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Chapter 248 - Chapter 248: Zuo Hancheng, No! (8)

Chapter 248: Zuo Hancheng, No! (8)

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Anhao widened her eyes and raised her hand to push him away, but Zuo Hancheng was not moved at all.

He had always been gentle to her and had never made her feel so close to danger.

He had never realized that there was such a huge difference in strength between the two of them.

In the past, she had thought that she was fearless because she had some self-defense skills. However, now that she was in front of him, she knew that once a man was really angry and he was serious, she would not be able to defeat his strength.

Anhao anxiously pushed his chest with her hand, but she could only feel her lips and teeth go numb from his deep and painful kiss. She was not used to Zuo Hancheng’s current state either, and her heart was in a mess. She did not know what to do. The moment she finally turned her head away, she said in a panic,”Do you think I look like Rongxue?”

Zuo Hancheng, who was about to kiss her again, suddenly stopped. He lowered his eyes and looked at her closely.

Anhao was pressed against the mirror cabinet by him and could not move at all. She stared back at him without fear, her eyes full of resistance.

Zuo Hancheng lowered his eyes and looked at her for a long time. Suddenly, he smiled coldly.

He smiled coldly and looked down at her pale smile under the dim light in the room. His smile was cold and mocking, and it made Anhao’s hair stand on end.

“Gu Anhao, I thought that you would feel it when I held you in my hands and took care of you. But the biggest mistake I made in my life was that I misjudged you.”

He looked at her coldly and suddenly stepped back. The hands that were supporting her body on both sides were pulled away from her without mercy.

Anhao, who had been panicking, was released in an instant.

However, the cold air around her invaded her body and made her shiver. When she looked at Zuo Hancheng’s cold eyes, she felt as if she was frozen from her feet to the top of her head.

“You don’t have a heart.”

Zuo Hancheng slowly backed away. His cold black eyes did not linger on her face for more than five seconds before he suddenly picked up the suitcase beside her legs and turned to leave.

Anhao turned around and felt as if all her strength had been sucked away. She slowly slid down from the mirror cabinet and squatted on the ground. She hugged her knees with her arms, and tears started to flow out.

The door was opened by Zuo Hancheng, and his figure disappeared through the door in the blink of an eye.

He had already taken her and Amao’s luggage out, so they definitely could not stay here tonight. Anhao sniffed, but she suddenly did not have the courage to stand up and walk out. She did not have the courage to look Zuo Hancheng in the eyes again.

It was clearly him who had wronged her, but why did it end up as him blaming her?

She didn’t have a heart?

Why did he think so?

However, the coldness and determination in Zuo Hancheng’s eyes when he walked away from her kept flashing past her eyes. She did not know why she was so flustered. She was even more flustered than when she saw Rong Xue hug him in the resting room that day.

Feeling that she was still surrounded by his cold air, Anhao squatted under the mirror cabinet and hugged herself tightly to keep herself warm.

But it was so cold. Why was it so cold? It was so cold that her teeth were chattering.

After a few seconds or minutes, just as Anhao buried her head in her arms and didn’t want to go out, there was a loud bang from the door.

She raised her head subconsciously and saw Zuo Hancheng returning with his suitcase in his hand. He had not left the room and had returned to the room. He even kicked open the unlocked door and walked in.

Anhao was stunned for a moment. Tears were still hanging on her face as she stared blankly at the man in black.

Zuo Hancheng closed the door after entering and locked it with his backhand. When Anhao heard the sound of the door being locked, she stood up in shock. She threw the suitcase in her hand onto the ground and kicked it against the wall. She then walked towards her quickly.


Anhao wanted to ask him why he didn’t take his luggage out, but Huang Amao was still waiting outside.

However, just as she spat out a word, Zuo Hancheng had already walked in front of her and grabbed her body. He grabbed the back of her head and kissed her on the lips before she could react.

Anhao’s entire body trembled. She did not understand the situation at all, but she felt that Zuo Hancheng’s kiss was fierce and ruthless. She wanted to push him away in pain, but when she looked up, she saw sparks of anger burning in his eyes.

He stared at her tear-streaked face. If Gu Anhao, this wretched girl, was deliberately trying to challenge his temper and bottom line, deliberately provoking him, it could only be said that she had succeeded.

“Oh…” Anhao trembled as she pushed her hands between the two of them. She whimpered helplessly under his furious gaze, and fear had already grown in her heart because of his gaze.

“No, no, no. Mm… Oh…” She arched her body and wanted to get out of his embrace, but he grabbed her waist with one hand and made their bodies stick together even tighter.

Anhao gritted her teeth and wanted to get out of his arms. Suddenly, she hardened her heart and raised her hand to hit the wound on his shoulder that had not completely healed.

The moment she felt him stiffen because of the immense pain on his shoulder, he still did not let go of her. While he was in pain, he bit the tip of her tongue as if it was a backlash, making her feel the same pain.

Anhao was not convinced. When her tongue was in pain, she struggled hard in his arms and pushed his shoulder hard.”Oh… You… Put… Open… Oh…”

She didn’t want to immerse herself in his gentleness anymore.

She didn’t want to sink into these illusions and become stupid.

She did not want to think about whether she and Rong Xue looked alike.

She just wanted to quietly return to being the stubborn and disrespectful Gu Anhao who would not hurt or hurt.

She didn’t want to grow her hair for anyone, and she didn’t want to do something stupid like patiently cooking lovesickness!

Finally, Zuo Hancheng could feel her ruthlessness. He paused for a moment in pain because of her ruthless attack. Anhao took the opportunity to push him away and turned to escape from him.

However, she had just taken a step when she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. In the next moment, she was thrown onto the snow-white bed sheet behind her.

It was only when her body was sinking and Zuo Hancheng was pressing heavily on her body that the panic in Anhao’s heart rose to the extreme.

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