Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 21 - Just Play the Game, Don’t Smash My Door

Chapter 21: Just Play the Game, Don’t Smash My Door

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If the system had the T-Virus, what about the other things in the game?

What about rocket launchers and Magnum Revolvers… and more?

Did the system have those as well…

“The host does not have enough authority, please continue to advance your authority.”

Quickly, Fang Qin’s questions were answered.

“Authority? Does that even exist?” curious, Fang Qi asked, “Where can I see how much authority I have now and what I can do with it?”

“You don’t have enough authority to check.”


“Forget it, I knew I couldn’t rely on you, System,” Fang Qi replied, feeling dejected.

The T-Virus with no side effects.

Fang Qi was a little emotional as he looked at the light blue syringe in his hand.

Then, he slowly injected the liquid in the syringe into his body, feeling the ice-cold liquid entering his arm, circulating around with his blood, and spreading to his limbs.

Just then, he suddenly felt an unbearable pain coming from his body!

An amazing power emerged from his body; the power was so strong that it was about to rip him into pieces!

Fang Qi’s heart sank. “Didn’t you say there weren’t any side effects?”

“It’s the inevitable reaction to powering up,” the system explained. “No side effects means that you won’t become a zombie.”

“…” Fang Qi felt like his body was on fire, and the flames seemed to be engulfing all his cells, blood, and even bone marrow!

The extreme pain made Fang Qi dizzy; he fell onto his bed, about to faint at any second.

Suddenly, the system’s voice sounded again, “Host, I suggest that you don’t faint, or else the effect of this virus will go to waste.”

“…” Fang Qi clenched his teeth; he never sensed so much pain in his entire life! All the cells in his body were ripping apart!

Moreover, he couldn’t faint!

In order for this valuable virus not go to waste, he had no choice but to keep holding on!

A nonstop pain continued attacking his body, and he felt like a ship in the ocean during a storm, about to capsize at any time!

He just wanted this pain to pass, as quickly as possible. Yet, time seemed to work against him by passing extremely slowly, like a snail, slowly edging forward!

Time elapsed, bit by bit, and Fang Qi didn’t even know how he survived. The pain disappeared on the morning of the next day.

The crowd outside was going crazy.

A big group of people were gathered outside already.

“Why isn’t the owner opening the shop?”

“Isn’t the shop supposed to open at 8 AM? What time is it now?” Wu Shan complained as he looked up at the sun that was shining brightly in the sky.

“It’s almost noon, isn’t it?” Blackie paced back and forth. “I was just about to solve the Book of Curses. Why isn’t the owner opening his shop?”

“Did he oversleep?”

If humans could choose their fates, no one would want to fall behind.

Moreover, this was a world where the weak fell prey to the powerful, and strength wielded prestige.

Playing games helped him train? Ever since Xue Ming found out about this, he immediately lost his cool.

Therefore, he woke up early this morning, just so he could advance his game progress and find some clues that Xu Zixin didn’t know about. This way, she wouldn’t be able to roll her eyes at him so often anymore.

“I can’t believe this shop only allows me to play six hours a day!” At this thought, he kicked away the rock on the road, obviously still angry about what happened yesterday.

“If…” He suddenly remembered Fang Qi saying: “Those who do not abide by these rules will be asked to never return”, and instinctively forced himself to stay still, fighting the urge to smash open the door.

“Forget it! I’m doing all this for Zixin! I’ll endure it for now!” He sneered and walked up to ‘Origins Internet Club’. However, a bunch of people were waiting outside!

Liang Shi, Wu Shan, and the middle-aged man with sideburns called Yang Hai were all standing outside. In addition, there was Blackie, who came with Black Bear, a silly-looking man who was itching to kick down the door, and a short and skinny man called Black Mouse. Of course, these were just nicknames, not their real names.

“What are you all doing?” Xue Ming had a bad feeling upon seeing the group of people. “Why aren’t you inside?”

“It’s still closed?” He peeked inside and was immediately dumbfounded. “Isn’t the shop supposed to open at eight?”

“We don’t know either.” Liang Shi felt like this man looked familiar and automatically assumed that Xue Ming was a Resident Evil player as well. He smiled bitterly and replied, “Last time, the owner opened late because he added computers; maybe he added more today?”

“Maybe,” Blackie said, “The shop was at full capacity yesterday, adding more computers makes sense.”

“Should we… wait a while longer?”

Fang Qi lied on his bed weakly. It’s finally over…

He didn’t want to experience what he did last night ever again.

He moved his fingers and felt like his body seemed different from before.

Moreover, everything around him felt different!

He could clearly hear flies flying in the air!

Upon opening his eyes, he could even see every speck of dust on the wall!

Another hour passed by already.

“I can’t wait any longer!” Wu Shan shouted furiously. If Liang Shi didn’t stop him, he would have broken down the door already.

“Me neither!” Xue Ming never felt this anxious before. “If the owner doesn’t open soon, everyone’s going to be here!”

“Should I just break down the door?” Blackie said, “It’s just a door; I can just reinstall a new one afterwards.”

“…” Liang Shi’s face darkened. “If you do that, the owner won’t let you in again.”

“What should I do then?” Although this was a small shop, the owner didn’t seem ordinary at all. Blackie thought back at the shop’s rules and decided that he couldn’t offend the owner. “I can’t do anything!”

“You’re right; it’s infuriating!” Wu Shan slapped the door. “I felt like I only played for a little while yesterday, but he said that six hours went by! Time shouldn’t pass by that fast! How could the owner not let us play today!”

“…” Liang Shi fought his urge to laugh. “Brother Wu, I stood behind you and watched you play until my feet became sore yesterday. Trust me; it was six hours…”

“…” Feeling embarrassed, Wu Shan slammed the door. “Then, six hours are not enough!”

The shop left of Fang Qi’s used to be owned by an old man, but it hadn’t been open in a while. Apparently, his family moved away after his son became an academic. The shop right of Fang Qi’s, on the other hand, was a bun shop. This was where Fang Qi bought breakfast every morning.

The shop owner, Auntie Wang, felt that it was weird to see so many people huddled in front of Fang Qi’s shop. “What are you all doing in front of his shop?”

“Um…” Liang Shi asked after he bought some buns. “The owner didn’t open his shop yet; isn’t he supposed to open at eight? Do you know what happened?”

“Uh…” Auntie Wang shook her head. “I was wondering the same thing. Fang Qi comes to my shop this time every morning to buy buns; why is he so late today? Maybe you should shout and see if he can hear?”

“Shout?” They looked at each other.

“I’ll do it,” Wu Shan thought about it and said; this was a better idea than breaking down his door.

Fang Qi still felt some pain all over his body, but it was much better than last night.

He noticed black sweat all over his body, so he quickly hopped into the shower. However, halfway through his shower, he heard noises come from downstairs.

He quickly looked out the window and saw a bunch of people outside his shop.

…What time is it? Fang Qi’s heart sank; was he late?

– Downstairs –

The city guards noticed this abnormality as well, so a group of armored guards walked up to the group and asked, “What are you huddled here for? I saw you standing out here early in the morning, and it’s been more than half an hour. Why are you still waiting here?”

“Oh, and the one with the beard, why are you shouting so early in the morning? Are you trying to cause trouble?”

“…The one with the beard?” Wu Shan’s face became even darker upon hearing this.

Thank goodness that he didn’t bash in the door just now, or else he wouldn’t be able to prove his innocence! If others found out that he was arrested by the city guards because he couldn’t play a game, every warrior in the city would laugh at him for at least a year!

“F*ck, I want to curse!” Wu Shan was furious, while Blackie smiled and made way for the city guards. “Please!”

“Humph!” Wu Shan sneered. Although he was powerful, he wasn’t stupid enough to fight the city guards.

“I knew random warriors can’t be relied on!” Xue Ming looked around and stood out from the crowd. “I am Xue Ming from the Xue Family.”

“Xue… Family?” The city guard in front bowed down slightly at him. “I apologize for not recognizing you, Young Master Xue!”

“This little dude seems to come from a prestigious family!” Blackie mumbled quietly.

“He’s rich,” Wu Shan sneered.

Liang Shi smiled. “It’s okay. At least he’ll solve the issue quickly.”

“It’s fine.” Xue Ming put on his most icy and arrogant face but was actually laughing inside. “They’re just city guards; I can deal with anyone I want to!

The city guards immediately treated him with respect. “Could Young Master Xue tell us what’s going on? That way, we’ll be able to make a report to our superiors.”

After Xue Ming’s explanations, the city guards became more confused than ever. “Young Master Xue… are you’re saying that the owner won’t open this shop, and they’ve been waiting outside for an hour? So… what does this shop do?”

“Virtual reality?”

“Kill zombies?”

“Play games?”

The more they listened to it, the more muddled they became. One of the city guards muttered quietly, “Do you think we should check it out?”

“I think we should… over the past few days, I caught people leaving this shop every time during night patrol. They’re all young masters that I can’t do anything about. Something’s off about this place.”

“We shouldn’t act rashly! These people are all of high status; let’s make a report to our superiors first and then decide what to do.”

Just then, Fang Qi finally came downstairs to open his shop.

He stuck his head out and asked, “Why are you here so early every morning?”

“It’s open! It’s open!”

“Sir, why did you just open?” Someone immediately began to complain.

“Did you get new computers again?” The group looked inside but didn’t see any changes. “Sir, did you oversleep?”

Fang Qi awkwardly touched his nose; technically, he did oversleep.

“Forget it,” the group poured into Fang Qi’s shop. “Sir, tell us the truth. Did you get anything new today?”

“Anything new?” Fang Qi nodded. “Yes.”


“More computers?”

“New games?”

“Did the movie you mention yesterday come out?”

They all looked at Fang Qi with anticipation.

“Uh…” Fang Qi pointed at himself. “Does accidentally breaking through this morning count as something new…?”


“…Uh… Sir, you can’t play us like that!” Liang Shi said, looking dejected.

“Good job, Sir…”


“Can’t you have picked another time to break though?” The group of people was speechless; they couldn’t even complain anymore since they couldn’t stop Fang Qi from breaking through.

The owner killed the Tyrant yesterday, and he broke through today? Does that mean he is now even more powerful? they thought and couldn’t help but be more respectful toward him.

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