... Is it to keep the mysterious magic where you take things a secret?”

Carack said with a smile. Indeed, a genius orc. He had noticed In-gong’s intentions. In-gong nodded with a pleased expression.

“Yes. Keep it a secret from my sisters too.”

“Understood. I am proud to serve Prince. I will keep it a secret until the knife is at my neck.”

He felt a little uneasy but it was realistic.

‘Come to think of it.’

He had forgotten about it until he was reminded of it due to Carack.

‘The King's Knights.’

The new skill he had gained when the level of Conquest had increased.

What type of skill was it? Was it a summoning skill as expected?

‘I will know soon.’

It was a saying that a picture was worth a thousand words.

In-gong breathed in lightly and declared,

“The King's Knights.”

The new power of Conquest was activated at In-gong’s fingertips.

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