Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 503 - You Need to Cover My Pink Lips

Chapter 503: You Need to Cover My Pink Lips

The main point was that she could only find Norman to help with the people around Steve.

[Let me think about it.]

Jian Qi sent a message and switched off her phone.

Her gaze seemed rather empty as she stared out of the window.

Steve was a powerful person. If she went to America and returned to that place, she might not be safe!

It might even be dangerous!

After all, people would eat each other’s bones at that place!

Moreover, she still had to do what she did in the past. Those things were not what she wanted to do.

Jian Qi’s eyes darkened.

She did not fall asleep that night…

At the same time, Tang Jinyu and Lightning returned home after chatting. They weren’t asleep, either. Instead, they were flipping through all the information about Jian Qi that Feng Yi had investigated.

Time passed by quickly. When Jian Qi returned to the army, she was called to the office by Tang Jinyu.

“Little Tang Tang, do you miss me?” Jian Qi smiled.

“Sit down. I have something to ask you!” Tang Jinyu said seriously.

Jian Qi was already used to Tang Jinyu’s unromantic behavior and sat down calmly.

Tang Jinyu stared at her for a long time. His gaze made Jian Qi’s hair stand on end.

Little Tang Tang, your gaze is weird!

“Instructor Tang, why are you looking for me?” Jian Qi smiled. Even though she felt that it was dangerous, she always had a bright smile on her face.

“I heard that you brought Crocodile home two days ago?”

Tang Jinyu’s tone was calm and emotionless. However, Jian Qi easily caught the main point. Moreover, this main point made her heart tighten.

He had indeed told Tang Jinyu!

That photo album should have been kept earlier.

“Are you jealous, Instructor Tang?” Jian Qi looked at him calmly, smiling brightly and winking at him.

“Answer my question properly.” Tang Jinyu stared at her seriously.

Jian Qi nodded.

“Crocodile said that you have a photo album at home from when you were young until now, isn’t it?” Tang Jinyu stared at her as he spoke. He didn’t let go of the emotions on her face.

It was as if he wanted to see through her soul.

It was quite frightening.

Jian Qi smiled calmly. “Instructor Tang, do you want to collect my pictures? I can give them to you for free. Do you want my signature? Or do you want my pink lips?”

Tang Jinyu stared at her. The girl in front of him looked at him calmly. She did not respond to his words.

If it were anyone else, Tang Jinyu might have believed that the person really did not know anything and was answering his question seriously.

However, she was none other than Jian Qi, a girl who was always acting.

To Jian Qi, acting was too simple.

Even if he were to expose her, Jian Qi would still smile at him.

Tang Jinyu lowered his gaze slightly and stared at her.

“Crocodile said that you are completely different from the photo album!”

“People change,” Jian Qi said calmly. “Instructor Tang, don’t tell me you haven’t changed?”

Tang Jinyu said coldly, “You seem to have changed a lot.”

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