Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!

Chapter 485 - The Photo of You Kissing Boss Forcefully

Chapter 485: The Photo of You Kissing Boss Forcefully

Crocodile was furious. He turned around and glared at Feng Yi. “How dare you betray me!”

Feng Yi scoffed. This is my goddess. Who are you?

Jian Qi looked at Crocodile with a half-smile. “Alright, Instructor. You’ve become a paparazzi.”

Seeing how cold she was, Crocodile smiled brightly. “Big Sister, it was just a joke. Actually, Boss didn’t have it on his phone. It’s true.”

“Yes!” Feng Yi said. “He sent it himself. Leng Yu can’t even get it back!”

Crocodile: “…”

What did I do in my previous life?

Why did I meet this stupid teammate?

Did God send someone to torture me?

He seemed to have buried me alive!

“Instructor Crocodile, sure!” Jian Qi smiled.

However, her smile seemed rather threatening. It was just like the boss.

“Big Sister Qi, I have something for you. Can you write it off?” Crocodile smiled.

Jian Qi smiled. “What is it?”

“It’s a photo of you forcing a kiss on Boss… Oh, that’s not right. It’s a photo of you and Boss kissing passionately!” Crocodile immediately changed his words when Jian Qi smiled at him.

Jian Qi thought about it, and her smile deepened.

That picture!

“Since you’re so sincere, why don’t you wash the picture and frame it? Make sure that it’s a big picture and then give it to me and Instructor Tang!” Jian Qi said.

Crocodile smiled brightly. “Can I only give it to you?”

Giving it to Boss was like asking for death, okay?

Jian Qi smiled and looked at him gently. “What do you think?”

“Alright. I’ll give it to you!”

Crocodile laughed. He felt like vomiting blood. He hoped that Boss wouldn’t skin him alive after receiving the photo.

That photo clearly resembled Boss’s dark past!

He was kissed by Big Sister Qi!

It was rather shocking!

Even though the photo was extremely beautiful, it felt like a big picture!

The matter was resolved just like that. Crocodile was still waiting for Jian Qi to go and train, but he did not expect her to just stand there. He smiled and asked, “Big Sister Qi, aren’t you going to train?”

“You didn’t answer me. What were you guys talking about?”

Crocodile: “…”

Hence, the topic came back to the beginning.

Why did he change the topic just now?

Crocodile was upset.

“Speak. I’m still waiting for you two to gossip.” Jian Qi was rather excited as she looked at them with a wicked glint in her eyes.

Feng Yi felt that he couldn’t let his goddess understand him so easily. Hence, he said calmly, “Mu Zi is here!”

Jian Qi was stunned. Mu Zi?

“Who is she here to see?” Jian Qi asked. “Instructor Lightning?”

The three of them always liked to stay together, but Lightning wasn’t around. They thought that he was busy with something else.

Feng Yi shook his head. “No, Mu Zi was assigned to be the medical staff of the Special Fire Team.”


Jian Qi was even more confused.

Back then, in order to join and become a member of the Special Fire Team, Mu Zi’s leg was injured. It was too serious, and her injuries worsened. She couldn’t even do any extreme exercises!

This would undoubtedly ruin her future as a soldier!

At first, she thought that she would give up and leave. However, she never thought that Mu Zi would come back!

She even became a doctor!

“She’s here to be a doctor?” Jian Qi asked.

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