Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 502 - He Might Have Targeted You!

Chapter 502: He Might Have Targeted You!

“Don’t you think that you used to be as gentle as a dream girl in the eyes of all men? Now, you’re…”

“What’s wrong now?” Jian Qi looked at him darkly. She took the salt and put it on the bowl of Crocodile’s instant noodles.

“You’re beautiful now!” Crocodile immediately changed his words.

Jian Qi put away the salt and said calmly, “I was acting before. Now, I’m Instructor Tang’s little fairy!”

Jian Qi said to Crocodile, “Take it out yourself!”

Then, she walked out of the kitchen.

Jian Qi’s smile faded slightly with her back facing Crocodile.

She had forgotten to put away the photo album. After all, it was a very difficult thing to explain.

If it were not for her face, no one would have believed that she was Jian Qi.

Hopefully, Crocodile would not tell Tang Jinyu about it.

That man was already suspicious of her. If she added another one, she didn’t know how long she could last!

Crocodile seemed to be very curious about what had happened to her in the past. He kept asking her about it, and Jian Qi easily fooled him.

Crocodile only left after he was done eating.

After closing the door, Jian Qi walked toward the sofa and picked up the photo album. She stared at it for a few minutes before opening it and looking at the pictures inside, sighing.

In the end, she held the photo album and placed it somewhere in the house.

Crocodile went downstairs and left. He couldn’t help but think about the photo album.

After all, a person couldn’t change so much in an instant.

They were all photos of their daily lives. It wasn’t easy for the media and the public to see them. They could only see the familiar faces around them.

The person that Jian Qi was most familiar with was Coco. Those pictures were taken either by Coco or her assistant at that time.

However, since they were all bare-faced photos without makeup, the assistant wouldn’t have kept them!

These pictures were taken from a young age. Moreover, Jian Qi’s aura did not seem to have changed much.

She was always so gentle and quiet.

But now, things had changed.

Crocodile held onto the steering wheel and frowned.

He felt that he should talk to Boss about this.

After all, Boss had not made any progress when he asked Feng Yi to investigate the matter.

However, he didn’t know if this news was a clue.

Boss kept staring at Big Sister Qi.

Crocodile took out his phone and made a call. “Boss, I have something to tell you.”

In the middle of the night, Jian Qi received a message from Norman.

[Steve asked me to investigate the girl who was with Ai Xi at the restaurant. He might have his eyes on you!]

Jian Qi looked at the message on her phone and frowned.

After a while, she sent him a message. [Then you can investigate the people around Steve and see if you can find any clues.]

Jian Qi was about to switch off her phone when it rang again. The other party sent her another message.

[I might be discovered if I act rashly!]

Jian Qi was rather upset with Norman’s cautious personality.

After all, the other party was someone who cherished his life. If she were to ask him to do anything that would cost his life, he wouldn’t be willing to do it!

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