Chapter 112 - Chapter 18: Auction #4

Chapter 112 - Chapter 18: Auction #4

The location of Evian was similar to the Demon King’s Palace.

Evian, one of the peripheries of the Demon World, was at the east boundary. East of Evian was a place that would be called the Eastern Limit Line. Beyond that were the barbarians who chose to stay outside the Demon World instead of succumbing to the reign of the Demon King’s Palace.

It wasn’t just the location and seasons that determined the climate of the Demon World; there were some mysterious and wonderful elements due to the flow of magic power throughout the area.

Evian was a winter land all year round. As a result, it was virtually barren and the barbarians wandering beyond the Eastern Limit Line made it a difficult place to live.

However, it wasn’t a land that the Demon King’s Palace could leave alone. It wasn’t possible to give the land to the barbarians who wouldn’t submit to the Demon King’s Palace.

The areas around Evian weren’t very hospitable either. Basic laws existed in the Demon World, but there were no such rules around Evian. It was obviously a messed-up land with outlaws like Mad Dog Jiks running around. Takar was located near Evian and used this confusion to its advantage. Being a lawless zone meant that regulations and controls were weak.

Takar exploited this fact to become a pleasure ground. Things that would be done underground in other places were openly committed on the streets of Takar in broad daylight.

Takar paid a fair amount of taxes to the Demon King’s Palace and the Demon King’s Palace tolerated the existence of Takar instead of getting rid of them.

In-gong looked at the mini-map and thought about the movement route of the party. There were two main ways to get to Evian Fortress, the ultimate destination of the party. One was via Takar, while the other was moving in a straight line towards Evian.

‘I need to go to Takar.’

It was ridiculous to stay for very long since they were heading for a mission. There was a limit to stopping for a while.

‘I can use the excuse if liquidating my assets that I thought of the other day.’

In-gong slowly nodded and looked at Felicia.

“Excuse me, Noona.”

Felicia, who had entered her sleeping bag early, stretched out her head at In-gong’s call. Her eyes were full of mischief.

“What? Do you want to go to Takar?”

It was a teasing tone, not cold. In-gong took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

"I think it would be good to cash in the treasures I gained in the dungeons.”

"Hmm, I see.”

Felicia’s eyes were full of laughter. As In-gong blushed without knowing it, she kept laughing.

"Yes, we should go with Shutra. I’ve decided that the meeting place is Takar.”

"Meeting place?”

"Yes, aren’t the lycanthropes also coming to Takar?”

Felicia turned her head to the side and asked. The target of her last question was Caitlin, not In-gong. Caitlin, who was sitting in a comfortable position and circulating her aura, gently nodded.

"That’s right. It’s because Shutra wanted to go there.”

Unlike Felicia, there was a little bit of distaste in her tone as she finished talking and stared at In-gong.

Felicia laughed as if she found Caitlin funny and spoke to In-gong again.

"I’ve coordinated it in advance. This is a military mission so it is a good idea to bring some troops as support. The support troops have been preparing for a week already.”

In Knight Saga, there were always reinforcements from draconians during military missions. Even during the Red Lightning Tribe mission, Chris and Caitlin had more than 100 lycanthropes with them. It was natural for there to be reinforcements.

"The reinforcements can’t use the same transportation formation as ours since their departure location isn’t the Demon King’s Palace. So they have to find one of the nearby transport formations, and there is a pretty big one in the vicinity of Takar. So the meeting place is there."

Felicia winked at the end of her words. It was already decided that they would meet at Takar before leaving the Demon King’s Palace, yet she still became irritated when In-gong said he wanted to go to Takar.

Felicia just laughed at In-gong’s expression. He took a deep breath as Felicia spoke again.

"Shutra, there is something else... the dark elves will be coming as well. So I mean...”

Felicia hesitated as she studied In-gong’s face. Despite the military mission, In-gong couldn’t receive any support from the gandharva. Felicia and Caitlin both received reinforcements while In-gong had none. Instead of being upset like Felicia thought, In-gong just smiled pleasantly.

“I’m fine. Thank you for taking care of me. In addition, I can think of them as my own due to Noona.”

Apart from being in the same faction, this was Felicia, it wasn’t like she was a stranger. Felicia’s face turned lively again at In-gong’s words.

"Isn't it?”

"It is the same with the lycanthropes.” Caitlin quickly added. His greatest allies were probably Chris and the lycanthropes, since he hadn’t met with the queen of the dark elves yet, so he just smiled at Caitlin.

Felicia giggled at Caitlin’s interruption and spread out her fan.

"Well, we will be able to explore it properly. The meeting place is at Takar but it will take a day or two.”

"Princess, why does it seem like you want to go more than Prince?”

The quietly listening Carack asked and Felicia just shrugged with a cheeky expression.

"Well, the auction house will be fun.” Caitlin, don’t you think it will be fun?”

"Unni has been to Takar before?”

Caitlin was immediately interested. Felicia nodded and tapped her fan against Caitlin’s shoulder.

"I’ve already been a few times. So there is no need for a guide. The city won’t meet Shutra’s expectations.”

"E-excuse me?”

In-gong muttered, but Felicia pretended not to hear him and looked over at Amita.

“It will also be interesting for Amita.”

“Hmm, that noisy and busy place is too annoying.”

Amita said in a rough voice as they pounded their tail against the ground. They were holding a large jewel in their hand and carving a complicated magic pattern on it.

"Talking raccoon, is the tuning still not finished?”

Green Wind appeared behind In-gong and asked. It had obviously been over a day since they left the Demon King’s Palace but the readjustment still wasn’t completed. Thanks to that, In-gong was forced to use an Earth Quaker that wasn’t finished yet.

Amita looked at Green Wind with grim eyes before pounding their tail again. “Of course it takes a long time without a workshop!”

Amita took a deep breath before speaking to In-gong. "But it will be finished by the end of tomorrow. So don’t worry. It will definitely be finished before we arrive in Evian.”

From the appearance, it seemed like the last task was carving the jewel and inserting it. Felicia reached out to Amita and said in a humble voice,

"Amita, don’t be offended. I will buy you whatever you want in Takar.”

“Bah, do you think that I’m a child? Don’t think that I will be relieved by such a thing.”

Then why was their tail waving?

Felicia held back her laughter as she looked over at In-gong who nodded. Caitlin, Carack and the rest of the group also laughed with their eyes, not saying anything out loud.

However, there was one person in the party who was unaware of this.

"Talking raccoon, your tail is waving.”

Amita quickly stopped moving their tail at Green Wind’s words, and In-gong made Green Wind turn off her solid state.


Takar, the city of pleasure, was divided into two major districts by a central wall. The poor entertainment area was outside the walls while the safe and colourful entertainments were inside the walls.

Outside the walls, the outlaws from around Evian gathered since the security was bad. Sword fights often took place in the gambling halls, the entertainment was in the streets and there were many large and small battles. Many forbidden items in the Demon World were openly sold by streets vendors.

Obviously, Felicia had visited Takar several times, but she’d been inside the wall, not outside.

Felicia headed straight down a relatively safe central road and talked to a gate guard. A few minutes later, a well-dressed man appeared to lead the party to a VIP place.

The place where they were guided had large rooms filled with brilliant colour. It was obviously a house to be rented out since there were several rooms. After unpacking and having a light rest, Felicia grabbed Caitlin and said to In-gong.

"Go with Carack. I'll go shopping with Caitlin. Amita, do you want to go with us?”

Instead of answering Felicia’s question, Amita jumped into Daphne’s arms. Daphne had a perplexed expression as she nodded on Amita’s behalf.

Felicia smiled before turning to Carack who was standing beside In-gong.

"Carack, I’ll ask you to control him.”

"Leave it to me.”

Carack hit his chest with his fist. In-gong just sighed.

"What do you think I’m going to do?”

"I guess we’ll see?”

Felicia laughed while Caitlin sent a ‘hrmmm’ look towards In-gong.

Felicia spoke again.

"Let’s meet in the afternoon. We need to participate in the auction at night, so be sure to come back before then.”

Felicia finished and left with Amita and the other females first. The guide soldier had gone to meet the reinforcements so there was only In-gong and Carack left.

In-gong took a deep breath and said to Carack.

"Okay, then let’s go to the slave market.”

He would be able to get rumours about Nayatra’s whereabouts from there.

Carack’s eyes widened at In-gong’s words.

"Huh? Are you really interested in the slave market?”

"I'm not interested. I have to check something.”

"Um, I understand.”

Carack nodded with a serious expression. Carack was really a good aide for In-gong. In-gong left the hotel with Carack and looked at several slave shops nearby. However, he didn’t find anything.

"There is no slave called Nayatra.”

He thought she might be using another name so he looked through the catalog of succubus slaves, but there was nothing.

‘It is reasonable.’

In Knight Saga, Zephyr had met Nayatra at the end of Year 513. This was Year 512 so there was a one year difference.

'Should I take the next chance?’

In-gong entered the last slave shop with a face full of regrets.

Carack was looking at In-gong with a mixture of warmth and doubts, while In-gong searched through the succubus slaves. Instead of making fun or teasing In-gong, Carack asked with a serious expression.

"Is the succubus called Nayatra that important to Prince?”

"She is important."

It wasn’t just because Nayatra was his subordinate in Knight Saga. She was the key to the lycanthrope subjugation.

Carack narrowed his eyes and asked.

"Well, Prince. Can you tell me what she looks like? I can ask the slave dealer. Once she comes in, the slave dealer can contact us.”

"The method isn’t bad."

Nayatra had appeared in the slave auction one year later, so it was likely that she would be in Takar within the next few months.

In-gong described what he remembered.

"Her hair is pink. Her face is beautiful, even as a succubus... a bit like Flora. I mean, the atmosphere. She has a cool personality like Flora. And there are two yellow horns on her head. Her height is like Felicia noona? Her skin is as white as Caitlin noona’s and her eyes are blue...”

"Does she wear her hair in a ponytail? The ponytail is long enough to reach her hips.”

Carack interrupted his description. In-gong’s eyes widened.

“That’s right, how did you know?”

Instead of answering, Carack pointed to a female talking to the slave dealer. She wasn’t a slave but a customer who came to buy a slave.

And In-gong knew her name.


The succubus Nayatra who appeared in the slave auction in one year.

Except right now, she wasn’t a slave.

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