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Chapter 149 - Keep a Low-Profile! Keep a Low-Profile!

Chapter 149: Keep a Low-Profile! Keep a Low-Profile!

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“Hu…” While glancing around the crowd, Song Qingfeng felt frustrated. “Among the four houses, our Huang House has the lowest cultivation strength, right?”

“This Huang House has talents!” While the disciples were taking the civil test in Shengjing Academy, they were surrounded by the bustling crowds. “For example, Nalan Mingxue from Lingyun Academy has reached the peak stage of the Official Warrior Realm!”

“Huangpu Jin from Shengjing Academy and Luo Yun from Xiyi Academy are all at the peak stage of the Official Warrior Realm!”

Since the three academies had strict requirements on age, most of the disciples of Huang House were still at the Body-Forging Realm.

At the Body-Forging Realm, the warriors were trying to temper their bodies, and it would take a long time. Even if they started practicing when they were very young, they had to spend a long time on it. Before they got their bodies prepared, none of them would try to achieve a breakthrough.

Song Qingfeng stared at Nalan Mingxue and gave her a thumbs-up, saying, “Your realm is really high… You will reach the Grandmaster Warrior Realm soon, and you showed only the peak stage of Official Warrior Realm in the test? Shame on you!”

Nalan Mingxue said in a low voice, “I didn’t want to scare them. It’s enough that I got a high mark.”

With his face twitching, Song Qingfeng said, “That’s a good point. Later, we’ll show the middle stage of the Official Warrior Realm in the test…”

“Young Master Song, you can show the strength of a level 6 Official Warrior, and we’ll show level 4 or level 5,” Lin Shao said.

“Hey! Little kids from Huang the House! I see you guys again!” Liu Shijie, who once had a confrontation with Song Qingfeng and his friends, walked over behind a deep-eyed warrior who was wearing a black warrior suit and carrying a black sword on his back.

“You know them?” The black-clothed warrior didn’t glance this way as he continued, “Come on! Don’t be late.”

“Is he Wang Kun from the Xuan House of Lingyun Academy?”

“The No.1 Warrior on the Lingyun List from the Xuan House!”

“Who’s the guy walking behind him?”

These two came here to get the warrior qi test, and the results came out soon. “Wang Kun! Peak stage of Master Warrior Realm! Liu Shijie! Level 7 Master Warrior Realm!”

At this moment, Xu Zixin was still hesitant. “Qingqing, shall we reveal our strengths?”

“Ugh…” Shen Qingqing felt her strength, which was at the sixth level of the Grandmaster Warrior Realm. Xu Zixin was at the fifth level of the Grandmaster Warrior Realm, and they were both from the Xuan House.

While other Xuan House disciples who achieved Grandmaster Warrior Realm had just gained the breakthrough, these two girls had obviously gained the breakthrough a long time ago!

“Don’t scare them…”

Xu Zixin glanced at Wang Kun who had just finished testing and said, “We’ll show the same strength as his.”


Soon, the test results came out. “Xu Zixin from the Xuan House! Peak stage of the Master Warrior Realm! Shen Qingqing from the Xuan House! The peak stage of Master Warrior Realm!”

“Well? Where did they come from?”

Many disciples of Shengjing Academy and Xiyi Academy were still around, and they murmured to each other, “Xu Zixin… I’ve never heard of this name before…”

“I’ve heard of her, but she used to rank in the middle of the Lingyun List.”

“Shen Qingqing?! Is this girl on the Lingyun List? How come I feel like I’ve never seen her before?”

“I know nothing about her. How did she enter the Lingyun List?”

“Something is wrong! Who on earth are these people from Lingyun Academy?! How come the Lingyun Academy suddenly have two more peak stage Master Warriors? And they both come from the Xuan House?!”

At this moment, another disciple of Lingyun Academy entered the test. “Guo Xiong! Level 5 Ancestral Warrior Realm.”


Gasps filled the entire area.

“Lingyun Academy has such a guy?!”

“How come I’ve never heard of him before?”

“Where did he come from?!”

“Guo… I don’t think there’s a big family named Guo in Jiangnan, right?”

“Is he a…”

“From an ordinary family?!”

This scary thought flashed across everyone’s mind.

“What’s happening in Shengjing Academy today? It’s so noisy here!” A girl wearing black clothes walked into the crowd. If Fang Qi was present, he would recognize her as the girl who sat on the big silver-winged eagle while he was flying toward Jingshi City.

“Here’s Senior Sister Xiao!”

“It’s said that Senior Liang has taken her as his disciple. She’s still in the Xuan House, but she is going out for experience trips already!”

“Tsk! Tsk! Extraordinary! She was at the peak stage of the Master Warrior Realm, right?”

“Xiao Lengyu from the Xuan House! Level 1 Grandmaster Warrior Realm!”

“Hiss… Grandmaster Warrior from the Xuan House?!”

“She can go to the Earth House!”

The disciples of Shengjing Academy were excited by the announcement.

– In the Yingtian Pavilion –

Mr. Mu shook his head and laughed, “The Fifth Prince isn’t the only one who is extraordinary. Xiao Lengyu, the granddaughter of an old duke, is in the Xuan House, but her cultivation strength has reached the Grandmaster Warrior Realm. As for the Heaven Houses… in the three academies, the Heaven Houses are their triumph cards. The disciples in these houses have the longest training and the greatest strengths!”

“Take Ying Zongxuan from Xiyi Academy as an example. He is less than 30 years old but has reached level 6 of the Ancestral Warrior Realm. I’m afraid that his current realm is now at the late stage of Ancestral Warrior Realm!”

“With the Cloud-Sweeping Scroll of the Ying Family and the Ying Dragon Seven Strike, the combat technique that he is practicing, he is almost invincible among his peers! So is Shengjing Academy!” Mu Donglai shook his finger and continued. “I wonder how many hidden cards Lingyun Academy has. I heard that Director Qin of Lingyun Academy wants to take first place in the competition, but I’m afraid that it will be a target which is difficult to reach.”

“Mr. Fang, do you plan on watching tomorrow’s combat test?” Mu Donglai said, “I think this national examination will be a good show.”

Fang Qi nodded. While taking out his communication jade, he found loads of messages in it.

[Mr. Fang! Why did you stop the livestream? I still want to watch! – An Cheng]

[Boss! I want to see Jingshi! Turn on the livestream now! – Jiang Xiaoyue]

[Continue the broadcasting! Since I can’t play games, I count on watching your livestream each day! – Xiao Yulv]

Fang Qi’s face twitched while he thought, Damn it! I’m the owner of the internet cafe, not a streamer! I can’t even have peace when I’m traveling…

Fang Qi tucked the communication jade into his pocket and said, “I’ll walk around the city today and watch the national examination tomorrow. Can just anyone go and watch it?”

“Of course not,” Mu Donglai said, “Tomorrow, you can come with me, Mr. Fang.”

– In the internet café –

“The boss ignored me!” Jiang Xiaoyue stomped her feet with a pout.

“This kid is ignoring me as well!” An Huwei was also frustrated.

“Me too!” Su Tianji had sent several messages.

“Continue messaging him! I don’t believe that he can ignore us forever!”

At this moment, Jiang Xiaoyue received a message in her communication jade, [Tomorrow, I’ll go and watch the national examination; I’ll continue the livestream tomorrow.]

“National examination?” Jiang Xiaoyue’s face was full of disdain. “That’s not fun!”

“The boss said that he will go and watch the national examination and broadcast tomorrow.”

Hearing her words, Mu Hongzhu’s body shook. He will broadcast the national examination tomorrow?!

She had wanted to watch this gala. Besides, the suppressed disciples in the class also wanted to watch their classmates win glory for them.

Maybe… I’ll bring all the disciples here tomorrow?

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