Bone Painting Coroner

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Feed You To The Fishes!

As she continued to walk through the corridor, Ji Yunshu chanced upon a nauseating scene.

Wei Yi, dressed in a light blue changpao, was crouching on the ground. In his hands was a short bamboo stick. Originally, he was writing something on the ground but stopped because of the mockery coming from Ji Yuanzhi and Ji Lingzhi.

His body was curled into a ball. He lowered his head and was biting his sleeve, trembling in fear, not daring to lift his head.

Ji Yuanzhi carried the small Ji Lingzhi and directly lifted her onto his neck so she can sit there. Then, he started to kick Wei Yi. “Idiot! Hurry up and get out of our house. Be careful that you don’t make this young master unhappy or I’ll feed you to the fishes.”

When he heard that, Wei Yi hastily waved his hand and begged in fear. “Don’t want! Don’t feed me to the fish. I don’t want to be fish food!”

Egged on by the begging, Ji Yuanzhi became more unbridled with his mocking.

“An idiot is just an idiot. An idiot and a bastard is simply a perfect match.”

The so-called “bastard” was without a doubt referring to Ji Yunshu.

Her mother came from a brothel. Moreover, she was never given status. If she wasn’t a bastard child, then what was she?

Due to Ji Yuanzhi’s words, Lingzhi showed a smile full of derision that didn’t quite fit someone of her age.

Shouldn’t children still be innocent and unaffected at eight years old?

This Ji mansion was truly like an infernal cage where people’s consciences are killed!

“This idiot is really amusing. Third Brother, don’t feed him to the fishes.”

“Alright! I’ll listen to you.” Ji Yuanzhi lifted his leg and put his dirty shoe on Wei Yi’s clean clothes. Then, he proceeded to rub out the dirt on it, “Hey idiot! If people ask, you better tell them that you fell by yourself. If you dare tattle that this young master bullied you, I’ll absolutely make sure to properly take care of you.” When he was done, he walked away with Ji Lingzhi, perfectly content.

If you’re not a blood-related sibling, don’t come in our house!

Wei Yi was so scared he didn’t dare to make a sound. With all his might, he tried to wipe off the dirt on his clothes. He held in his emotions and was feeling extremely pained. At first, Ji Yunshu didn’t want to pay attention to him, but in the end, she still went over.

All of a sudden, Wei Yi discovered a shadow looming over him, and he raised his head to take a look. When he caught sight of her, his eyes couldn’t help but dodge her gaze and he completely stopped wiping his clothes.

Ji Yunshu noticed his furtive glances. A reaction stemming from being constantly bullied, it seemed. Then, she noticed that the two words Wei Yi had written on the ground were his own name. The words were crooked and even the “Yi” in his name missed a line.

“Is that your name?” Ji Yunshu’s tone was very gentle. She tried as much as possible to not frighten him.

Wei Yi mechanically nodded.

She might as well correct him. Ji Yunshu squatted down and took the bamboo stick from him before saying, “You forgot to add a line on the word ‘Yi’.” She stopped talking and added an additional line to the crooked word.

“See? This is how you write that word.”

Probably due to Ji Yunshi’s amiable tone, added on to the fact that she didn’t hurt him, but Wei Yi completely let down his guard. He inclined his head and looked at the word for a very long time.

“Why is it not the same when teacher teaches me?” He muttered softly, but it was loud enough for Ji Yunshu to hear.

‘It’s unlikely that we teach differently. Rather, that teacher simply doesn’t know how to teach! He simply grabbed the money but shamelessly didn’t do any work!’

She let go of those thoughts and said to him, “Then, you better remember these words. You cannot miss a line. Otherwise, the other people will laugh at you.”


Suddenly, he smiled. He stared at Ji Yunshu with his bright expressive eyes. “Big sister, you’re really nice.”

‘Big sister? Child, you seem older than me.’

However, Ji Yunshu didn’t try to argue with him. She beamed a “big sister’s” smile at him and gave back the bamboo stick.

“Then, write it one more time.”

“Yes~” Wei Yi replied straightforwardly. Next, he started to write his name. He applied himself carefully and seriously, afraid to make the slightest mistake.

Suddenly, Ji Yunshi took notice of his hand.

“You’re left-handed?”

“What’s a left-handed?” Wei Yi stared at her.

Ji Yunshu shook her head. “Nothing, continue to write.”

“Oh.” He earnestly resumed his writing practice.

She took advantage of this time to carefully study him. He looked to be in his twenties. His face was clean and fresh with a distinctive shape. The nose bridge was tall. To sum it up, he looked like a handsome young man. He gave out a pure and sunny atmosphere, had good proportions, especially those eyes which gave the impression of a palm-leaf lightly swaying.

Unfortunately, he was intellectually deficient!

“Big Sister, look. I’m done writing.” Wei Yi happily shouted.

She retracted her sight from his handsome face, then looked at the word on the ground. She smiled at him. “Correct! This is your name.” After she spoke, she turned around.

Wei Yi threw away the bamboo stick and ran after her. Both his hands were obediently put behind him.

Seeing him like this, Ji Yunshu curiously asked, “What are you doing with your hands behind your back?”

His mouth pouted and he earnestly answered, “Because my hands are dirty. I’m afraid to touch Big Sister’s clean clothes. That’s why I put them behind my back.”

In an instant, Ji Yunshu was surprised! ‘This fool’s social inner quality is higher than the members of the Ji family. In fact, Ji family’s social inner quality is a waste on them with their brains!’

She smiled and then she spread her hands. “Look. My hands are also not very clean. I didn’t avoid you because you’re dirty, so you don’t need to put your hands behind you.”



Wei Yi stretched out his hand. Ji Yunshu saw the dirt on his sleeve, smeared by Ji Yuanzhi’s foot. She couldn’t help frowning, then took out her handkerchief and cleaned his sleeve.

“Wei Yi, you have to remember. No one can bully you. If someone dares to bully you, you must not tolerate it. Do you understand?” She asked him while cleaning his sleeve.

Unfortunately, Wei Yi didn’t understand. “Mother said that because my head is not good, I cannot quarrel with others, or I‘ll suffer a loss.”

“Then, tell me, didn’t you suffer a loss earlier?”

“……” Wei Yi couldn’t reply.

Ji Yunshu continued, “You don’t have to create a quarrel with others, but they come and bully you. Why don’t you fight back? Perhaps if you did, they would be afraid of you.”

She was aware that Wei Yi didn’t use much of his brain. It was quite certain that he won’t understand the meaning of her words. She simply sighed, then spoke again, “Forget it. I explained so much, but you can’t understand.”

Indeed, Wei Yi obviously didn’t understand at all. All of a sudden, he changed the subject of the conversation. He asked her, “Big Sister, do you know? Today, my mother brings me here to propose marriage. I want to marry a wife.”

Ji Yunshu was helping him clean his sleeve, but her hand froze.

Of course, she knew about it. Not only did she have full knowledge of it, the wife in question was her! She put the handkerchief in Wei Yi’s hand before asking him, “Do you really want to get married?”

Wei Yi nodded. “I think, Mother said… After I get married, I will have many, many little Wei Yi’s and they can all play with me.”

‘Little Wei Yi’s?’ Ji Yunshu’s forehead immediately darkened! ‘Your mother really can explain!’ “Wei Yi, your mother is wrong. If you marry, your wife will bully you everyday. She won’t let you sleep, won’t let you eat and also won’t let you play. Not only that, if she doesn’t feel happy, she will grab you and throw you in the pond to feed the fishes.”

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