Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 88 - A New Routine?

Chapter 88: A New Routine?

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– Inside the internet café –

“Heaven-level sword technique! After this, I will be able to at least master a heaven-level sword technique!” the Yinlong Elder shouted impulsively.

He came today to pay his respects to the Liquor Sword Immortal and further his study of sword techniques. However, now he felt a thirst for this powerful sword technique!

Dumbstruck, he muttered, “Castellan An, what kind of artifact is this? How did I master a heaven-level sword technique so quickly?”

“Uh…” An Huwei explained, “Daoist Yinlong, it’s just a demo.”

“Demo?” Yinlong Elder froze. Before he could digest what ‘demo’ meant, he was sneak-attacked by that old ugly monster and woke up from his dream!

“Damn, how dare you hit me, Old Lady!” In the screen, Auntie Li was beating Li Xiaoyao up with a wok. At this time, Li Xiaoyao had zero martial arts skills, so the Yinlong Elder had to endure a beating! The good news was that the others didn’t really understand what was going on. Otherwise, it would be super embarrassing!

An Huwei felt awkward. This old man came without any understanding of the game?

To avoid further embarrassment, he quickly taught the three what the game was and what computers were.

After listening to An Huwei’s explanation, they finally understood what was going on. “Liquor Sword Immortal is a character in the game?”

“He’s not a real person?”

“I can’t believe that we had so much respect for him!” Wang Kuan felt like he had been deceived.

However, after An Huwei told him that the sword control technique was real, he looked at the screen with a dramatically different expression!

What is good about meeting an elder? Wang Kuan couldn’t do anything but pay respects and take good care of an elder. But the sword control technique is different! I can learn it!

At this thought, Wang Kuan’s eyes lit up.

As a man of status, Wang Kuan was intelligent. He knew what it meant to learn a powerful skill like the sword control technique.

If it were possible to master this convenient and powerful technique, the world that they lived in would undergo a revolution!

For a split second, he felt like snatching these spiritual artifacts and taking this technique for himself!

However, even Nalan Hongwu was playing the game obediently. Wang Kuan knew that if he were to do anything, he would probably have an ugly ending.

Su Tianji, on the other hand, felt like the world had changed after she came out of seclusion cultivation! She stared at the screen in front of her curiously and thought, How is a spiritual artifact like this created? Moreover, who created this artifact and the sword control technique!

Xiao Yulv who was kicked out abruptly finally managed to get up from the ground. He cursed in his head, Who the f*ck dared to do this to me? If I find them, I’m going to kill them!

Never did he think that he would be kicked out for the third time! Moreover, he didn’t know that it was his aunt, who was supposed to back him, that ordered him to be thrown out!

“I need to figure this out!” The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Therefore, he pushed open the door of the shop again.

As soon as he went in, he saw Su Tianji. She was wearing a white robe, and behind her were a couple of her female disciples also in white. Their presence drew quite the attention!

Xiao Yulv realized that his aunt was standing in line! He rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple more times. Am I seeing this right?

Yes! That woman was his aunt, Su Tianji!

What is going on? Is she still that genius cultivator of her generation? After I got kicked out, she stood in line obediently?

Xiao Yulv felt like his world was crumbling around him!

He immediately walked up to her and saw something even more unbelievable; powerful individuals like An Huwei, Ouyang Zhen, and the Yinlong Elder were all standing neatly in line!

How is this possible? Why would people of their status stand in line at a small shop like this? An Huwei is the castellan; why is he standing in line? That person must be a fake, right?

Xiao Yulv looked at them in bewilderment, and his face became as pale as a ghost’s!

“You’ve finally come to your senses?” Noticing his presence, Su Tianji glanced at Xiao Yulv.

“Uh…” He looked at Su Tianji who was standing in line. For a split second, he wondered if the Su Tianji standing in front of him was an imposter. However, when his gaze met hers, the coldness in her eyes made his entire body tremor like a scared little bunny!

“Tell me what happened between you and this shop.” Su Tianji thought back at Xiao Yulv’s actions angrily and seemed to understand what happened. “You sure gained a lot of courage while your grandpa and I were in seclusion cultivation!”

Xiao Yulv’s heart sank after hearing his aunt’s words. Then, he glanced at An Huwei and the others who were patiently waiting in line.

Did I really offend someone I shouldn’t have? It’s just a tiny little shop! Xiao Yulv thought with a complicated expression on his face as he cursed over and over again, All I did was be pretentious here; who did I offend?

He had no choice but to tell Su Tianji everything that had happened.

Upon hearing this, An Huwei trembled with fear but also sighed in relief. If this little brat didn’t provoke the owner and wasn’t struck by lightning, no one would know how powerful this place is. If I did what Xiao Yulv did, the city might be in trouble!

Therefore, he immediately said, “In my opinion, the shop didn’t lose anything, so as long as you stop provoking the owner, he won’t make your life hard. That’ll be the end of that. However…” He shook his head and continued, “The rules in this shop will never change, so don’t expect to play games here in the future.”

Su Tianji felt the same way, so she waved her hand in annoyance. “Go and apologize to the owner. If he’s willing to forgive you, then you can put this entire incident behind you.”

“You want me to apologize?” Xiao Yulv pointed at himself in bewilderment.

Apologizing is so embarrassing!

“Am I supposed to apologize for you?” Su Tianji glared at Xiao Yulv with her hazel eyes.

“I’ll… go right now!” Xiao Yulv jumped up in fear. Even though she was lining up in this small shop, she was still Su Tianji!

He was terrified of her!

Fang Qi and Shen Qingqing were discussing how to publish the official Diablo novel.

The most popular novel right now was Celestial Warrior, but it only sold a couple of thousand copies in Jiuhua City. Therefore, Shen Qingqing wanted to create 1,000 copies for the time being. The less they published, the more they could pay attention to the overall quality.

They already made plans to publish the official novel with Dongguan Book Forest, the biggest bookstore in the city.

However, Fang Qi made some suggestions to the frontpage design and layout, which would take a little longer to finalize. Therefore, they weren’t in a hurry and were currently talking about the other details.

Suddenly, Fang Qi saw Xiao Yulv walking up to him and couldn’t help but laugh in his mind. You’re here again?

He was just about to tell the system that someone was causing trouble when Xiao Yulv took a deep breath in, paused for a couple of seconds, and said with a red face and gritted teeth, “I’m sorry for offending you in the past!”

He may be apologizing, but he was actually cursing Fang Qi in his head.

Surprised, Fang Qi thought to himself , Is this dude changing up his usual strategy?

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