Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 497 - You Can’t Take Advantage of Me, Painful…

Chapter 497: You Can’t Take Advantage of Me, Painful…

Tang Jinyu didn’t waste his breath on her. He pulled her along and left.

“Instructor Tang, what do you think of the pictures I sent you just now?”

Tang Jinyu’s face darkened when he heard that.

“I’ll deal with you later!” He said coldly.

“Little Tang Tang, is it okay for you to diss your little fairy?” Jian Qi looked at him.

Tang Jinyu pulled her away without saying a word.

However, the moment they came downstairs, the butler smiled and said, “Young Master, Old Master asked you to bring Miss Jian Qi to the study.”

“Get out of the way!” Tang Jinyu frowned. His tone was cold, and his aura was strong. It was suffocating.

The butler’s face darkened, but he did not move aside.

“Let me say it again. Move!” Tang Jinyu warned.

The butler had no choice but to stand aside.

Tang Jinyu had just pulled her away when Tang Xiao’s cold and serious voice came from behind. “Stop!”

Tang Jinyu stopped walking, but his hold on Jian Qi’s hand tightened.

Jian Qi could clearly feel his reaction.

She tilted her head to look at him while Tang Jinyu shielded her behind him. Then, he turned around and looked at Tang Xiao.

“Tang Jinyu, I order you to bring her to the study room now!” Tang Xiao said with a dark expression.

Jian Qi couldn’t help but laugh. They were clearly father and son, yet they were being so serious at home.

Sigh, she was indeed a femme fatale!

So beautiful!

Her Instructor Tang was so obsessed with her!

Jian Qi sighed narcissistically. Then, she said to Tang Jinyu softly, “He’s your father. Don’t insult him!”

Tang Jinyu turned around and glared at her. His gaze was clear. Shut up!

Jian Qi said in a deep voice, “Of course. If you really want to fight him, I can help you. But you have to consider the consequences. Firstly, he’s your father. Secondly, his military rank is higher than yours!”

Tang Jinyu listened to her chatter and wanted to beat her up.

If he wasn’t afraid that she would be wronged, would he be standing there?

“Tang Jinyu, bring Jian Qi to the study!” Tang Xiao said solemnly before turning around and walking toward the study.

Jian Qi poked Tang Jinyu’s waist. There was no fat at all.

Emboldened, Jian Qi pinched her waist.

Tang Jinyu grabbed her hand and glared at her. “Do you believe that I’ll throw you downstairs right now?”

Jian Qi looked at him sadly. “Little Fairy is feeling terrible. You can’t take advantage of me. It’s painful…”

Tang Jinyu sighed helplessly as he looked at her.

“Let’s go!”

That single sentence was enough to show that he had compromised.

Jian Qi blinked and smiled cunningly. “Can we eat tofu now?”

Tang Jinyu’s face darkened. “Do you really need a beating?”

“My heart hurts…”

“Actress, control yourself!”

Tang Jinyu held her hand and walked downstairs.

Jian Qi pulled him back. “Are you really going against your father? Let’s go and meet him. Aren’t you afraid of him?”

Jian Qi didn’t want to make things difficult for Tang Jinyu.

She already knew what Tang Xiao wanted to say just by asking her a few questions.

She knew that Tang Xiao wasn’t the only one who wanted to know about these questions. Even Tang Jinyu wanted to know about it too. Yet, he didn’t ask. However, she knew that he didn’t give up on investigating her.

Although Tang Jinyu was suspicious of her, she was still happy that he was protecting her.

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