Best Delinquent Wife's Order: Rise Again, Hubby

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Waking up in the morning the next day, Anhao opened her eyes and stared at the bedroom which was still unfamiliar to her and was dazed for quite a while before finally snapping back to reality.

That was right, she had spent a night yesterday at her newly-wedded husband’s house.

She sat up, looked down and saw the pink T-shirt that she did not take off yesterday before going to sleep, and the skirt that she wore. She first was stunned for a moment before she lashed out all the frustration that had built up in her on the spot as she violently smacked the bed, shook her head and screamed, “Ahhhhhh! Bastard! How am I supposed to go to school like this! Dressing like a woman, this is unacceptable!”

As the sky turned brighter, with danger now all gone, Anhao had also recovered her vigorous strength. Unlike last night when she suddenly had to live under an unfamiliar man’s roof and was extremely nervous. She lifted the blanket and came down from the bed. As she buttoned up the pink T-shirt on her, the bedroom door in front of her suddenly opened.

She immediately looked up. With a shocked expression, she looked at that man that had opened the bedroom door just like that.

What she saw was a clean and high-quality shirt on Zuo Hancheng, his slender and tall legs were covered by suit pants that seemed like it could not be bought simply from the market. Such a presentable attire, but such a polished scoundrel!

But it was obvious that he had woken up earlier.

She looked at the time, it was already 7:30 am, but more importantly…

“Didn’t I lock the door last night! How did you get in?” Anhao stood up and dashed toward him.

Looking at the girl who had just woken up, Anhao was a completely different person from that helpless and nervous little thing from last night. She was dashing toward him angrily as a glimmer of amusement rose in Zuo Hancheng’s dark pupils.

“This is my house, how do you think I got in?”

Anhao paused for a moment. He was right, this was his house, he probably had the keys to every room.

However, she had slept so soundly last night. When she woke up her clothes were still on her body, she guessed that he had not entered the room and had not done anything to her.

Even though fire was burning in her heart, she still held her tongue and did not say anything more. All she did was mutter in a small voice, “I just know that people like you who are already of a certain age also become more shrewd, not one of you people are nice.”

As she was muttering away, she planned to walk past Zuo Hancheng’s side to leave the room.

Suddenly, her arm was gripped by him, she immediately turned her head and glared at him. “What? It’s early in the morning, what are you trying to do in broad daylight?”

Looking at Gu Anhao who naturally assumed that he would do obscene things whenever he went near her, Zuo Hancheng smiled lightly. He then frowned dangerously in the next second. “What do you mean people who are of a certain age? Am I that old?”

Anhao rolled her eyes. “Living in the Gu family’s environment, the ages of people who go in and out are so different, usually I would call a person ‘uncle’ when they’re ten years older than me, you’re ten years older than me, you’re already an uncle. If you’re not a person who’s of a certain age, do you think you’re still a young man?”

The moment she said so, her whole body was pulled backward, Anhao was unguarded so she lost her balance and bumped into his chest. She staggered as she tried to balance herself. She quickly looked up only to see the man’s handsome face leaning closer to her.

Gazing at the man’s face in front of her, she was stunned for a moment.

Was it because she was still slightly dazed from just getting out of bed? Even though since the first time she met him she did think that this man was absolutely dazzling and exquisite as if he was not a breed that should exist in the human world. As she stared at the man in front of her with morning rays as his backlight who had pulled her into a hug, all she could do was swallow visibly.

‘Goddamnit! How can this man be so handsome!’

Even though Anhao had flirted with all the handsome guys in the school, she was aware of who were the people she could provoke, and those that she could not.

Just like Zuo Hancheng in front of her, a man whom she did not even know really was. She then struggled to release herself from his grip. “What are you doing…”

“When you called me and asked me to go to your school, weren’t you choking and sobbing while acting pitiful?”

The man looked condescendingly at this petite woman who barely reached the height of his shoulder. His clear black pupils seemed to be sucking in her vicious actions and movements.

“Yesterday in the police station you acted like you let people trample on you, making it so pitiful and heart-wrenching to watch, and now you’ve changed? Getting rid of me after getting what you want, hmm?”

Anhao concealed the awkward expression that almost appeared on her face. Suddenly, she pulled her arm with force, and shoved the man using her arms and legs.

Every time she tried to attack him she was easily stopped by him. After a few minutes of continuously exchanging blows, she was still pinned to the wall by him. Anhao’s eyelid twitched as she raised her leg and aimed to hit his crotch.

However, Zuo Hancheng stopped her leg the moment she raised it, and as he pinned her to the wall he closed in at the same time, pinning her arms and legs that were still flailing about. His lips curved into a dashing smile yet it made her want to punch him.

“No wonder those two good-for-nothings were almost beaten to death by you, as expected of your skills.”

Anhao struggled with all her might but could not release herself, she cursed, “Can you stop acting like a thug in broad daylight?”

She was more upset about the fact that those years of training Taekwondo had gone to waste as it was useless in front of him. Even those basic self-defense techniques that she had learnt just recently were easily stopped by him.

This man had not only won by a long shot in terms of both strength and observation, no matter how she attacked him, her wrists and hands would easily get pinned down by him.

Also, the little thugs from the Xu family were extremely drunk that time. If not it would not have gone so smoothly for her being up against three guys.

“I haven’t even made you fulfill your obligations as a wife, and you’re saying I’m acting like a thug?”

Zuo Hancheng put on a light smile that Anhao could not read. Looking at the girl in front of him who could not win against him in terms of strength, and because she was his wife so she could only suffer the loss and endure her anger. Her small puffy face which had turned pink with suppressed anger, once again tried to lift her arm. However, he still easily pinned her arm down.

The man’s fingers were warm but strong, Anhao could not struggle her way out so she replied, “You better not act recklessly! I need to go to school!”

“Today’s a weekend.”

His voice reverberated between their lips that were a hair’s breadth away from each other, Anhao nervously retreated backward as the man’s soft, slightly cool lips, accurately pressed on hers.

She froze instantly and did not dare to move. Her mind was in an uproar as she did not know why he would kiss her. She could only feel the man’s cool but persistent breath, as if he had his own special temperature.

He lightly sucked and bit her lips with a little bit of force, even adding some strength to it, pinching her chin as if punishing her. As Anhao stared at him with eyes wide open, filled with disbelief, he coaxed her in a deep voice, “Be a good girl and stay at home, wait for me to come back.”

As he spoke, he had already released her. Just as Anhao leaned against the wall and looked at him stiffly, he had already put a gold card and set of keys on the lampstand beside her where she could easily reach.

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