Bone Painting Coroner

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – A Cute Kitten

Once Wei Yi heard that he would be turned into fish food, he became frightened to the point that his whole body was paralyzed! Then, he retreated several steps while madly shaking his head. “Don’t! Don’t turn me into fish food. My meat is not delicious.”

However, Ji Yunshu firmly closed the distance. Her expression was grim and solemn as she continued to scare him. “Not only your wife can feed you to the fishes, she will also imprison you in a dark room filled with snakes, worms, rats and ants. They will crawl all over your body, slip inside your clothes and bite your fingers off.”

After the words were uttered, Wei Yi held his head and squatted down while shouting loudly, “I don’t want to be shut in a small dark room! I don’t like snakes, worms, rats and ants at all. I don’t want to go in there!”

Ji Yunshu couldn’t bear to continue, but she gritted her teeth and continued, “Wei Yi, if you don’t want to be fish food or to be shut in a small dark room, then go to your mother and tell her that you don’t want to marry a wife.”

Wei Yi raised his head, his black eyes dyed in doubts. “If I don’t marry… I won’t be fed to the fishes?”


Wei Yi stood up while loudly declaring, “Then, I will not marry. I will not take a wife!”

Ji Yunshu’s brilliant scheme finally showed its result!

But using this kind of method to scare him made Ji Yunshu felt somewhat embarrassed. Her grim and solemn expression transformed back into a “big sister’s” smile.

“Your mother is in the front hall right now. If you don’t go now, it might be too late.”

Ji Yunshu was aware that saying such words would make her feel that her integrity was nothing but tatters. It was like one moment she was wearing a wolf skin and the other moment she was warm like water, warm to the extent she could scald others from head to toe.

Wei Yi nodded without much thought. He was completely panicking as he ran toward the front hall.

‘A wife that will feed me to the fishes?! Must not allow! Must not allow!’

Behind him, Ji Yunshu couldn’t refrain herself from covering the smile on her face. ‘This Wei Yi, teasing him is really amusing!’ “He’s really a fool. To actually believe what I said.”

Suddenly, a sharp sound broke the air behind her.

She turned around to look and saw Ji Muqing in her beautiful flowery shoes, embroidered with phoenixes and clouds, strolling towards Ji Yunshu.

“Ji Yunshu, that idiot is going to be your future husband. Do you really believe that you would not have to marry him by just scaring him like that?”

“Big Sister, weren’t you in the front hall? Why did you suddenly decide to run to this place? You even have the leisure to eavesdropping on others’ conversation.” Ji Yunshu’s tone had turned dull.

“I am not eavesdropping.” Ji Muqing raised her pointy chin and sneered, “I just happened to hear it.”

Ever since Ji Yunshu transmigrated to this place, the person she admired the most wasn’t any hero or a great person, and nor any legendary personage. Rather, she admired Ji Muqing, that woman who was afflicted with the grave illness called “insufferable arrogance”!

“Since Eldest Sister heard everything, if you want to inform Father, this little sister will not stop you.” Ji Yunshu stated.

Her statement seemed to have punctured Ji Muqing’s plan, which naturally enraged her. “You’re really not afraid that I’ll tell father? If he knew you encouraged that idiot to decline this marriage, he would beat you to death.”

“My skin is rough and my flesh is thick. I should be alright from a few lashes.”

“You simply are…” Ji Muqing flicked her sleeve in anger. Her dignified facade was starting to fall apart. Under the spark of anger, she said, “What Third Little Brother said was correct; a bastard child like you should be defiled by that idiot.”

Ji Yunshu’s expression darkened abruptly.

“Elder Sister, the way you use your words is akin to a machine gun that attacks everything indiscriminately. The mouth is the door to disaster. The meaning of these words, I believe Elder Sister understands them.”

‘A machine gun? What is that?’ Ji Muqing didn’t took the time to consider it as her anger instantly flared up.

“Who are you to talk to me in such a way? I am the Ji family’s Eldest Miss. I do what I want and say what I want. You’re the bastard child who has a prostitute for a mother. What qualifications do you have to lecture me?”

In a flash, Ji Yunshu’s hand was wrapped around Ji Muqing’s fair wrist. Her eyes were burning as hot as the August sun, and sharper than any needle. Her stare ferociously pierced Ji Muqing.

It frightened Ji Muqing that she began to shiver! “What do you want to do?!”

“What you said to me in the past, I don’t care. You grabbed my things, I’ll forget it. But, if you talk about my mother like that again, then I won’t let this matter slide. The next time that it happens, this little sister will not be able to guarantee that your hand can play the guqin or paint again!”

‘If a tiger doesn’t show its might, you will take it for a sick cat!’


It was the first time that Ji Muqing saw Ji Yunshu so enraged. Her mind grew fuzzy, and her throat constricted, rendering her silent.

Ji Yunshu continued to speak. “Indeed, my life is cheap compared to honorable Elder Sister’s. But I certainly won’t mind sharing a boat ride to the King of Hell’s palace with Elder Sister.” This was a naked threat of dying together!

At this moment, Ji Muqing was truly scared out of her wits. She mustered all her strength to free her wrist from Ji Yunshu’s grip, but she couldn’t summon any strength and thus she couldn’t shake off her little sister’s hand.

She could only shake it off when Ji Yunshu decided to relax her grip.

“Ji Yunshu, how audacious of you! You have the nerve to threaten me? I am the crown prince’s consort!”

Ji Muqing retracted her hand to her bosom and loudly yelled. Yet, her legs were discreetly edging away. She feared that Ji Yunshu would reach out and break her hand.

“Then when you become the crown prince’s consort, I’ll wait for you to come and tell me about my crimes.”

Ji Yunshu ended the conversation there. She threw a cold glance at Ji Muqing before turning around to leave.

Only Ji Muqing remained there, stomping her feet. This was without a shadow of doubt, a resounding slap to her face. It made her greatly lose her face!

Not too far away from there, within another corridor, a pair of lovely eyes, like peach blossoms during spring, was observing the whole scene.

It was a woman with an orange embroidered silk draped on her shoulders and straight hair, combed into a flowing cloud hairstyle. Her delicate and pretty face gave her an impression of elegance and serenity.

With careful observation, it was possible to discern a long red birthmark right in the middle of her forehead. She was similar to Lin Daiyu1, a beauty with a sickly appearance.

It was rumored that the Ji Mansion sheltered an immortal beauty who was popular ever since her birth. She was like a hibiscus floating on water, beautiful, but delicate. One glance at her was like seeing the essence of Baosi2 and Li Ji 3.

The woman was the Ji family’s second miss, Ji Wanxin.

She took the white handkerchief in her hands, then used it to cover her thin lips before lightly coughing.

The maidservant next to her spoke worriedly. “Miss, are you fine?”

“Staying in the house all day made me somewhat tired. Unexpectedly, I didn’t know such a thick layer of snow had fallen.” Ji Wanxin sighed.

“Miss’ health is weak. It would be better if we return first. This servant worries that…”

“There’s no harm.” While she spoke with her maidservant, Ji Wanxin was watching Ji Muqing from a distance. Her haughty elder sister was stomping and kicking the snow around in her anger.

“Today, Big Sister has suffered some loss because of Yunshu. I believe she will certainly not leave the matter at that. I truly pity Yunshu.” Ji Wanxin had a warm and weak appearance. Yet at this moment, when she felt sorry for Ji Yunshu, her appearance transformed into a morbid sense of beauty.

In the entire Ji Mansion, Ji Wanxin was probably the only one who treated Ji Yunshu the best.

The maidservant watched Ji Muqing and snorted. “Eldest Miss relies on her status as the main wife’s daughter and always loves to bully others. It served her right to be taught a lesson by the Third Miss.”

A smile full of meaning floated onto Ji Wanxin’s lips. She lightly drew a breath in before saying, “Even for an obedient kitten, after a long time, it will also grow claws!”

1. It’s a fictional character from Dream of the Red Chamber.

2. Baosi is the concubine of King You of Zhou and the most beautiful woman in Xia Dynasty.

3. Li Ji is another very beautiful concubine, but of Duke Xian of Jin. She was the cause of the Li Ji’s unrest event in history.

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