Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

“You can’t return to school to hang out with those delinquent friends of yours during the weekends, if you have nowhere to go, this is your home starting from today onward.”

Anhao’s astonished pupils moved, she turned to look at the golden card and set of keys, once again she looked at Zuo Hancheng with a shocked expression. “My home?”

Seeing Zuo Hancheng lightly adjust the sleeves of the high-quality shirt, the delicate buttons were like himself, simple and clean but seemed rather unique.

“You can treat this place as our matrimonial home, you may use all the rooms on the second floor as you like, from now on you are not allowed to sell alcohol in the bar, if you’re not willing to spend money from the Gu family, use this card.”

Anhao was still in disbelief, she took a look at the golden card, this was a second card under his name, this meant that there was unlimited credit in this card, she could spend as much she wanted…

“Why are you treating me so well?”

She was a bit dazed, for a moment, except for the stupid question, she did not really know what else to ask him, she had even forgotten the kiss that was forced onto her.

Zuo Hancheng looked and her for a moment before saying, “Because you are Mrs. Zuo now.”

Anhao seemed surprised, many question marks were circling in her mind, but before she could ask them, Zuo Hancheng had left.

She quickly ran to the window, opened the French-style window, and saw him getting on a high-class black business coach that was driven by a chauffeur, he did not drive his own car.

Seeing the car that was slowly leaving her sight, Anhao still had an expression that looked as if she had not woken up from a dream.

It was until that phone of hers that started ringing beside the bed only did she return to her senses, she quickly ran and picked up her phone.

“Hello! Anhao! I heard that you’re not being punished by the school or the police station? Since today’s a weekend and there’s no class, let’s go celebrate!”

Anhao raised an eyebrow. “Then, let’s go…” but she stopped mid-sentence, turned her head and glanced at the keys to Liujing Residence.

‘You can’t return to school to hang out with those delinquent friends of yours during the weekends, if you have nowhere to go, this is your home starting from today onward.’

Zuo Hancheng’s words rang in her ears but of course Gu Anhao would not be so obedient.

But with the way she was dressed like a petite lady right now, she really was not ready to go out and meet people.

No matter if it were her girlfriends in school or the dorm, or guy friends that she usually hung out with, if they were to see her like this they would think the world was about to end.

She paused and said, “Whatever, I’m not going today, even if nothing happened, it also caused a lot of problems, I’m annoyed right now.”

“Oh? Are you a changed person now? I thought that you never liked being locked up in school during weekends? Don’t you wanna get a drink? How about we go to…”

“No, I’m not going anywhere, I need some quiet time right now.”


Huang Amao on the other side of the phone reacted like Chunchun, Anhao’s best friend, when he heard Anhao talking in such a worn out way for the first time ever, he quickly asked in a small voice, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Anhao massaged her forehead to relieve her headache. “Yeah just some stuff, you’ll know after a few days’ time, let me rest for a while now.”

Not waiting for Huang Amao to continue asking her any questions, Anhao simply found a reason and hung up.

She did not know why she would need to obey Zuo Hancheng, even though he was not at home, she could go wherever she wanted to, and it was none of his business, just thinking about him saying that this was her home from now on, the seed of rebellion in her heart was once again pushed down.

Seeing that he went to the police station and helped her solve a big problem yesterday, she would tolerate him for two days, it was just one weekend!

It was her first time doing nothing during the weekends, usually senior year students would go to school during the weekends to make up for missed classes. Anhao, on the other hand, usually not only skipped classes, she also never went for extra lessons during the weekends.

After lazing about the entire morning, Anhao felt like mold was growing on her as she felt bored watching television. Once again, she glanced at the gold card on the coffee table and she hesitated for a moment. After all, he just wanted to fulfill his obligations as a husband, that was why he would give her the card, if she did not spend some money that would be too courteous and reserved of her.

Did he really think that she, Gu Anhao, when facing people’s kindness, would turn down bashfully, saying things like “No thanks, I have money, I can spend my own money”, a person that would say such idiotic things?

Furthermore, living under the same roof as him made her little heart shocked to the point that it was about to clog up, she needed to give herself some psychological comfort and relief!

And so, she took the card and the keys, and happily dashed out of the door.


Shengling Group’s CEO Office—

Assistant Mo Bai and Secretary Lin Qing looked at each other, and then turned their heads to look at the president who was reading meeting reports, they then glanced at the phone on the office table that was vibrating every few minutes.

It was strange as CEO Zuo’s private phone would rarely get messages so frequently. In just under two hours, the phone would vibrate from time to time, and vibrate again, it sounded like they were message notifications.

In this day and age, who would still send messages, but with this frequency, could it be that CEO Zuo’s personal phone number was being harassed and bombarded by someone using a software?

“Mo Bai, write this down, these places need corrections.” Without being bothered by the constant buzzing of his phone, Zuo Hancheng put down the meeting materials in his hands.

Mo Bai quickly took a pen and paper and moved closer.

Seeing that Zuo Hancheng had gone through the meeting materials, Secretary Lin Qing went forward respectfully and said, “CEO Zuo, today’s a Saturday, to meet you in person, Chairman Zhao from Jinhua Organization has made an appointment half a month ago, if you don’t have any plans tonight, would you consider planning a meeting with Chairman Zhao?”

Zuo Hancheng glanced over at Lin Qing, he did not say anything as he took his phone that kept getting message notifications, and read the ten or more of his second card expense notifications.

There were many notifications, and so he thought that Anhao had went to the mall and bought many clothes, bags or jewelry that young girls her age would like, but…

Your XX Card with the last four digits 8808 purchased 5 bags of XX Shrimp Snack at XX Supermarket, total amount 20 yuan.

Your XX Card with the last four digits 8808 purchased 3 bags of XX Jelly at XX Supermarket, total amount 15.90 yuan.

Your XX Card with the last four digits 8808 purchased 1 box of XX Chips at XX Supermarket, total amount 6 yuan.

Your XX Card with the last four digits 8808 purchased 2 kilograms of grapes at XX Fruit Trading Company, total amount 58 yuan.

…1 box of tissue, 2 bags of yogurt snack… 12 yuan.

…3.50 yuan.

…8.80 yuan.

…17 yuan…

Zuo Hancheng’s face right now was filled with emotions.

Even Mo Bai and Lin Qing who had been beside him for years could not help but be curious about the contents of those messages, causing CEO Zuo who usually had a poker face to make such faces.

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