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Chapter 89 - They All Have Different Things on Their Minds

Chapter 89: They All Have Different Things on Their Minds

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After some verification, Fang Qi realized that Xiao Yulv was really here to apologize.

It didn’t make a difference whether Fang Qi fussed about what happened between them or not. He would never provoke anyone on purpose, and he would never take Xiao Yulv off his blacklist.

Therefore, Fang Qi nodded at Xiao Yulv emotionlessly.

“Is… that all?” Xiao Yulv glared at Fang Qi secretly and thought in his head,You’ve made a good decision!

However, when Fang Qi glanced his way, he immediately turned around and ran back to Su Tianji just in case Fang Qi changed his mind!

Then, he turned around again and heaved a sigh of relief upon noticing that Fang Qi didn’t seem to change his mind.

“That little…” He was going to say ‘little brat’ but quickly change his words, “That little owner probably saw how handsome and impressive I am…”

Before he could finish, Su Tianji glared at him coldly, so he quickly wrapped up, “Uh… I’m done!”

Only then did Su Tianji go back to watching Nalan Hongwu and the Yinlong Elder.

A lot of people such as Su Tianji, her disciples, and the Yinlong Elder’s disciples crowded behind the Yinlong Elder, watching him play as they ate Haagen-Dazs. It was a spectacular scene to see!

After witnessing the impressive sword control technique, everyone began to anticipate what was going to happen next even though it was just a game.

To Su Tianji, this was a Small World that existed to help cultivators gain experience. The last time she heard about a Small World was a long time ago when she first began cultivating. Back then, her master and her senior brothers went there together, but a few of her senior brothers disappeared and her master sustained heavy injuries!

To her surprise, someone created a world like this during her time in seclusion cultivation!

She was bewildered.

Most importantly, the cultivators wouldn’t get hurt by playing the game and could start over if they died!

With time, even low-level warriors would be able to master high-level spiritual spells and techniques that they couldn’t get their hands on in the past.

Of course, the speed of learning depended on the talent of individuals.

The times are indeed changing! She exclaimed in her head.

Those standing behind Nalan Hongwu all had different thoughts in their head. Su Tianji and the Yinlong Elder’s disciples thought, Castellan An just mentioned that leveling up in the game could improve my own strength. If I’m as good as the owner, I can cultivate faster than the geniuses in my sect; I would be able to surpass them!

Wang Kuan’s thoughts were somewhat more long-term orientated. When Castellan An explained the game, he said that given our current level, we will obtain more progress than training on our own. The owner of this shop sure came up with a good idea…

Cultivators like them achieved improvement through the accumulation of time and effort. They wouldn’t see results after training for a day or a week. True breakthrough required at least a couple decades of training along with outside forces such as elixirs.

This meant that they could play games to replace cultivating on their own. This was an unprecedented form of entertainment. After all, playing other things for fun was a waste of time for them.

But will these old masters achieve breakthroughs? Wang Kuan stared at Nalan Hongwu and thought, They’ve been stuck at their current realms for a significant amount of time! If they could… even if it is just a sliver of hope…

Too scared to ask, he decided to go back to watching them play.

Of course, no one knew that it was another force that made them come back to the internet café, which wasn’t the hunger for power or technique. Instead, it was something called addiction.

When An Huwei explained the game to others, Xiao Yulv was apologizing to Fang Qi and didn’t know what he missed. He also didn’t know that he would never be allowed to play the game.

At the moment, he just stood in the crowd and watched Nalan Hongwu and the others play.

“Isn’t it just a game? Why are you all making it such a big deal?” Xiao Yulv looked at them with disdain.

By the time it was Su Tianji’s turn, Xiao Yulv finally began to understand the game. Li Xiaoyao’s just a little hooligan; how did he manage to find a beautiful wife like Ling as soon as he arrived on the Celestial Spiritual Island? If she is marrying anyone, it should be a handsome man like me! Xiao Yulv thought to himself, I’m so jealous…

As a woman who rarely left her palace and stayed in seclusion for decades at a time, Su Tianji played this game with great excitement!

“Hm… what kind of spiritual herb is this? My injuries will quickly recover after I eat it?”

Games can reveal another side of people.

Once she arrived in this world, Su Tianji let herself go.

If this happened in the real world, Su Tianji would never reveal her emotions no matter what. At most, she would ask her disciples to retrieve the spiritual herb and study it when she was back.

When she encountered the Liquor Sword Immortal and recited the poem the latter wrote, Xiao Yulv froze and thought. Is my aunt really the one controlling Li Xiaoyao?

When Xiao Yulv saw the poor beggar transforming into the Liquor Sword Immortal, he couldn’t help but feel jealous. This master and this shop are the same in how they do stuff! If it were me, I would have immediately kicked out this drunkard and…

At this thought, he couldn’t help but shiver in fear. The consequences of kicking such a powerful master was…

“There are too many traps in the game! I need to do more research!”

After watching Su Tianji play for a while, Xiao Yulv turned his attention to An Huwei and Nalan Hongwu’s scene.

After Su Tianji entered the game, she realized that this life-like setting gave the players more than just sword techniques and martial arts skills.

[In the peach blossom region was a peach blossom hut. Inside the peach blossom hut was a peach blossom immortal.

The peach blossom immortal planted peach blossom trees. Then, the peach blossoms were picked to sell for wine.

He sat before the peach blossom trees when he was sober, and he slept under the peach blossom trees when he was drunk.

Half sober, half drunk, day by day. Blossom, wither, year after year.]

This poem was talking about Suzhou City.

Suzhou was a poetic and artistic city surrounded by the fog and rain of the Jiangnan region.

The heavens were in the sky, and Suzhou and Hangzhou were on the ground. (TL Note: this is a famous saying in China that describes how beautiful Suzhou and Hangzhou are.)

[The Cold Mountain Temple was outside Gusu, and the sound of bells reached the passenger ships at midnight.] Zhang Ji, a famous poet, wrote this ever-lasting poem during the low point of his life.

(TL Note: Gusu was another name for Suzhou.)

After killing various demons and monsters, Su Tianji quickly arrived at the first big city in the game – Suzhou.

The world in the Legend of the Sword and Fairy was similar to the world that she lived in; a lot of warriors and cultivators were walking around.

As she played the game, Su Tianji realized why many people liked Ling, who was gentle, pretty and considerate.

The night market added hints of joy that enchanted Su Tianji, and the pedestrians walked on the busy streets. The Legend of the Sword and Fairy was completely different from Diablo, where the players focused on finding items, killing bosses, and learning different skills.

Unlike the real-world, Su Tianji felt joy, calm, satisfaction, and passion. The game reflected everything that a person yearned!

Perhaps it wasn’t as action-packed as the other games, but it exposed all the pleasures of the world and the beauty of individuals.

This game was so mesmerizing that those feelings lingered in the players’ minds!

When playing games, the best state of mind was to forget about training and cultivation. Rather than fussing over levels and skills, the players should stop what they were doing and enjoy the game wholeheartedly.

“Ling, you’re so cute! Let me buy you some sweets!” Su Tianji felt relaxed as she immersed herself into this life-like game and enjoyed this rare, peaceful time.

“These accessories are really pretty. Ling, try them on!”

“This hairpin is really pretty too; try it!”

“Ling, the floral lights are really pretty too!”


Although Su Tianji missed the point of the game, she was having fun.

“This game is interesting…” Su Tianji muttered to herself. The others were playing the Legend of the Sword and Fairy for the cultivation, but she turned it into a dating simulation game.

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