Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please

Chapter 18

Chapter 18.1: Nightmare

“From today on, you shall take my name. Since I met you in the night, then why not I call you Ye Li!” (Translator Note: 夜离 – Ye 4 = Night, Li 2 = Parting, loosely translated as “departure of night”.)

“The Li in your name does not represent parting, but rather a reunion after a long time, because I will never abandon you again.”

“You bottled up gourd, why are you always so silent? If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that you’re mute.”

“Humans are selfish afterall huh? Little Ye, I had thought that such a thing would never happen to me, but all the bliss and joy were just an illusion.”

“Little Ye, we cannot….. see each other any more. I am getting married. I’m sorry that I cannot keep my promise.”

“Little Ye, live a good life. Don’t be foolish like me. In this world, there is no such thing as a true heart.”

“I’m sorry Little Ye, I….. am leaving.”

Blood, a lot of blood was flowing out from her body, and staining her pure white wedding gown.

From such a tiny little body, why is there so much blood?

In the end, the entire room was all covered in blood. Blood was beginning to spill out from inside her eyes, but a smile still hung on her lips.

“I must look very ugly like this. Haha. I did not think that I will die looking so ugly. Cough cough cough…..”

“You….. must not talk anymore…..” He was feeling panic for the first time in his life as he frantically wiped off the blood from the corners of her lips incessantly, the blood just would not stop flowing.

“Haha, Little Ye, it’s so bizarre. I am actually feeling that you are worried about me and are not longer that cold and emotionless wooden person anymore.” She had become so weak she could not move anymore, but to just lie limply in his arms. However, her mouth was still spewing out words that teased him.

“What must I do to save you? Tell me!”

“It no use. It was time that I should have soared, but unfortunately I failed, and was devoured instead. All my powers have completely dispersed…..” For one’s lifelong cultivation to have dispersed, such a fate to her was as good as having dug her own grave.

“You did that deliberately didn’t you? Why did you do that! ?” The man’s eye’s were red and bloodshot, his handsome face contorted and fiercely twisted up in rage. “You deliberately sought your own death didn’t you! ?”

“Haiz….. I can never hide things from you.” The woman said with a weak helpless laugh. “This is the first time I am seeing you dare to raise your voice at me. You’re really too much.”

She struggled very hard to raise a hand up slowly, to caress his cheek gently. “Promise me this. After I die, sneak my ashes out. Anywhere else is fine, but just don’t leave me in this place.”

“Live well you fool. Those people are still not aware of your abilities and only see you as a normal person. Otherwise, they would have tried all ways and means to make use of you. There will be no one to shield you when I’m no longer around. You must not forget. You must escape from here…..”

“You fools! Search them out right this instant! How could all of you lose them under your guard! ?” A flurry of hurried footsteps sounded outside. Those people had come, come to bring her back.

A large amount of blood suddenly spilled out from the corners of the woman’s lips and the exquisite and beautiful wedding gown on her body at that moment looked a garishly hair raising sight with the stark contrast between white and red.

“Little Ye, remember my words. Live out your life….. well.”

“I am very tired.”

Her body suddenly emitted a strong brilliant golden glow, that lit up the entire skies, incredibly blinding. When the light subsided, everything then fell back into silence.

The person in his arms no longer spoke, her eyes closed, her body cold.

She had died. The light earlier had been the essence of her soul departing from her body, to turn into fine dust and disperse into nothing.

The angry and frantic chatter of voices grew closer, but he seemed to not have heard a thing. He remained there in that position, his eyes empty and hollow.

Chapter 18.2: Nightmare

The scene when they had first met was still so clear in his mind.

That was such a fair skinned countenance with exquisite features, with crescent shaped eyes, and reaching straight for his hand, completely unbothered by the wretched state he was in.

“Are you willing to come with me?”

It was not an attempt to ask for his opinion at all as the grasp of a hand closed over his, holding him firmly without allowing him to refuse at all.

That small person was clearly being so warm but that tiny hand was instead bitingly cold. Clasped together with his warm hand, it sent a shiver running through him from the chill.

“Aiyah! I’m sorry, my hand is really cold isn’t it? It is caused by my method of cultivation. Haha~ Let’s do it this way. I’ll rub my hands together a bit and it will not be cold anymore.” She rubbed her hands together vigorously and breathed into her palms repeatedly. Watching that scene, it had looked rather silly.

He probably had not noticed the smile at the corners of his own lips.

After that, unexplainably, he who had always been highly wary towards all living beings in this world then just stuck his hand out on his own, to say in a restrained voice: “I’m not cold.”

Hearing that, the little person was taken aback a moment, and then held his hand happily, using him as a warming stove.

And for so many years, once winter came, she just love to be huddled together with him to keep warm.

No one would come to stick to him like this anymore!

No one would rascally stick their icy cold hand down the back of his neck to prank him anymore.

No one, would be able to give him the warm feeling his life had become so refreshing.

She had said: “You are not my servant, and also not my subordinate. You are not allowed to call me Young Miss. Since I call you Little Ye, hee hee. Then you can call me Little Yu!”

What a heartwarming name it was to call, but a pity he never dared to call it out that easily, as that would only bring trouble to her.

Hence, despite the disappointment on her face every time, he did not call out her her name.

They gradually grew up after that, and she no longer persisted on that.

The handsome looking man gradually regained focus in his eyes and his parched lips parted. Slowly, in an almost inaudible voice, his mouth spat out two words. “Little….. Yu…..”

Alas, she could not longer hear!

Never ever hear again…..

Waking up with his face streaked with tears once again, the man’s consciousness was seemingly still caught up in his dream.

A suffocating ache filled his chest. His heart was clearly still beating strongly but his body was incredibly cold. In that midsummer season, his body felt like it was enveloped with the icy winter’s chill.

This terrifying nightmare, was one he could not escape from ever since that time.

His hand clutched at his chest, he gasped heavily for air.

“Your Highness, are you alright Your Highness? You had a nightmare again?” The door was opened suddenly and a good looking youth parted the thin silk screen as he leaned over to pat the man’s chest anxiously. “Is this alright? Feeling better already?”

Qing Ye Li’s eyes flashed with an icy chill, and his huge hand swept out. The youth’s body flew out like a kite with a broken string, vomiting out a mouthful of blood.

“Your Highness, please quell your anger. Your subordinate had in a moment of anxiety breached the taboo. I beg for Your Highness to mete out your punishment!” The youth seemed to not have even felt the pain, as he knelt upon the floor, his head buried low on the floor.

This god of slaughter hated people’s touch the most. Regardless whether it was man or woman, anyone that got too close would die, and there had never been any exception before.

“Get out!” An icy cold voice that sounded like a demon from Hell boomed, causing the youth to quake violently, seemingly never expecting that he would be able to get out from this alive.

Recovering from stunned shock, he quickly retreated outside.

Qing Ye Li came down from his bed, and as he moved, a sliver of snowy white fell onto his shoulder.

His expression quickly turned to one of surprise.

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