Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 19

Chapter 19.1: Luring the Grub

His gaze subconsciously looked to the side, where there was a half body’s length mirror.

A tall and straight backed figure was reflected in it, the head of hip length hair exceptionally striking, silvery white almost like snow.

At many a time, he was unable to differentiate whether it he was in his dreams or reality.

And this person before him, even after so long, still felt so unfamiliar.

After Little Yu died, he had followed her last wishes to sneak her outside. Unfortunately, that maniac of a man had cruelly not even wanted to spare her dead body.

Just as he was escaping from that devil’s nest with Little Yu’s body, he was discovered.

That man ordered the assassins under him to injure him heavily, and the man even went on to tear up Little Yu’s wedding gown before his eyes. The girl’s eyes were closed, her expression peaceful, so gentle and beautiful that she looked like a sleeping beauty.

She would never wake up anymore, never to move again, and wasn’t able to retaliate.

The girl whom he saw as a goddess, was made to suffer such humiliation even after her death.

He was being held down by several people. But right at that moment, an insane thought suddenly came into his mind. He wanted to kill this man, to kill this demon who sought to taint Little Yu!

A change seemed to come over his body at that moment, where the powers in him surged explosively. His black hair that was level with his ears suddenly grew long at an exponential speed, turning silvery white as snow as it spread out tyrannically, causing the assassins to release the grip on him subconsciously.

He saw the fear in the the man’s eyes, but a pity it was already too late. The one and only thought in his head was to tear him up to shreds!

He wanted the world to be covered in blood, to let the world that caused the girl’s death to never ever see the light of day again! !

He embarked on a berserk massacre and after that, he had suddenly found himself here in this strange world.

The only thing he knew was that this was a world completely different from the one he had been in, but there were similarities as well. The people here cultivate themselves as well, and the spirit energy here seemed to be denser, where cultivation progress was a lot faster than the previous world.

He had fallen into a deep sleep this time because he had reached the bottleneck of another level’s peak, where the power became uncontrollable, and going into deep sleep would allow him to slowly absorb that power.

Now his entire body was feeling incredibly relaxed, and just what kind of a level he had attained was something he did not know himself, as the way he cultivated was completely different from the people here afterall.

If Little Yu was still around, she would surely know!

“Little Yu…..” Qing Ye Li could not help but mutter softly, and his eyes suddenly narrowed as an audacious thought came into his mind.

Could Little Yu possibly still be alive?

Since he was still alive, then she who had already reached the Half Divine Realm could not possibly have fallen just like that!

That’s right, this must be the case. For a person who was so kind hearted, she should not disappear just like that. Maybe, she might have come to this strange lands just like him as well!

Qing Ye Li took a deep breath and his long slender hand stretched out, a silvery white pearl suddenly appearing in his hand.

“Nah, this is for you.”

“What is it?”

“It contains a sliver of my consciousness in there. If a day comes that you cannot find me or you encounter danger, crush it and I will be able to sense it.”

That bit of consciousness had been entrusted to him for so many years, and he could never bear to use the pearl. But now, he could only depend on it to find Little Yu.

“I am fine. I hope that everything is great for you as well.” Qing Ye Li closed his eyes, and without any more hesitation, he clenched his fist and crushed the pearl in his palm.

Hopefully, it was not too late.


The girl who was completely focused on her elixir refinement, suddenly felt a stab of stinging pain in between her brows.

Chapter 19.2: Luring the Grub

Seeing the elixir that was about to be successfully cultivated suddenly about to be ruined, she quickly bit down on the tip of her tongue and pushed another sliver of her mental power into it, just managing to save the elixir.

She then carefully kept the elixir in a specially crafted porcelain bottle before she heaved a sigh of relief.

“What just happened there?” Qing Yu muttered as she massaged her temples. That had touched her right in the core of her spirit, a feeling that had been so intimate and familiar.

Don’t tell me…..

“Impossible, that’s not possible. I must be mistaken.”

Qing Yu laughed as she shook her head to herself. She still had to resolve that troublesome problem today to repay the debt she owed and she didn’t have the time to think too much about it.

— Gathered Clouds Loft —

“Young….. Young Master Qing! What are you doing! ?”

Bai Zhi Yan stared in open mouthed surprise as the handsome looking youth very skillfully plucked the clothes off the man lying on the bed in just a few moves and the lad was just about to extend his demonic claws upon the man’s pants.

He quickly moved to stop the lad. “Why must you….. remove the clothes?”

Why was he the one feeling awkward instead when he asked those words?

The lad’s face was one of complete calm.

His good looking brow was raised up and he asked: “How am I going to find the grub’s exact location if I do not take off his clothes?”

“Must….. Must all the clothes be taken off?” Bai Zhi Yan’s face had flushed a deep red and it was a good while before he found his voice.

“No need.” Qing Yu replied indifferently and she went on to take off the pants on the outside, leaving the teensy tight little pair of shorts inside on him.

Bai Zhi Yan then blew out a long breath in relief. It’s alright, it’s still alright. If the demonic god knew that he had allowed people to pluck all his clothes off when he woke up, the Lord would surely have him killed.

Qing Yu’s gaze did not turn away as it swept over the man’s perfectly sculpted body, only coming to a stop right below the navel. There was a little creature the size of a fist sleeping comfortably there and snoring away, its body occasionally twitching slightly.

She pulled out an exquisitely crafted bottle out from her sleeve and pulled out the stopper. A refreshing fragrance immediately wafted out, the scent causing people to be slightly taken aback.

Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes widened in shock and he then began to look at that little porcelain bottle, his face seemingly a little pained. Such a supreme grade elixir, and they were really going to feed it to that despicable little worm?

That’s really infuriating.

The scent the elixir was giving out could not possibly be ignored and it was just too tempting. Even the ice and fire Yin Yang Grub which was soundly asleep twitched in its state of unconsciousness, its closed eyes beginning to swivel around in search for the source of the smell.

Suddenly getting excited and agitated, it could not help but to spread torment onto its host. Lou Jun Yao’s brows knitted up tightly despite being in his unconscious state, the colour of his complexion turning an ugly shade.

The next second, Bai Zhi Yan was horrified when he saw that a slight protrusion at the Lord lower abdomen started to move around, and he could hear a series of sounds that sound like the growl of a stomach when hungry going “goodoo”, “goodoo”, a highly terrifying sound.

Qing Yu narrowed her eyes and the corners of her lips curled up. She held the Essence Elixir between her fingers and held it up in the air right over the spot the grub was squirming. With the scent now closer, the worm was growing impatient. What was originally just a small protrusion started to swell up, to become a little bump.

This is the moment!

Qing Yu moved her hand forward a little, and then smacked it down hard right onto that bump. A little figure then broke out through the flesh of its host’s body, lurching ferociously straight at Qing Yu.

At the moment just before it got too close to Qing Yu, its entire body was suddenly caught and held under a powerful force, feeling like it was being crushed under a huge mountain as it fell heavily onto the ground, unable to climb to its feet at all.

Qing Yu did not pay it any attention after that but went on to stuff that elixir straight into Lou Jun Yao’s mouth. The elixir immediately melted in his mouth and it was swallowed down his throat.

“Damn you human! That is mine!”

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