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Chapter 46: Overnight, Three of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Defected!

Chapter 46: Overnight, Three of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Defected!

There was a bloody scent in the air.

The fight that took place in the Kirigakure shocked many people.

Since the Fourth Mizukage Yagura and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist were not in the village, the defense of the Kirigakure failed catastrophically. A group of ninjas with bone spikes had rushed in and started a slaughter!

These ninjas were from the Kaguya Clan of the Land of Water. They all had the Shikotsumyaku Kekkei Genkai and possessed a cruel and bloodthirsty nature. They had always wanted to invade the Kirigakure.

Kaguya Clan’s aggressive attack on Kirigakure tonight was not accidental.

They had received news of Itachi seriously injuring the Fourth Mizukage Yagura, and tonight they received information about the attempted assassination on the Fourth Mizukage. The Kaguya Clan’s Clan Leader finally couldn’t hold back and led the whole clan on an assault on the Kirigakure.

However, the Kaguya Clan’s attack was quickly thwarted, and Heki soon organized the ninjas within the village and encircled the Kaguya Clan.

In the face of the swarm of ninjas within the Kirigakure, the Kaguya Clan, which had only several hundred people, couldn’t win. Their attempt to break out of the encirclement failed in the end.

Those of the Kaguya Clan were swiftly slaughtered by the Kirigakure’s ninjas. Aside from a little fellow named Kaguya Kimimaro, the corpses of the Kaguya Clan were piled together.

The Kirigakure’s ninjas finally sighed in relief.

Just as the Kirigakure’s ninjas planned to bury these corpses, another short corpse fell on the pile, dressed in rags!

The Kirigakure’s Mist ninjas were surprised. Their complexions greatly changed when they carefully looked at the small corpse, and they screamed in panic!


“It is the Fourth Mizukage-sama!”

“Someone killed Mizukage-sama!”

“Go and tell the elders that someone killed Lord Mizukage!”

Regardless of whether the Kirigakure ninjas supported or resisted the blood mist policy, whether they respected or disliked the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura was still the Kirigakure’s leader.

However, the Mizukage’s corpse was dumped in front of a group of Kirigakure’s ninja, which undoubtedly made them surprised and angry!

Wasn’t this just trying to humiliate them?

“Shut up! Don’t be too noisy!”

An indifferent voice interrupted Kirigakure ninjas’ shouting. Zabuza flew onto a pile and picked up the Kubikiribocho beside Yagura’s corpse, and he coldly announced, “I killed Yagura. Do you have any opinions?”


“Zabuza-sama, that’s Mizukage-sama!”

“Zabuza-sama, why did you kill Mizukage-sama?”

Hearing some of the Kirigakure’s Ninjas questioning him, Zabuza scanned the group and stated, “I hated the blood mist policy in this village, so I killed that loser Yagura…”


A blue-haired ninja broke through the crowd, looked up at Zabuza sitting on the pile of corpses, and then gritted his teeth and said, “Do you want to defect?”


Zabuza sneered, and the gazed ninja who questioned him suddenly asked, “Heki, the Kaguya Clan, these brainless monsters attacked the village. Who do you think leaked the news to them?”

It turns out, Zabuza was the one who sent out the news.

Before Zabuza assassinated Fourth Mizukage Yagura, he leaked the news of Yagura’s assassination to the Kaguya Clan, mainly to avoid the Kirigakure Ninja’s pursuit should his assassination fail.

That didn’t matter now. The Kaguya Clan’s attack had brought all of the Kirigakure’s ninjas together, so Zabuza decided to make a high-profile announcement of his assassination of Yagura.

As for whether he could escape smoothly in the future…

The defection of one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist would quickly spread within the village to the outside, so Uehara and Kisame would definitely come to support him!

“…you leaked the news?”

Heki’s face suddenly changed. He squeezed his fist tightly and instructed loudly, “Ninjas! Capture Zabuza alive and make sure not to kill him! We must not let this guy escape!”

“Hmph. Since when was that up to you?”

Zabuza glanced at everyone contemptuously and leaped away. On top of a tall building, he loudly said, “Heki, do you really think I’m the only one who defected?”

Zabuza’s words had barely finished when a turbulent river suddenly surged out from the tall building he was on. It instantly swept through the crowds of Kirigakure ninja!

Taking advantage of the opportunity someone created, Zabuza quickly disappeared from the sight of the many Kirigakure Ninjas and fled from his hometown.

Within the tall building where the Water-Style Ninjutsu was released from.

Mangetsu was standing by the window. He released his hand-seal, turned his head, and whispered, “Senior Terumi Mei, please take care Suigetsu, I’ll be leaving now.”

“Does it have to be like this?”

Terumi Mei lowered her head and looked at Suigetsu, who was unconscious in her arms, and continued in a low voice, “If you do this, he will hate you for the rest of his life, right?”

Earlier, Mangetsu had suddenly brought her here and gave her Suigetsu, who had been knocked unconscious, before explaining his plan to defect and become a spy.

Now that the plans had begun and his younger brother had been mentally traumatized again, Mangetsu’s defection was a foregone conclusion.

“The water has already been spilled.”

Mangetsu shook his head and whispered, “For the safety of the Kirigakure, I must join that evil organization and find out who’s behind Zabuza assassinating the Mizukage. I will find a way to deliver important information relating to the Land of Water to you.”

“I know.”

Terumi Mei sighed, and then with a resolute expression, she said, “Then tomorrow I will go to the Daimyo of the Land of Water and apply for an S-Rank Missing-nin arrest warrant for you and Zabuza. In that organization, you must pay attention to protect your own safety.”


Mangetsu respectfully gave a bow and added, “Right, Senior Mei, please issue the S-Rank Missing-nin arrest warrant for senior Kisame too.”

Terumi Mei, whose face was already a bit unsightly, now looked uglier. She raised her head in shock and said, “Wait. Did that guy, Kisame, defect too?”

What’s happening here?

The second-generation Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, re-organized by Kirigakure, only had three people, but now they’ve all defected overnight?

What the hell was happening!

Terumi Mei felt terrible!

How could the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist disband?

Mangetsu pondered for a while, organizing his own words, “I suspect that Kisame might have become a member of that evil organization earlier. They secretly instigated Mizukage-sama into slaughtering ninjas from the same village… I will investigate this matter too.”


Terumi Mei tightly squeezed her fist, and her nails almost sliced into her flesh. Her body stiffened for a while before she reluctantly opened her mouth, “I see. You should leave first! The people in the village will start chasing you… When we have the power to destroy the evil organization, I will find a way to resolve the matter between your brother.”


Mangetsu vanished.

After leaving Kirigakure, Mangetsu couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. The new boss he trusted really understood Terumi Mei!

When the brown-haired beauty heard the half-true half-false plan he created, she not only agreed to take care of Suigetsu but also thought of ways to mediate for him in the future.

Mangetsu felt a little guilt…

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