Chapter 129 - Chapter 22: Dragon Heart #3

Chapter 129 – Chapter 22: Dragon Heart #3

The Moonlight Core and Starlight Core continued to be connected.

In-gong and Caitlin influenced each other. In-gong had three aura hearts, while Caitlin had two. The dragon style which came from the dragon heart headed toward Caitlin. The aura which was exchanged through the Moonlight Core and Starlight Core painted their auras with both colours.

The quad-core was a great force, but the penta-core was more than that. It wasn’t simply the addition of one aura heart.

The aura flow was bigger and stronger, and the aura recovery rate was faster as well. In a short time, Caitlin’s body, which had consumed an enormous amount of aura, filled with a new aura.

In-gong didn’t capture all the aura. Instead of controlling the enormous power of the penta-core, he released it. The white aura emerged from In-gong’s body like fire, and the dark blue aura twisted with the white.

The aura’s density was different. It wasn’t a mild light. For a moment, In-gong seemed like the sun.

Aura was life force. Everyone had it, so everyone could feel the power. It was a force which could be understood better than any other.

The lycanthropes were astounded, and the barbarians trembled in fear.

However, the barbarian king smiled, and he laughed loudly.

“Aura! It is the same as War!”

It was meaningless to everyone except for In-gong, but it didn’t matter.

The barbarian increased the power of his Body Hardening one step further. His body became redder, stronger and harder.

The aura of War surrounded the barbarian king, and In-gong stared straight at him. The barbarian king was inherently strong. In-gong hadn’t struggled against Gerard just because of the power of Famine, but Gerard himself was powerful as well.

So, it wasn’t just the power of War—In-gong needed to concentrate on the barbarian king himself.

Barbarian King Karatus…

A person who was more incredible than Vandal. When it came to just the power of the body, he was superior to any enemies In-gong had faced so far. From the beginning, it had been all about power. He couldn’t drag this out too long.

In-gong took a step forward. While the barbarians and lycanthropes were still in shock, he triggered Wind Style. There was no noise. There were no signs. The moment that massive amount of aura was released, In-gong’s body appeared beside the barbarian king.

The barbarian king hadn’t seen In-gong move, but he was a natural warrior and wielded Skull Crusher instinctively.

In-gong saw it. Naturally, he reached out his left hand and triggered Great Mountain.

The pushing force collided with Skull Crusher. The brutal force tried to destroy Great Mountain, but it didn’t work. Great Mountain diverted Skull Crusher’s trajectory. As it struck the ground, In-gong took one step and aimed for the barbarian king.

The barbarian king once again instinctively tried to defend. He strengthened his front parts, such as his chest and abdomen, through Body Hardening. The change occurred in the blink of an eye, almost creating a fortress in the front of the body.

However, In-gong didn’t pay attention to it. He knew the barbarian king would do this. Instead of using a fist, he stretched out his palm. The barbarian king felt something ominous and opened his eyes, but it was already too late. In-gong’s palm just touched the abdomen of the barbarian king.

A technique of Divine Sura Authority was triggered.

It was an attack that destroyed the enemy’s aura from within!


A rough aura, like an angry wolf, dug inside the barbarian king. The hard, external shell was no use. The tremendous aura devastated the barbarian king’s insides. His life force was damaged.


The barbarian king coughed up blood, and his red flesh returned to its normal state. The blow was so severe that Body Hardening was turned off.

However, he wasn’t thrown back like Paratus had been. The barbarian king swallowed down the pain and pushed strength through his entire body. It was enough to make In-gong admire his patience and durability.

In-gong didn’t panic. He hadn’t thought the barbarian king would fall with just this, so he pulled back his palm and rotated his body. The barbarian king had been able to withstand Arang, but this strong kick to his abdomen pushed him back.


At the same time, a huge amount of aura spread. It was a sense of pushing, rather than destruction. The barbarian was thrown back into the sky and flew 20 meters. He would have flown much further if he hadn’t encountered so many barbarian warriors.

The barbarian king slammed into the ground. Instead of pursuing the barbarian king, In-gong chose to take some time to breathe.

It seemed like ages, but only a few dozen seconds had passed in reality. In-gong looked at the mini-map. Vandal was moving toward In-gong’s side with his troops. In the rear, Takar’s troops were fighting the barbarians, and the lycanthropes were still surrounded by barbarians.

In-gong stretched out his hand. He recovered the king’s flag from Carack and penetrated it into the ground, spreading the power of Conquest. A ray of light shot up into the sky. As Conquest spread like a shockwave, the lycanthropes were covered with the white energy.

After confirming In-gong’s position through the light, the movements of Vandal and other high ranking members became more active. Additionally, the lycanthropes regained the strength to fight.

Caitlin approached In-gong. She hadn’t adapted to the penta-core yet. It was like a flooding river of aura, so it was hard to control it. However, she was a genius, and it wasn’t long before she bound back the floor of aura.

In-gong watched the barbarian king while asking Caitlin,

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, it isn’t my blood.”

Despite the pain, Caitlin spoke in a bright voice to reassure In-gong. She was always like this.

In-gong glanced at Caitlin and smiled. He adjusted the penta-core to alleviate some of the burden on Caitlin, then he breathed out and formed a fist.

“He’s coming.”

In-gong declared. The barbarian king was standing up. He was indeed strong. He wasn’t an opponent who could be defeated with just a few surprise attacks.

However, In-gong wasn’t afraid, and it wasn’t just because of the penta-core.

Then Caitlin grabbed In-gong’s hand. The connection between them was strengthened for a while, and the white aura and dark blue aura mixed together.


Caitlin said, and In-gong nodded. The two people let go of their hands as the barbarian king moved. Skull Crusher was giving off a formidable aura. The barbarian king was changing the way he fought.

In-gong ran toward the barbarian king, and Caitlin followed him. The barbarian king roared loudly.


Skull Crusher moved through the air. A huge outpour of power rushed towards In-gong and Caitlin.

So far, the barbarian king had only used simple strikes. He hadn’t used wide area attacks like this shockwave. The reason was simple—there were allies on the battlefield. They would also be killed by the wide area attack.

However, he couldn’t afford to worry about that in a situation like this. The barbarian king was going all out.

Instead of jumping over the wave, In-gong and Caitlin extended their fists simultaneously. Aura radiated out and broke the shockwave. It was an ignorant method in order to protect the lycanthropes behind them.

The white and blue aura shattered the red, and the barbarian king moved through that gap. He aimed a strong blow at both In-gong and Caitlin.

Caitlin stepped back hurriedly, and In-gong used Wind Style to appear behind the barbarian king.

Thanks to the penta-core, the power of his aura had increased, but his durability hadn’t. He couldn’t face the barbarian king directly since one blow could cost him his life.

Between In-gong and Caitlin, the barbarian king chased Caitlin. The reason was simple—Caitlin was closer to the lycanthropes.

The barbarian king poured out attacks. Every time Skull Crusher was swung, there was a shockwave explosion. They swallowed up the lycanthropes who had resumed fighting the barbarians.

The lycanthropes tried to get away from the barbarian king, but it wasn’t easy because the barbarians were pushing the lycanthropes. Despite knowing they would be caught up in the shockwaves, the barbarians didn’t stop.

The barbarian king swung Skull Crusher again. Caitlin howled and rushed toward the barbarian king. At the same time, In-gong struck from the rear.

The roars continued in succession, and the earth shook a few times. The white, blue and red auras collided several times, causing explosions.

It was a bizarre fight. Despite all the attacks, none of them reached the target. The barbarian king repeated the quick and aggressive attacks. Since In-gong and Caitlin were focused on evasion, attack was indeed the best defense.

The barbarian king’s attacks became faster, and In-gong and Caitlin had to focus more on evasion.

This couldn’t continue. Unlike In-gong, Caitlin hadn’t received the bonus from levelling up, so she was quite tired. If this became a prolonged fight, Caitlin wouldn’t be able to escape from the barbarian king’s strikes.

In-gong had to shake the situation. First, Caitlin had to be determined.

Caitlin plunged through Skull Crusher’s trajectory. She moved through Skull Crusher and aimed her fist.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that all the power in Caitlin’s body was used in the blow, but the attack power didn’t reach its target. The barbarian king defended against it with all his strength. He staggered and aimed his left first at Caitlin, who was up in the air. Confronted with the inevitable blow, Caitlin’s eyes closed.


There was a loud clamor. However, it wasn’t the sound of flesh and bones breaking.

It was White Eagle. White Eagle had blocked the barbarian king’s fist with exquisite timing. Although Caitlin was pushed back more than a dozen meters, her life was saved.

This also created a chance for In-gong, and he rushed toward the barbarian king whose attack stance had collapsed. Once again, In-gong aimed Arang at the barbarian king’s abdomen.

However, unlike earlier, the reaction was different this time. The aura which was about to pour in was blocked by the power of War. The attack didn’t result in a fatal wound.

Despite the spilled blood, the barbarian king smiled. He widened the distance with In-gong and wielded Skull Crusher.

In-gong didn’t use Wind Style. Instead of increasing the distance, he yelled,

“Green Wind!”

It was the King’s Call!

Green Wind responded. She crossed through space and appeared instantly before In-gong. A green force field expanded out and blocked Skull Crusher!


There was a loud roar as White Eagle was pushed against somewhat. However, it didn’t break, and White Eagle defended from above In-gong’s head.

In-gong pulled back a fist, breaking the flow of aura himself. As blood flowed from between his lips, he concentrated his aura on Earth Quaker—

The destruction of the Great Enkidu!

‘True Destruction!’

In-gong slammed his fist into the barbarian king’s belly, and the power of destruction swallowed up the barbarian king.

The red energy of War peeled off instantly as cracks spread and the hard shell was destroyed. The barbarian king coughed up blood. His shell broke, revealing a bleeding wound. The firmly grasped Skull Crusher was dropped to the ground.

However, it was up to there. In-gong had used True Destruction hastily, and it was lacking.

In-gong coughed up blood as well. The barbarian king howled like a beast and swung his right arm. As it pushed against White Eagle, the barbarian king moved his left fist. It was a blow for taking In-gong down instantly.


Caitlin shouted.

In-gong raised his head and squeezed out his remaining strength. He moved his feet to avoid the barbarian king’s attack, then he reached out and grabbed the Skull Crusher which the barbarian king had dropped.

The barbarian king’s weapon…

Another thing which had been left behind by the Dragon King.

In-gong conquered it—dominated it. He took it for himself.

Thus, Skull Crush’s super special move was able to be activated—the powerful blow that had destroyed Takar’s gate!

It was a surprise that shook the heavens and the earth!

The white light from Skull Crusher struck the barbarian king.

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