Black Tech Internet Cafe System

Chapter 20 - Ambition with the Internet, T-Virus Without Side Effects

Chapter 20: Ambition with the Internet, T-Virus Without Side Effects

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“Sir, how did you do that? Let us try too!” At some point, the three warriors in black huddled behind the crowd.

“Blackie? Why are you here?” Wu Shan’s expression darkened upon seeing them.

“If you can come, so can we!” The man called Blackie burst out in laughter.

15 minutes later…

“Hey, so I’m the main character of this game? I’m going to find all the bad guys hiding in here! You can’t scare me!”

“Hahaha! These little brats can’t beat me down! After I find all the treasures in here, I’m going to flip this place upside-down!”

“When all four masks fall into place, evil will awaken… Look at what I found! Will this [Book of Curses] contain the answers to the conspiracy behind the scenes?”


Speechless, Fang Qi looked at his internet café, which had once again reached full capacity, and said, “Okay, you all can take over and save the world now…”

Soon, it was noon. Fang Qi rubbed his empty belly and was wondering if he should go out and buy himself some food to eat.

However, before he could even get up, a bunch of people surrounded him.

“What are you all doing?”

“Sir, do you take disciples?”

“500 to take disciples, 3,000 to teach you everything, and it’s extra to play for you. Oh, remember to buy some shredded pork biscuits for me…” Fang Qi randomly answered.

(TL: This is a catchphrase used by a lot of gamers in China when playing online games.)


“I’m sorry, force of habit,” Fang Qi touched his nose awkwardly and said, “Don’t tell me you are all here to be my disciples?”

“What was the weapon you used in the end? Can we obtain it as well?”

“How are these weapons made? Do weapons like this really exist?”

“How do you feel after passing the level, Sir?”

“What do you plan to do after this?”

“This game isn’t over, right? Is there Resident Evil Two?”


“Quiet down. Ask your questions one by one, okay?” Fang Qi felt like there were 10,000 flies flying around him, giving him a headache.

“I’ll start with the first question,” Fang Qi replied. “The last weapon is called a rocket launcher. You can obtain it as long as you use Chris or Jill and injure the Tyrant enough, so it advances to the Second Form.”

“Then, can we make a weapon like that?” Xu Zixin looked at Fang Qi with excitement in her eyes. If she could make a weapon like that in real life, even a regular warrior would be able to fight against powerful cultivators.

Amused, Fang Qi looked at her with a smile. He wanted to tell her that it was just a game, but since those things really existed, he nodded and explained, “Of course, I think it’s possible to mimic a weapon like this. But, the theoretical knowledge that is required to make it happen is extremely complex.”

“Really…?” Xu Zixin frowned. Although her family held prestige in Jiuhua City, hiring a cultivator to research and make a weapon like this still required careful consideration. “What about Resident Evil Two? What is going to happen to the Umbrella Corporation?”

She couldn’t wait to find out the next plot.

It was obvious that Wesker was just a member of the Umbrella Corporation, and this mansion wasn’t Umbrella’s Headquarters. Therefore, what would the main characters’ fates be like? Would Umbrella plot more conspiracies?

“There’s no Resident Evil Two at the moment,” Fang Qi replied with a smile.

“There’s no Resident Evil Two?” The group was disappointed, “Then when will we know…”

“I think Resident Evil One: Movie Version should be here soon; you’ll be able to see what happens to the Umbrella Corporation then.”

“Movie Version?” No one knew what this new vocabulary meant. “What’s a movie?”

“You’ll know when you see it…”

“When is that…?”

They all knew that the name of the game they were playing right now was Resident Evil One: Virtual Reality Remake, and what Fang Qi mentioned was Resident Evil One: Movie Version. What was the difference between the two?

When Fang Qi began playing this morning, the early birds began as well. By the time Fang Qi passed the game, they were all behind him, watching.

Newcomers like Blackie took this opportunity and found empty spots to begin playing.

“No wonder everyone’s talking about this shop, this game is amazing!”

“Why can’t I kill the zombies?”

“I think the owner hit their heads, try the head!”

“Woah! This trap almost got me!”


Seeing these newbies trying to kill zombies in a hectic manner, specks of pride appeared on Song Qingfeng’s face.

“It’s our turn!” Song Qingfeng declared passionately. He was one of the earliest customers of the internet café, so his progress was more advanced than the others!

He was mid-way through the game!

“Wait for it; I’m going to kill hunters today!” After seeing Fang Qi killing hunters with his dagger, Song Qingfeng began imitating him by using a dagger as well.

On the screen, Song Qingfeng’s character held a dagger in his hand and diligently bent down. Across from him, it was a zombie with its back against him.

He didn’t see hunters yet, so he decided to kill zombies first to get himself warmed up.

“He’s using just a dagger?”

“He’s imitating the owner and trying to kill zombies with a dagger?”

“The owner used his dagger and killed the hunters with such ease!” Xu Zixin’s expression lit up upon seeing this. “I’m going to try tomorrow as well!”

The players whose time limits were up still didn’t get enough of the game, so they decided to watch the others play.

Talented young men who held high statuses like Song Qingfeng, Lin Shao, and Xu Luo were used to being admired by others and stared at wherever they went.

However, for some reason, ever since they began playing this game, they enjoyed being watched and fawned over.

“Let’s try our best!” Song Qingfeng muttered quietly to the others, “Let’s become the second group of people to kill hunters!”

He saw how Fang Qi killed zombies in a split second. Therefore, he quietly went up to the zombie from the back and stabbed its temple before furiously churning his dagger!

“He’s not bad!” The people behind him exclaimed as they saw the zombie fall dead onto the floor.

“There are so many traps in this room… It’s so annoying…” Wang Tai was one of the earliest players of Resident Evil One. Although his daily game time was, on average, two hours less than Fang Qi, his progress still came out on top.

There were already a few people who reached their daily limit standing behind him.

They saw a shotgun in Wang Tai’s hands. “Look! How did he get a shotgun!” they exclaimed.

“Someone obtained a shotgun?” Song Qingfeng glanced over at Wang Tai and said to his buddies, “We need to hurry up!”

“My character is next to that room. Let me go try,” Lin Shao said. “Let’s work together and try to pass the game before anyone else does!”

“Okay. I, Song Qingfeng, owe you each a favor!”

“Zixin, how do I play this?” Shen Qingqing was more casual when it came to playing games. After she started, she only looked around curiously.

“Ah, that’s simple! Go over there first to kill a zombie…” Xu Zixin smiled as she helped her friend, feeling proud of herself. “I will teach you from my own experience!”

Resident Evil was a classic game. With Fang Qi’s system’s black technology, the originally small and quiet shop became quite popular.

After the day ended, Fang Qi looked at how much he made. With 11 computers, he made almost 300 crystals today. 300 more and he would’ve completed his task.

300 crystals a day was an income that he didn’t even dare to imagine in the past! Although the system only gave him 10%, he still made more than a dozen crystals in one day!

Adjusted to the prices and purchasing powers in this world, one crystal was equivalent to several tens of thousands of yuan in his previous life. (TL: Around $10,000 USD.)

“It seems like I’m going to become one of the richest people in this world soon!” Fang Qi thought enthusiastically. He could see himself buying the most prosperous land in every city and opening internet cafés everywhere. He would turn the local area network into a real internet!

Suddenly, Fang Qi received a notification from his system.

“You have received a gift from the system.”

“The host is now a qualified internet café owner. This gift is a reward, and the host should continue the hard work.”

“A gift? You’re usually so stingy, what happened?” Elated, Fang Qi quickly opened the gift.

[One perfect T-Virus without side effects.]

T-Virus without side effects? No side effects!

This was unbelievable!

He remembered that the main female lead, Alice, obtained supernatural powers after injecting herself with a T-Virus that had no side effects in the Resident Evil Movie Version.

Did the system just give him the same one that Alice got?

This is so freaking awesome! he thought.

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