Chapter 113 - Chapter 18: Auction #5

Chapter 113 - Chapter 18: Auction #5

It was an unexpected situation.

Nayatra wasn’t a slave.

In fact, this was more natural. If he looked at the entire Demon World, the number of slaves traded was actually quite small. Apart from places like Takar, it was difficult to find a proper slave market.

Of all the places that In-gong had been to, there hadn’t been a place exclusively for slave trading.

So, why had Nayatra become a slave?

What type of experience changed her from a free person into a slave in just one year?

However, now wasn’t the time to deduce this. While In-gong was thinking, Nayatra had finished her conversation with the slave dealer. She turned and walked away.


In-gong shouted reflexively, but Nayatra didn’t look around and just walked away like it didn’t involve her.

Instead of asking if he was mistaken, Carack started running toward Nayatra, and In-gong hurried to follow. There were so many people on the narrow road, but he still moved quite quickly.

Nayatra turned the corner. In-gong felt an ominous feeling the moment she disappeared from sight. In movies and novels, the person always disappeared after turning the corner.

It was the same in this case as well.

He turned the corner hurriedly but couldn’t see Nayatra. Among the people present, there was no pink hair or even red hair.

In-gong looked around, while Carack peered over the top of the heads but couldn’t see her either. Nayatra must have used stealth or something similar to disappear.

“She looks like the one you called Nayatra, but she ran away. There wasn’t even a reaction.”

Carack said while scratching his forehead.

She hadn’t even blinked at her name being called and just continued on her way. Additionally, she had showed no signs of hurry.

Normally, people couldn’t react like this unless they were prepared for the situation. There would usually be a small flinch or reaction.

Carack’s common sense told him there were only two occupations with such behaviours: one was a thief and the other was assassin.

"Prince, is the relationship between the two of you bad?”

Carack asked In-gong with an expression of concern.

“It isn’t like that. Nayatra doesn’t know me yet. I was a little careless.”

In Knight Saga, Nayatra was both a thief and assassin. If someone she didn’t know called her name, it was natural for her to run away.

Carack was confused by the ‘doesn’t know me yet’ but didn’t ask any more questions. Instead, he comforted In-gong like a good aide.

"It isn’t Prince’s fault. Prince isn’t to blame. She is just too familiar with the area.

His smiling expression was comforting. Was this why Karma, Delia and all the aides were crazy about Carack?

In-gong smiled after being reassured and spoke to the air,

"Green Wind, take a look around.”

‘I understand Master.’

Green Wind, who appeared in a solid state, turned into wind and disappeared. She would observe the area from a high location.

"Carack, let’s go to the slave trader who talked to Nayatra.”

In this current situation, it was In-gong’s only clue. Perhaps he could get more information than expected.

As he entered the store, the trader, who had spoken to Nayatra, came up to him first.

“How can I help you?”

"There is something that we want to ask you.”

Carack smiled widely and handed some money to the trader. In-gong didn’t know how much was given, but it seemed to be an appropriate amount judging by the trader’s expression.

Unfortunately, the slave trader didn’t know that much about Nayatra or how to contact her. He knew that Nayatra had visited once a few months ago and was very curious about the type and number of slaves being traded.

When In-gong saw her, it had been her second visit. If there was a second visit, the possibility of a third visit was also high.

"I want to leave a letter.”

In-gong gave a few ancient gold coins from the dwarf inventory to the slave trader. The trader’s face brightened at the unexpected windfall.

"I'd be happy to lend you my writing instruments. Make yourself comfortable.”

Based on his reaction, there was no need to worry about the letter not being delivered properly.

In-gong thought for awhile before writing the letter.

It was a letter with a brief description of how In-gong wanted to meet her as well as a way to contact him.

At first, it seemed innocuous, but it contained a secret that Nayatra couldn’t ignore.

The next time Nayatra visited, the slave trader should contact In-gong after the letter was delivered, and he would be awarded with more ancient gold coins. Looking at his face, it seemed like In-gong’s request would be fulfilled faithfully.

As he handed the letter over, he heard Green Wind’s voice in his ears. It was a crestfallen voice.

‘Master, I couldn’t see her. I'm sorry.’

“No, good job. Thank you for the hard work.”

In-gong stroked Green Wind’s head. Then he returned to the other slave stores and started questioning them about Nayatra.

There were several more stores that she had visited with the purpose of knowing how many slaves they had.

In-gong left letters at all those stores. Carak, who was watching from the side, reassured In-gong that anyone would be curious after seeing so many letters.

‘It isn’t bad if I spend some money on Nayatra.’

Just as In-gong received information from the slave traders, Nayatra could also get information about the letters.

By the time he visited all the slave stores in Takar twice, it was late afternoon. It was now time to return to the hotel.

Even though In-gong returned to the accommodations with heavy steps, the atmosphere of the others were different.

‘The talking raccoon has become a happy raccoon.'

Like Green Wind said, Amita had become happier as they sat on their tail eating sweets. Every time they ate, their body shook. So, they tried hard to maintain a calm expression.

"What type of candy is that?”

"I went to a sweets shop with Unni. Shutra and Carack should try it. It is really delicious.”

Caitlin laughed at Carack’s question and handed over the sweets. They looked like a bunch of mooncakes.

Although he didn’t really like mooncakes, there was no way to turn down Caitlin’s expectant eyes. In-gong picked up the smallest one and put it in his mouth.

“How is it? Delicious? Yes?”

"Yes, delicious."

It was as he had expected although the taste wasn’t too bitter. It felt like he was eating a macaroon with a very high sugar content.

“Shutra? Did something bad happen?”

Caitlin inquired about In-gong’s complexion. In-gong smiled and shook his head.

"I’m just tired from walking around.”

However, the worry on Caitlin’s face just increased further. Felicia frowned from where she was sitting on the couch and asked,

"Well, why don’t you just rest and not go to the auction in the evening?”

"No, I don’t know when I will be able to come again. I need to participate. And isn’t there still a lot of time left? I will be fine after taking a break.”

They would leave Takar tomorrow afternoon with the reinforcements. So, if he missed this opportunity, there would be no way to participate in the auction for a while.

He had missed Nayatra right in front of him, so he couldn’t miss the auction.

"Then I'm glad. If there is any trouble, just tell me. You don’t have to overdo it.”

“I understand. Then I will get some rest first.”

In-gong entered the room that was assigned to him.

Then after approximately two hours...

The party of well dressed people gathered in the living room of the hotel.

Caitlin was wearing a cute yellow dress, revealing her shoulders which was unlike her usual style.

As In-gong’s eyes widened, Seira laughed and whispered to Carack. It seemed like her usual dresses were due to Chris.

"Does it suit me?”

Caitlin asked with red cheeks. She was very excited about wearing a type of dress that she normally couldn’t wear because of Chris.

In-gong looked Caitlin up and down and laughed.

“Caitlin noona is great.”

As he mimicked Caitlin’s reaction, Seira covered her mouth with her hands while Carack just laughed.

Caitlin looked coy, but it was only for a moment. Then she smiled widely again.

“What about me? Shutra, isn’t this provocative compared to the Demon King’s Palace?”

Unlike Caitlin, Felicia was wearing the same type of clothes. In other words, it was a purple dress with a high degree of exposure. Even though he was familiar with Felicia’s style, In-gong still blushed for a moment.

Felicia laughed as she laid a shawl over her shoulders, then she evaluated In-gong’s attire.

"Black suits you well. Don’t you look a little more mature?"

In-gong usually wore a white suit to the court gatherings.

While Felicia and Caitlin were interested in In-gong’s outfit, Seira and the other aides showed interest in Carack.

Delia approached Carack and said casually,

"Carack, your tie is crooked. I’ll fix it.”

"Oh, thank you.”

"It isn’t a big deal.”

Delia smiled gently as she stuck close to Carack, while Seira, Karma and Daphne’s eyes widened.

In-gong just sighed at the sight.

'Nayatra can’t be like this.’

Of course, Nayatra still hadn’t joined him.

Felicia laughed and approached In-gong.

"Well, I’ll fix Shutra’s suit.”

In-gong had a bow tie, so there was nothing to fix, but he still accepted Felicia’s helping hand.


Even if Takar was the city of pleasure, the auction house was just an auction house.

Not only were that various valuables that could be seen in any auction house, there were also things traded in the underground market such as the slave trade. Therefore, a huge amount of money passed through there.

The red auction house shone very brightly.

Sofas were arranged in a semi circle, and In-gong’s party received a great spot in the center.

In-gong looked around from where he was sitting between Felicia and Caitlin. Due to the bright room, it wasn’t difficult to see the faces of those attending.

"Then, I will start today’s auction.”

Everyone’s attention became concentrated on the host, an incubus with red skin, who rang a bell on the stage. Amita, sitting on Daphne’s lap, gazed at the stage with interested eyes and seemed to be feeling better due to the sweets.

The auction was quite interesting, but In-gong was looking around instead of towards the stage.

'My nerves are irritated.’

Somehow, there were a few recognizable faces. He had seen these faces while playing Knight Saga.

However, he didn’t remember where he had seen them since they were either an extra or supporting character.

In-gong was searching through his memories when he suddenly looked at the entrance of the auction house. Someone had come in late.

Their body was substantially larger than Carack’s. He had a pale face, yellow eyes and scar over his right eye. The black hair wriggled randomly like it was alive.

In-gong knew this face. Unlike the others, he clearly remembered where he had seen it.


He was the brother of the barbarian king Karatus, who ruled over the Eastern Limit Line to the east of Evian.

The memories continued... Paratus was one of the generals under the barbarian king.

Why had he appeared in Takar? Was it simply to participate in the auction?

In-gong shook my head. If Paratus coveted something, he would steal it, not buy it. It was clear that he had another reason.

"Carack, something unusual is going to happen.”

In-gong whispered to Carack, who suddenly looked very serious.

"What is it? Is it better to go back straight away?”

The incidents that involved In-gong always turned out unusual. It was natural to be nervous.

In-gong felt somewhat sad but soon regained his spirit. Anyway, he was really worried about the situation.

“There is nothing definite... for the time being -.”

Kwa kwang!

A roar coming from outside the auction house swallowed up the rest of In-gong’s words, and In-gong and Carack stood up without talking.

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