Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 496 - Jian Qi, Come Here

Chapter 496: Jian Qi, Come Here

Jian Qi looked at Tang Yiyi.

Just when Tang Yiyi thought that Jian Qi was shy, she saw her smile. “To be honest, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I haven’t found a suitable chance!”

“Do you want me to help you? Do you want me to drug him or tie him up?” Tang Yiyi asked as she sat cross-legged on the bed staring at her excitedly.

Jian Qi couldn’t help but complain. Instructor Tang, you’re such a terrible person. Your sister is afraid that no one wants you, but she already thought of throwing you away!

“I think we should knock him out and tie him up!” Jian Qi said.

“But my brother is too strong. It’s not easy to knock him out!” Tang Yiyi said. “It’s faster to drug him!”

“Will it hurt his body?”

The two of them were happily discussing how to put Tang Jinyu in his place and forgot to inform him that Jian Qi was temporarily safe.

As such, Tang Jinyu was in a hurry. He was extremely nervous, afraid that something might happen.

Crocodile was still driving. He was waiting for news from a slightly more secluded place. Who knew that Tang Yiyi wouldn’t give him any news even after so long!

He couldn’t run around recklessly. After all, he wasn’t in any other place. The guards at the door were armed with guns.

Crocodile waited impatiently for a long time before he saw Tang Jinyu driving back.

Before he could get out of the car and greet him, he saw Tang Jinyu driving toward him without even looking at him.

Crocodile: “…”

He suddenly felt sad!

Why did he wait here for a few hours?

Tang Jinyu drove at a fast speed. When he reached the entrance, he immediately stopped.

He quickly got out of the car and walked toward the living room.

He scanned the entire living room but did not see Jian Qi. Just when he was about to ask the maid beside him, the butler walked over and smiled. “Young Master, Old Master wants you to bring Miss Jian Qi to the study!”

“Where is Jian Qi?” Tang Jinyu frowned.

“Miss’s room!”

Hearing the butler’s words, Tang Jinyu finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He thought that the girl was facing his father alone.

After all, Tang Jinyu knew Tang Xiao since he was young, so he was still worried about Jian Qi.

When they arrived upstairs, Tang Jinyu knocked on Tang Yiyi’s door. Before he could say anything, he heard their laughter. They seemed to be talking about something fun!

Tang Jinyu sighed. She was such a heartless girl. To think that he was worried that she would be wronged. It was obvious that he was worried about nothing.

This person didn’t seem to be bullied anywhere!

Wasn’t she fine now?

Tang Jinyu knocked on the door again.

After a few seconds, the door was opened.

Tang Yiyi looked at him in surprise. “Brother, you’re back?”

Tang Jinyu ignored her and said to Jian Qi, “Follow me!”

Tang Yiyi complained, “Brother, do you not want a sister now that you have a wife?”

Tang Jinyu ignored her complaints. “Jian Qi, come here!”

Jian Qi walked over calmly and smiled. “Instructor Tang, you’re fast! Did you come in a flying car?”

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