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Chapter 45: Internal Conflict After Surrendering!

Chapter 45: Internal Conflict After Surrendering!

“Little demon, your eyes are dangerous!”

Zabuza saw Uehara’s gaze causing an alarm bell to ring in his heart. He subconsciously reached out and touched the Kunai on his waist.

Why did Uehara give him such an unfathomable feeling when he looked at him with such a dangerous look. It was as if he wanted to bury him in the earth at any moment!


Uehara shook his head, retracted his gaze and looked towards the corpse of Yagura on the ground, and whispered, “I just wanted to kill Fourth Mizukage, but trouble may come looking for us for it. Killing Yagura was your idea, right?”

“Are you still afraid of that?”

Zabuza glanced at him contemptuously, coldly said, “If you are worried about the pursuit of the Kirigakure, I can tell others that I killed Yagura…”

As Uehara expected, Zabuza verbally obeyed him, but he refused to accept the little demon as his new boss at heart.

As for killing the Fourth Mizukage, that was not a problem to Zabuza. It could even be considered beneficial.

Since Yagura turned the Kirigakure into the blood mist, his reputation within the Kirigakure had fallen dramatically. Many ninjas were afraid of his position as Mizukage and mighty strength, but they still wanted to execute him. Everyone hated his Blood Mist Doctrine.

In the eyes of these people, Zabuza would be a true hero.

Uehara also thought of this. He smiled and looked at Zabuza, then nodded and said, “It’s not all negatives though, when the story of you assassinating Yagura spreads, there will be many ninjas that secretly support you, right?”


Zabuza just snorted and didn’t answer. He didn’t expect that Uehara would so quickly expose his scheme.

To be honest, he really intended to return to the Land of Water with the heroic contribution of “Killing Yagura” and “Ending the Blood Mist,” which would allow him to control Kirigakure politically in the future.

Uehara didn’t care about this.

Kisame didn’t care either. Among those present, only he and Uehara knew that Yagura was just a puppet controlled by others.


Mangetsu frowned and looked at Zabuza, a little displeased, and said in a low voice, “If Zabuza is burdened with too much, will it affect our plan? Suigetsu is looking forward to his Kubikiribocho after all…”

Uehara asked with a puzzled face, “What do you mean?”

“It’s better to kill Zabuza!”

Mangetsu emitted a murderous aura and, with an aggressive expression that revealed his sharp little teeth, coldly announced, “I can also use Kubikiribocho!”

“Scoundrel, you think you could kill me!”

“Senior Zabuza, that’s not difficult.”


The two former allies quarreled again.

Uehara didn’t know whether Mangetsu was jealous of Zabuza’s position in Suigetsu’s heart or if he wanted the Kubikiribocho in his hands.

Even he was anxious to take action against his companion… The lower moral limit of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist was too low!

Only Kisame could be trusted.


Kisame kicked the Kubikiribocho, which was only a sword handle, to Zabuza, and he lightly said with a smile, “Zabuza, go get your ninja sword and have it repaired. Also, clean up the corpse of Lord Mizukage… Uehara-sama, where shall we go next?”


Uehara Naraku glanced around everyone, then he instructed, “Zabuza will declare that he has killed the Fourth Mizukage to the Kirigakure. Mangetsu, go to arrange your own affairs. Tonight, Kisame and I will be waiting for you outside Kirigakure.”

“I see.”

“I understand.”

Zabuza and Mangetsu agreed and disappeared from Uehara’s sight, leaving only Kisame, who was still standing behind him.

Kisame looked at Uehara Naraku’s back and praised it loudly, “Today, I’ve seen the power Uehara-sama has, and he seems to have become stronger!”

“It’s so so.”

Uehara felt sorry for him. Honest people like Kisame couldn’t understand the existence of Uehara Naraku.

Naturally, it was also difficult for him to understand the emperor of Ninja World, Madara.

Kisame laughed at Uehara’s humble words and continued, “With Uehara-sama’s age, you will become stronger in the future and may be able to surpass the ninja demigod from the Amegakure in the future!”

“Hanzo the Salamander?”

Uehara couldn’t help but say with a smile, “Hey, Kisame, are using him as an example to mock me for not being strong enough!”

Kisame smiled and shook his head, and then said with a serious face, “No, your power is beyond my knowledge, yet knowing that the guy named Obito dares to be an enemy with Uehara-sama.”


Uehara whispered when he heard Kisame’s words, “Kisame, don’t underestimate him just because he is not the real Uchiha Madara! To an extent, Obito is much more difficult to deal with than Madara!”

“Is that so?”

Kisame pondered for a while and suddenly said with a smile, “I know how to regain his trust… But how should I explain Uehara-sama’s willingness to save my life?”


Uehara thought for a while and found a reason, “Just treat me as an intern working hard to become an official member of Akatsuki. After all, my mission in the Land of Water is to invite you to join the Akatsuki.”

“Understood.” Kisame grinned.

“Let’s go. Come with me to pick someone up first.”

Uehara finally remembered that he had arranged to wait for Zabuza to pick him up. Even if he didn’t need to pick up Zabuza, he still needed to take away Haku.

The trip to the Land of Water ended up being pretty smooth. Everything he wanted to do was done, and there was even some excess.

The only issue was, where is Uchiha Obito?

That guy won’t keep chasing Kakashi, right?

Uehara guessed it correctly. Obito had indeed been chasing Kakashi and Yukimi earlier.

It’s getting late.

Kakashi and Yukimi hid in the mountainous forests outside Kirigakure.

Kakashi thought that Obito had to be near Kirigakure and was planning to avenge Rin. Yukimi thought Obito was a co-conspirator and wanted to kill them and had been persuading Kakashi to escape from the Land of Water.

However, how could Kakashi, who wanted to get the truth from Obito and bring him back to Konoha, give up? He analyzed the information he got from Yukimi and felt that his best friend’s IQ had improved a lot.

Did he really grow up?

Yukimi pushed Kakashi’s shoulder and pointed towards Kirigakure, at the raging flame below the mountain, and loudly said, “Kakashi, something seems to have gone wrong!”

The sound of fighting even reached the mountain!

Kakashi’s expression suddenly became tense and, regardless of his injuries, he wanted to go to Kirigakure to investigate, “Maybe Obito did it! I have to go and see!”

“He will kill you!”

Yukimi grabbed his arm.

Kakashi was silent for a while and gently shook off Yukimi’s arm. He lowered his head and said, “Even if Obito is going to kill me, I will get the truth from him.”

Even if Obito refused to return to the village due to Rin’s death… why did he go and kill Minato-sensei and his wife?

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