Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 339: Orochimaru Who Was Forced in Dead-End

Chapter 339: Orochimaru Who Was Forced in Dead-End

In the dark underground base.

Kabuto pushed up his glasses.

Kabuto slowly closed his palm and formed a summoning hand seal. He said in a low voice, “Naraku-sama… You are not the only one acting in these three years. I have worked hard in front of Orochimaru-sama!”

As his voice fell, Kabuto’s palm suddenly dropped to the ground. He stared at the seal on the ground and shouted in a deep voice, “Kuchiyose!”

A cloud of smoke floated into the air!

In the next moment, the huge body of the eight-headed snake suddenly appeared!

This huge eight-headed snake instantly overturned this base and even directly smashed the hills above. The eight huge snakeheads roared and revealed his huge body!

One of the snakeheads slowly drooped down. It opened its huge mouth, and Orochimaru’s upper body gradually appeared.


Orochimaru grinned, revealing a sinister smile, “I thought you had forgotten that I was still suffering!”


Kabuto shook his head in silence.

Kabuto lamented in his heart. In fact, Orochimaru was not suffering in Ryuchi Cave. After he came out, he was suffering!

All these years, Kabuto had not been perfunctory towards Orochimaru.

Kabuto was really prepared to give Orochimaru a body if the time was right, hoping that Orochimaru would find a leisurely village to spend the rest of his life in.

Unfortunately, Orochimaru had never given up on taking revenge on Uehara.

What was even more unfortunate was that Uehara had not given up on using Orochimaru, who he had tricked until he was half dead. He still wanted to squeeze Orochimaru off his remaining strength.

No matter how Kabuto tried to beat around the bush and hoped that Orochimaru and Uehara would let each other go, the two of them did not care about his opinion and wanted to kill each other…

The thoughts of these two people were too coincidental.

This was really… a bad fate!

Kabuto pushed up his glasses to hide his complicated feelings. He looked up at Orochimaru and said, “Orochimaru-sama, I’ve finally prepared a perfect body for you. I believe this body will definitely satisfy you!”

“Oh, are you finally not afraid of Uehara?”

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes and looked at Kabuto. He smiled and asked, “Aren’t you worried that Uehara will kill you if he knows about this?”


Kabuto shook his head and replied in a low voice, “A while ago, I had already found out the secrets of the Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo and completely betrayed Naraku-sama. Now, I have already seized Akatsuki’s Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo!”


A look of surprise appeared on Orochimaru’s face, “Have you dealt with Pain?”

According to Orochimaru’s understanding of Pain, he did not believe that Kabuto had the possibility of defeating him. How could such a thing happen!

If Kabuto now possessed the power to kill Pain, then wouldn’t the relationship between the two of them in the past change?

“It’s just taking advantage of others…”

A smile appeared on the corner of Kabuto’s mouth, and there was a hint of schadenfreude in his voice, “Pain was only a puppet, and the real owner of Rinnegan was Nagato. In order to capture Kyuubi, he attacked and died in Konoha. That’s how I had a chance to seize the Rinnegan.”


Orochimaru picked up his arm and stood up from the snakehead. He looked at Kabuto curiously and said, “How did you do it? Your strength should not be able to defeat Uehara, right?”

“I rely on Fourth Hokage Flying Thunder God Technique.”

After Kabuto spread out his palm, a golden figure suddenly appeared beside him. It was Fourth Hokage Minato.

Kabuto chuckled and continued, “Uehara-sama is too greedy. Some time ago, he wanted to control First Hokage, who was at the peak of his strength, so I lied to him and made him think that if he controlled too many Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas, his control power would drop.

In order to prevent himself from losing control of other Impure World Reincarnated Ninjas, Uehara-sama actually let me carry out the Impure World Reincarnation of Second Hokage, Fourth Hokage, and Obito.

I have three ninjas who are good at space-time Ninjutsu from then on. “

After Kabuto finished speaking, a space-time vortex appeared beside him, and Obito’s figure appeared.

After a while, Tobirama also appeared beside Kabuto.

At least on the surface, there was no flaw.

“Well done.”

Orochimaru frowned and asked in a deep voice, “In that case, did that guy Uehara resurrect First Hokage?”

“No, he failed.”

Kabuto smiled and shook his head. His eyes did not hide his ridicule. “That is the legendary Ninja God… Of course, it is not something a mortal can control!”

After saying that, Kabuto said softly, “Because of this, I also gave up on using Impure World Reincarnation to resurrect Madara so that Madara would not lose control…”

“I see…”

Orochimaru’s eyes were still a little sharp. He stared at Kabuto and suddenly smiled, “That’s amazing, Kabuto. It seems that with the power you have now, I will have to listen to your orders in the future!”

“Orochimaru-sama, please don’t say that.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses, and a smile appeared on his face, “Although I am very powerful now, my respect for Orochimaru-sama has never changed… We will still cooperate equally as before in the future.”


Orochimaru narrowed his eyes and looked at Kabuto.

This fellow Kabuto…

He was really strong, and his heart had become wild!

This guy was just a toolbox that he had rescued from Danzo. He had always followed his lead. When had the two of them ever been equal?

However, this was the heart of a normal person. After anyone grasped the power that Kabuto currently possessed, they would definitely not submit to others!

After a moment of silence, Orochimaru nodded and said, “This is also good. Then what about the body you prepared for me?”

Orochimaru was very rational.

Now was definitely not the time to fall out with Kabuto.

Because his body still needed Kabuto’s help. When he obtained great power in the future, he would suppress or kill this traitor!

Kabuto waved his hand.

Next to him, Obito opened up his own Kamui space and left behind a White Zetsu. However, this White Zetsu’s body was wrapped in a mess of curse seals.

“This is the body I prepared for Orochimaru-sama.”

A trace of pride flashed across Kabuto’s face. He looked at White Zetsu in front of him and laughed softly, “Other than the Wood Release Bloodline Limit, there is also the legendary Rinnegan…”


Orochimaru’s eye suddenly flashed with a bright light.

Rinnegan was one of the Bloodline Limit he had always wanted to obtain, and Orochimaru’s degree of thirst for Rinnegan was even higher than the Uchiha Clan’s Mangekyo Sharingan!

But because he had always been afraid of Pain, Orochimaru gradually extinguished that thought and turned to seek Mangekyo Sharingan.

Now, Kabuto was actually willing to put the Rinnegan into his body?

This guy was actually so willing?

Could there be some conspiracy?

Just as Orochimaru was about to ask a question, Kabuto suddenly spoke, “But there is a condition for this body to be given to Orochimaru-sama…”


Orochimaru shifted his gaze away from White Zetsu on the ground and looked at Kabuto again, “What condition? Tell me first…”

This was normal.

After all, the Rinnegan was not some cabbage.

Kabuto was even willing to give him the Rinnegan. It seemed that what this fellow wanted from him was not ordinary.

“I hope that Orochimaru-sama can cooperate with me in an experiment.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses, and his eyes lit up, “Cooperate with me to experiment with reviving the Gedo Mazo and becoming the Juubi Jinchuriki! I want to see the Sage of the Six Paths power with my own eyes!”

A hint of madness and obsession flashed across Kabuto’s face, “Orochimaru-sama, this is the secret I obtained from Akatsuki’s organization!

Juubi was the legendary monster that Sage of the Six Paths had sealed. Gedo Mazo was the Juubi shell. As long as a person became the Juubi Jinchuriki, he would be able to obtain the power that only the legendary Sage of the Six Paths could use!”


Orochimaru’s eyes flickered slightly.

After a long time, the shock in Orochimaru’s heart quietly faded.

This Orochimaru, who had always been known for his cunning schemes, glanced at Kabuto and whispered, “Kabuto, then this experiment must be very dangerous, right?”

“Of course.”

Kabuto nodded and smiled, “Orochimaru-sama, how can there be no danger if you want to become the legendary Sage of the Six Paths?

In the Ninja World, not everyone could become Jinchuriki easily. Every Jinchuriki had the risk of being devoured by the Bijuu, let alone the Juubi formed by the nine Bijuu. It was very dangerous to become the Juubi Jinchuriki!”


Orochimaru fell silent again.

This bastard!

No wonder Kabuto wanted to save him!

It was a pity that the current situation was definitely not the time for them to turn over.

After a while, the corners of Orochimaru’s mouth curled into a smile. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, “Okay, I promise you.”

“That’s good.”

Kabuto pushed up his glasses and imitated Orochimaru licking his tongue. A threatening smile appeared on his face.

“Then I wish us a happy cooperation.”

Orochimaru ignored Kabuto’s threat.

As long as he obtained the body with Rinnegan below and grasped the power to resist Kabuto, he would not care about the Jinchuriki’s experiment!

No, he could.

But it was definitely not now.

After all, Orochimaru was also a little envious of Sage of the Six Paths power, but Orochimaru was more concerned about his little life.

“Sigh, if I had known that Orochimaru-sama would agree so readily, it would have been fine.”

Then a hint of regret appeared on Kabuto’s face, “It’s a pity that I was worried that Orochimaru-sama would go back on his word and refuse to become the Juubi Jinchuriki. So I especially used Orochimaru-sama’s name to announce to the five big countries that we launched the Fourth Ninja World War against them…”


Orochimaru was a little confused.

What the hell was going on right now?

What the hell did this bastard Kabuto hide from him!

This bastard actually used his name to launch the Fourth Ninja World War, and it was against the Five Great Ninja Village! Has this bastard gone crazy!

Those were the five great powers of the Ninja World!

How could they win?

Although Orochimaru knew that Kabuto was definitely up to no good, he did not expect that Kabuto would actually make things so bad!

“The five big countries of the Ninja World have gathered tens of thousands of ninjas. There are even people in Akatsuki Organization that will participate. Now, the Ninja World is full of Sensory Ninjas searching for Orochimaru-sama. Maybe they will find this place soon…”

Kabuto spread out his palm, and the smile on his face could not be concealed, “Our strength will definitely not be able to contend against them, so unless Orochimaru-sama is willing to become the Juubi Jinchuriki and transform into the new Sage of the Six Paths…”


The situation was even worse than Orochimaru had imagined.

Orochimaru gritted his teeth, and the rage on his face could hardly be concealed. His voice came out from between his teeth, “Kabuto, you have calculated everything. Are you trying to force me into a dead end?”

“I have no choice.”

Kabuto shook his head and sighed, “Orochimaru-sama, we have offended Uehara-sama because of the Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo…”

After saying this, Kabuto suddenly revealed a smile, “Of course, I don’t care. I have three subordinates who are skilled in space-time techniques. I will always be able to escape.”

Kabuto’s gaze moved slightly and landed on Orochimaru. His smile became even more intense, “As for Orochimaru-sama’s fate, I can’t guarantee it…”

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