Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby

Chapter 249 - Chapter 249: Zuo Hancheng, No! (9)

Chapter 249: Zuo Hancheng, No! (9)

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“I can’t what?” The man’s hoarse voice sounded above her head.

Time and time again, he felt sorry for her, let her go, and indulged her little temper. In the end, this heartless girl wanted to return to the twisted world that belonged to her alone.

It seemed that he had been too gentle and indulgent with her all this time. That was why she dared to run away from home, dared to turn off her phone, and dared to run to such a dangerous place in the middle of the night. His heart almost jumped out of his chest when he drove over.

In the end, when she came back here, she actually dared to use such ridiculous words to reject everything he had given her.

His hand kept tightening around her waist. Anhao quickly raised her head and was about to bite his shoulder. Zuo Hancheng did not let her have her way and did not have any patience for this cruel little girl. At that moment, he suddenly grabbed her chin and lowered his head to kiss her.

This made Anhao feel that he was not Zuo Hancheng, but another terrifying man. However, his aura and everything about him was Zuo Hancheng, the Zuo Hancheng that she was afraid of.

He firmly restrained her hands that wanted to push him again. He deliberately made her feel uncomfortable and did not leave a trace of gentleness.

Didn’t they say that he was using her feelings to make her look like another person’s shadow?

Didn’t she repeatedly say that she wanted to retreat and return to her own world?

Didn’t she always think that he had a motive for his kindness to her and that he didn’t even have any feelings for her?

He would fulfill her wish!

“Gu Anhao, even if I picked up an ingrate, I would still wag my tail and pretend to be obedient. You’re worse than a wolf!”

Anhao heard him swear just now, and her heart was filled with mixed emotions. She was so terrified that she didn’t know if he was really going to do what was going to happen next.

Huang Amao was still in the car outside. Was he really not going to give her any leeway?

She was afraid and felt pain all over her body. She felt that Zuo Hancheng, who was not gentle at all, was very scary. However, she could not say a word of rejection after being kissed. She could not even curse.

When he finally let go of her, she was about to open her mouth, but the sound

that came out of her mouth suddenly turned into a muffled whimper. She did not manage to finish her sentence, and it turned into a low whimper.

It hurts…

Anhao gritted her teeth and raised her head, refusing to make a sound.

This was Anhao’s first time in her life.

A man who had always been gentle to her had given her the cruelest, most painful, and most unforgettable first time.

It was the first time he had deliberately made her unable to forget.

The sound of running water could be heard from the bathroom. Anhao sat on the bed in a daze. She looked at the black shirt on the bed and felt that something was wrong.

Enduring the pain all over his body, he reached out and took the shirt. He touched the shoulder of the shirt and froze.

He lowered his head and raised his finger, seeing the fresh blood on his finger.

Zuo Hancheng’s shoulder injury had only recovered for half a month. It had just healed not too long ago. Was it because he had been driving for such a long time that the wound had already been slightly torn? Then, because of her forceful pushing and hammering, the wound had opened again?

Anhao stared blankly at the shirt in her hands and the blood stains on her hands.

The blood on her hand seemed to be more glaring than the blood stain on the blanket that represented her first time.

When the sound of water in the bathroom stopped, she quickly put her shirt back to its original position and sat on the bed without moving. She even put her blood-stained hand behind her back.

Zuo Hancheng walked out without looking at her. He changed out of the towel and put on his clothes. He did not seem to care about the injury on his shoulder and the blood on his black shirt. After changing his clothes, he walked to the door and picked up the suitcase on the ground. He said coldly,”You have 15 minutes to get dressed.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his tall and cold black figure walked out of the door without looking back.

Bang! The moment the door was slammed shut, Anhao had a feeling that Zuo Hancheng might return again. She looked in the direction of the door in fear.

She sat there stiffly for four to five minutes before getting out of bed.

However, she almost lost her balance because of the pain in her legs and the soreness all over her body. After exhaling twice, she gave up on taking a shower. She was too lazy to care about cleanliness now. She planned to take a shower at the hotel later. Anyway, she had a change of clothes in her bag.

She picked up her clothes and put them on. Every time she raised her arms and legs, she felt as if her body had been disassembled.

After putting it on, she looked at the time. It was exactly fifteen minutes.

Anhao knew that she was lying to herself. She and Zuo Hancheng had been staying in the room for so long and Huang Amao had not knocked on the door. Obviously, he knew what had happened.

However, knowing was one thing, and facing other people’s gazes was another.

When she walked out, she saw the black Bentley parked outside the door. She felt so nervous that she could hardly breathe. Enduring the soreness in his body, he walked to the back door of the car and opened it before sitting inside..

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