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Chapter 150 - Such a Beautiful Person Must Be a Guy

Chapter 150: Such a Beautiful Person Must Be a Guy

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The Diablo novel became so popular that one could hear people talk about it in any restaurant within the prosperous areas of Jiuhua City, including Tianfu Street and Jiuhua Avenue.

Even people who hadn’t been fans of novels were hooked due to their curiosity.

The totally different world and the novel setting in a book might not bring them any visible benefits, but it could broaden their minds and teach them things that they had never seen or imagined before.

In fact, some independent warriors and cultivators traveled around the world just to explore the unknown.

When they learned that the story described in the novel existed in a small shop in a semi-real way…

“Does that small shop have Diablo?!”

“Hush! It’s not some addictive drugs! In my opinion, it’s just so good that it enthralls people!”

“No wonder some people are eager to boycott this small shop. I think they do it because they are jealous!”

Besides Shen Cang and his friends, there were other Lingyun Academy instructors who were fans of Diablo. “Let’s go in and have a look!”

These guys wore bamboo hats, which showed that they didn’t want people to recognize them. They were instructors of Lingyun Academy, which was a place that was trying to suppress the Origin Internet Club with the greatest effort.

– Class A of the Huang House in Lingyun Academy –

The first few players of Lingyun Academy came from this class, and this class also received the most severe punishment. All the disciples in the class had been qualified to enter the national examination and gain fame in the examination, but now half of them had to stay behind.

For example, Xi Qi’s strength was close to Song Qingfeng’s. With his level 3 Master Warrior Realm, he had the power to defeat almost anyone from the Huang Houses from the three academies!

“You still can’t accept the unfair treatment?” Mu Hongzhu was teaching the class. “You all have strength but can’t use it. I understand how you feel. In the last two days, I’ve played Diablo.”

All the disciples froze.

Instructor Mu… She went to the internet cafe?

“Tomorrow, Mr. Fang will livestream the national examination in Jingshi. Do you want to watch it?” Mu Hongzhu asked.

Xi Qi, Xi Xiaoyun, and the other disciples who were left behind in Lingyun Academy looked astonished, and they were pleasantly surprised!

“Ahh! I love you, Instructor Mu!” Xi Xiaoyun was the first one to react, and she rushed up to hug Mu Hongzhu.

“Mr. Fang will livestream the national examination? Are you serious?” Xi Qi still couldn’t believe it. “Has he gone to Jingshi?!”

Mu Hongzhu nodded.

“Since Instructor Mu trusts us, I hope all of us will keep this a secret!”

“Then…” Xi Qi glanced around. “Is there anyone who wants to go and watch it?”


“Count me in!”

“There’s nothing that we can lose now! We’ll all go! Anyone who’s afraid of being discovered can wear a mask.”

“It has been a long time since I last went there. I feel stifled!”

When the news that the national examination would be broadcasted live spread to other classes in Lingyun Academy, some disciples secretly made plans to go and watch it.

Things continued to brew.

The venue for the combat test in the national examination was a huge oval-shaped stadium. When Fang Qi came to the audience stands, he looked down and estimated that the area could cover several soccer fields.

Fang Qi’s seat was in the north section of the stadium. He looked to his right and saw a young woman wearing a black floral royal dress; she looked noble and elegant. On her right was a handsome and muscular young man who was wearing a dragon robe with golden trimmings; he also looked lofty and grand.

On both sides of them were guests who were invited to watch the national examination, and they all looked powerful. Fang Qi even saw the Black Cloud Daoist, who was sitting in a seat not far from him.

Disregarding statuses, the disciples from the academies sat on the sides of the stadium, so it was convenient for them to enter the field.

Mu Donglai sat on Fang Qi’s left.

This area was probably reserved for the VIPs who were invited by the three academies to watch the examination.

Some distance away from the VIP area, there were the central seats where the organizers of the national examination sat.

An old man who was wearing a black robe was resting there with his eyes closed.

Sitting on his left were several old men. Even though they were too far away for Fang Qi to sense their presences, his instinct told him that they were all very powerful.

Sitting in the middle of these old men was a dignified middle-aged man who was wearing a black dragon robe. Everyone knew who he was.

Bored, Fang Qi turned on the livestream.

-In the internet café-

“The shop owner turned on the livestream?!”

“Where is it?!”

“The national examination has begun?”

People began to shout when the big screens were turned on.

[Sir! Look to your right!] An Cheng exclaimed and sent a bullet comment.

[Right? You mean the beautiful girl on my right? What’s wrong?] Since he would look weird if he murmured to himself, Fang Qi replied with a bullet comment as well.

“Beautiful girl?” Bu Che froze and then sent a comment, [Sir, you’re sitting there, but you don’t know anyone around you?]

[How did you get to sit here…]

[She is the Royal Princess …]

The audience members sent bullet comments to inform him.

[Sir, are you sure that you are not sitting in someone else’s seat?] Ouyang Cheng was stupefied. [The second person sitting to your right is the Second Prince!]

Fang Qi: “…”

The beautiful girl sitting next to me is the Royal Princess? The handsome guy to her right is the Second Prince? Fang Qi couldn’t help glancing at them since it was his first time seeing the royal family members.

“With so many members of royalty around him, this kid probably had to greet them in formal ways.” In the back of the crowd, An Huwei whispered to Li Haoran, “How did you arrange this for him?”

“Members of the Star-Observing Tower and Wuwei Daoist Alliance are exempt from the formal greetings,” Li Haoran said.

“Star-Observing Tower?! Damn!” An Huwei gave him a thumb-up. “The person sitting next to him is…”

“There is only one person from the Star-Observing Tower that people can see, Castellan An.”

“Mr. Mu?” An Huwei said with sudden understanding.

Meanwhile, the Royal Princess seemed to have noticed Fang Qi’s stare, and she glared at him with a cold expression.

With his face twitching, Fang Qi sent a bullet comment, [This girl is the Royal Princess? She looks fierce.]


[Sir! Your comment is lethal!]

[I have to say that I’ve never heard of anyone describing the Royal Princess with this word!]

[The Royal Princess excels in military strategy and national governance, and she’s a well-rounded genius in terms of fine arts and cultivation. I’m speechless at the shop owner’s appraisal!]

[She’s elegant, beautiful, and gracious!] It seemed like someone used all the good words that they could find.

“Is there anything wrong with my comment?” Fang Qi read the bullet comments on the System Interface with the communication jade in his hand. [At this moment, aren’t you supposed to say, ‘Such a beautiful person must be a guy’?]

[TL Note: This strange phrase originated from Japan, but it took on a form of its own in China. Since there have been so many male cosplayers cosplaying as cute girls, a lot of people are afraid of being fooled and would rather think that the beautiful girls are guys to lower their expectations. Similar to the slang term, Trap.]

“Such a beautiful person must be a guy?”

An Huwei had been eating Haagen-Dazs while he read the bullet comments, but he dropped the small wooden spoon after hearing these words.

The other people who were watching the livestream looked at each other in confusion.

“Did the shop owner send that comment?”

[He probably wanted to say something like ‘girls are as strong as guys’.]

The audience members corrected Fang Qi’s words and praised themselves for being smart.

Ugh… You all interpreted this sentence in this way? Fang Qi’s face twitched. Well, I think you can interpret it this way. Maybe…

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