Chapter 130 - Chapter 22: Dragon Heart #4

Chapter 130 – Chapter 22: Dragon Heart #4

There was a dazzling light and loud sound which disturbed the eyes and ears of those who were watching.

In-gong swallowed back his pain. His two arms seemed broken. However, In-gong didn’t drop Skull Crusher. He glanced before him while coughing blood.

The barbarian king was standing, and he was reaching for In-gong. However, that hand didn’t reach him. The upper half of the barbarian king and his abdomen were gone. His entire shell was broken, exposing his insides. It was gory. The barbarian king’s knees were broken. The power of War couldn’t be found anymore. The hand stretching out toward In-gong fell to the ground, and both of the barbarian king’s eyes lost their light.

In-gong let out a long sigh. He let go of Skull Crusher and turned off the penta-core. Then letters of light rose up in succession.

[Boss: Barbarian King Karatus has been defeated.]

[The title of ‘King Slayer’ has risen from low to intermediate level.]

[Title: Evian’s Conqueror has been acquired.]

[Strength and durability have increased after the fight against the barbarian king.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

He gained three consecutive levels. This was the first time his level had risen so much since defeating the zombie dragon at Thunderdoom Fortress.

As always, the pure white light wound around In-gong. His flesh, which had been driven to the extremes during the fight with the barbarian king, recovered instantly, and his exhausted aura was once again filled.

In-gong exhaled. He could feel all the gazes around him. There was a mixture of respect, wonder and fear. Under all the gazes, In-gong raised Skull Crusher up high. Then the entire battlefield let go of the breaths they were holding. The lycanthropes roared loudly:

“The barbarian king was killed!”

“9th Prince has defeated the barbarian king!”

“The barbarian king has been knocked down!”

The cry spread like a wave throughout the whole battlefield, and the barbarians’ morale was broken.

In-gong put Skull Crusher into his inventory. Although his knees were broken, the barbarian king had died standing up. The aftermath of the battle had ruined the area around In-gong and the barbarian king, which caused the lycanthropes and barbarians to maintain a wide distance from him. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call it a blank space on the battlefield.

In-gong approached Caitlin, who looked at In-gong with a mixture of joy and absurdity. The joy was naturally about the victory, while the absurdity was due to In-gong’s energetic appearance despite it being right after the battle.

In-gong stretched out his hand to Caitlin and used a recovery spell on her. The lycanthropes surrounded In-gong and Caitlin, while some of the barbarians moved to retrieve the barbarian king’s body.

Instead of attacking the barbarians, In-gong looked at the mini-map.

The whole battlefield had transformed. Additionally, the death of the barbarian king had caused a great stir.

Takar’s defenders, who had been watching In-gong’s and the barbarian king’s fight from the high wall, started moving. They poured out from the castle and attacked the rear of the barbarians.

The barbarians scattered. After losing their most powerful force, the barbarian king, the barbarians lost their focal point. After the death of the barbarian king, some started to escape, while others pierced through the battlefield like they wanted to double check the death with their own eyes. However, the battle continued on as those on both sides fought the enemies in front of them.

Vandal and his guards were heading straight to In-gong. At the same time, there were also barbarians rushing there.

They were Paratus and his men.

In-gong drank some recovery potions and called to Kaparang. He entrusted Caitlin to Kaparang and climbed aboard White Eagle.

A strong wind blew. In-gong flew as high as he could and glanced at the entire battlefield. Then Paratus found In-gong and roared.


Following the losses of both the barbarian king and then Paratus, the barbarians no longer had the will to fight, and almost all of the barbarians started to flee.

General Vandal pursued the barbarians and smashed into them. They wouldn’t be able to dream of crossing the limit line for a while.

The victorious demon king’s army stretched out before Takar and rested. Takar’s ruler, Vulcanus, didn’t like the demon king’s army staying in front of Takar, but he wasn’t foolish enough to express such feelings.

Takar had received relatively minor damage. The gate had been destroyed, but the barbarians couldn’t enter deep into the city. Some of the areas had suffered quite a bit of damage, but they were in the lawless areas, and Takar itself wasn’t heavily affected.

Felicia used the transportation formation near Takar to report the victory. She didn’t forget to put in the first line of the report that In-gong was the one who killed the barbarian king.

Then night fell.

It was a night of victory.


Several large fires were ignited in the camp of the demon king’s army. The flames were so big and bright that they seemed like they would drive away the night.

Everyone ate meat and drank alcohol, enjoying the fact that they had survived and won.

However, there were many who had died. The lycanthropes lost more than a dozen people. In the first place, there had been only 200 of them, so the absences were big.

The night of victory was for both the living and the dead. The fires were a blessing to the living and a light of remembrance for the dead.

In-gong, along with Vandal, travelled all over the camp and encouraged the troops. Everyone knew of In-gong’s actions, so he was greeted with enthusiastic cheers everywhere he visited. The soldiers gazed at him with eyes full of respect and worship.

The night passed like this.

Vandal chuckled and looked down at In-gong. He then tapped In-gong’s back with his fingers and asked,

“Prince, are you okay?”

“I’m dying.”

In-gong had to drink a glass of alcohol at every place he visited, so he had drunk over a dozen cups. His fatigue was more due to the alcohol than the combat.

‘That reminds me, this is my first drink.’

He had never drunk any alcohol before coming here, so it truly was his first drink.

‘The first time is important.’

He thought he would be sitting next to Felicia and drinking it elegantly, but the reality was different. He didn’t know how much he had drunk nor had he tasted the alcohol.

“It is fortunate that you are still drinking. It is a hero’s style.”

Vandal laughed and tapped on In-gong’s back again. In-gong frowned but nodded.

‘Yes, this is a real benefit.’

His durability and mental power were significant, so he would probably be fine even if he drank a whole keg of alcohol.

“You should go back and rest, Prince. You had a great day today.”

Vandal said with an extended finger. His face, which was red from the alcohol, was filled with a bright smile.

In-gong laughed with pleasure and caught Vandal’s finger. As always, they shook it like a handshake, then Vandal spoke again,



“I have a request.”

Vandal was still smiling. Both of Vandal’s eyes were filled with affection, but In-gong realized the mood had changed. He had a vague idea of what Vandal was going to say.

In-gong let go of Vandal’s finger. Vandal bowed to In-gong and took a deep breath, then he stared straight at In-gong and declared,

“Five days later, both Prince and I will have washed away our fatigue from the battle. I want to fight with Prince then.”

Vandal didn’t want to take In-gong’s life.

Nor was it due to resentment or anger at In-gong.

It was due to a competitive spirit and some aspirations.

In-gong understood. It had been the same in Knight Saga— No, Knight Saga was different.

In Knight Saga, Zephyr had always been the one who offered first.

Once Nayatra found the conditions for recruiting Vandal, Zephyr would asked for a fight first. If Nayatra didn’t get this information, then Vandal would stipulate a fight when Zephyr asked him to become a subordinate.

Vandal never spoke first. He never sought a fight in order to test his lord.

However, that Vandal was now asking for a fight. He wanted to compete with In-gong.

In-gong nodded, eager to respond to Vandal’s pure desire.

“Yes, let’s fight. Five days later, when we are in the best condition.”

Those around In-gong and Vandal were excited and cheered enthusiastically. They were the surviving ogre guards and Carack.

Vandal took a deep breath and spoke with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“It might be too soon, but it was a great fortune that I got to meet Prince. I am thankful that I was able to fight with Prince on this land.”

“It is my pleasure.”

He couldn’t say that he came to Evian in order to meet Vandal.

Instead of shaking hands once more, In-gong and Vandal bumped fists lightly. It was a natural exchange between men.

Vandal headed back to the excited ogre guards. In-gong gazed at Vandal’s back for a moment, then he returned to his quarters. Carack caught up to In-gong.

“Prince, isn’t this big?”

“It is something I have to do.”

In-gong couldn’t guarantee a win. This could be a struggle for life or death. Nevertheless, he wasn’t afraid. It was because this was Vandal, and Vandal had a pure competitive spirit.

“You are truly a warrior.”

Carack spoke with moist eyes, like In-gong was really brave, and In-gong made a disgusted expression at Carack before entering his tent.

The tent, which was filled with animal leather, was quiet. He had been sleeping with Caitlin for several days for the purpose of recovery, but the battle was over now. When he was at the drinking party, Caitlin had gone to sleep in her own tent with Seira.

“6th Princess left a letter.

Carack picked up a piece of paper from the floor and gave it to In-gong. She was already quite drunk, so the usually graceful writing was filled with random scribbles.

‘Did you drink the alcohol I gave you? That is forbidden today. Hihi. Shutra, you fool.’

In-gong was reminded of the Felicia he had seen when he was roaming around. She had been rejoicing with the other dark elves.

In-gong wasn’t sure how Felicia would feel about him drinking without her, but he couldn’t help laughing. Today was a fun day. It was good that Felicia could relax.

“I want to see her in that state in the future.”

Carack said, and In-gong nodded. Then Carack helped him prepare for bed.


In-gong was really tired. He would probably fall asleep as soon as he laid down. However, In-gong took something out of the inventory right before going to sleep. It was the pillow Caitlin had given him as a gift.

The Lucid Dream Pillow…

It was limited to 10 times, but it was a pillow that allowed the owner to dream what they wanted.

In-gong touched the surface of the soft pillow briefly. He had already decided what to dream:

A fight with the barbarian king. So far, the barbarian king had the highest strength and defense among any enemy In-gong had faced. The barbarian king had understood Blink and struck. He had defeated the second Arang, and although it was just an improvised one, he had endured True Destruction.

In-gong wanted to fight him again. It was clear that fighting him would lead In-gong to a higher place, so it would be good training prior to his fight with Vandal.

‘I will fight at night.’

Regardless of whether he won or lost, he would be able to fight many times in his dreams.

‘Tomorrow, let’s fight.’

His fatigue was too much today.

In-gong placed the pillow beside him. Carack saw the pillow and asked him,



“The number on the pillow has fallen from 10 to nine. When did you use it?”

The sharp question made In-gong flinch, and Carack’s eyes narrowed.

“Prince, was it a big dream? A good, big dream?”

In-gong shifted his gaze away from Carack, and a large smile appeared on Carack’s face. Just then, Green Wind appeared behind Carack. She then hugged In-gong’s neck and asked,

“Master, did you dream about me?”

In-gong stayed silent. He continued to stay silent until he fell asleep.


The news of In-gong’s victory was conveyed to the Demon King’s Palace…

And the news spread to all areas of the Demon World. Some were happy, while some felt impatient, and others were jealous.

In a place far away, where news from the Demon King’s Palace couldn’t be heard, there was a man who perceived In-gong’s victory.

The Death Knight…

The one who had been longing for the end of the world for a thousand years.

He raised his head and listened to the voice of death.

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