Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 486 - Are You Jealous?

Chapter 486: Are You Jealous?

Feng Yi shook his head. “I don’t know for now. I think I’ve already gotten a doctor’s license. But when I saw it just now, I was wearing a nurse’s uniform. I think it was just simple bandaging!”

Jian Qi did not think so.

Mu Zi seemed to have a strong faith in this place.

Otherwise, such a gentle girl wouldn’t have done such a thing.

She didn’t want her legs. She wanted to stay here!

However, in such a short period, she changed her path and became a doctor, returning to this place again!

Doctors were also war doctors. They would also be on the frontlines when they went on missions.

However, compared to them, they didn’t need to fight. They were in charge of rescue missions. Therefore, it wouldn’t be too harsh on her legs.

“Can I ask you a question? Why would Mu Zi want to come here?” Jian Qi asked.

She had overheard his conversation with Lightning the last time. In addition to the strange things he said, it was obvious that something was wrong. However, she couldn’t see through it.

Feng Yi and Crocodile looked at each other. They felt that it was better to leave quickly.

At that moment, the two of them had a tacit understanding. They quickly turned around and ran.

Jian Qi was speechless.

How could they say that there was no problem?

Jian Qi could clearly tell that it was a secret that he couldn’t reveal. Although she was curious, she wouldn’t force him to tell her about it since it was a private matter.

Jian Qi was about to go for training when she saw Tang Jinyu talking to Lightning.

She walked over slowly. As soon as she arrived, Lightning left.

“Instructor Tang?” Jian Qi waved at him and smiled brightly. “What were you talking about?”

Tang Jinyu looked at her annoying smile and said, “I’ll give you guys a break.”

“It’s a holiday, okay!”

Jian Qi blinked happily. “Where are we going on our honeymoon during the holidays?”

Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. He pursed his lips slightly and smiled in anger. “Didn’t you start training today?”

Jian Qi looked at his sinister smile. “Instructor Tang, are you going to torture your little fairy again?”

The girl looked at him as if he was bullying her.

Even though Tang Jinyu knew that she was a drama queen, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Clearly, he was angry. But at that moment, his anger seemed to disappear.

He couldn’t help but mock himself in his heart. In the end, he did something that went against his past actions.

“Go train yourself!”

Tang Jinyu then turned around and left.

Jian Qi smirked. How could she let him off so easily?

Instructor Tang, are you still my crazy Instructor Tang?

Jian Qi followed him and smiled. “So, have you thought about where we are going?”

Tang Jinyu scoffed. “Aren’t you always looking for Coco whenever you go back? Aren’t you going to look for him this time?”

Jian Qi blinked and smiled. “Are you jealous?”


Tang Jinyu rolled his eyes at her. Jian Qi smiled brightly and continued, “Instructor Tang, Lord Coco will be charmed by a man sooner or later. I’m more interested in you. Why don’t we talk about life and ideals?”

“You better go and train now. If I change my mind, you might be in great pain!” Tang Jinyu warned her coldly.

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