Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 338: The Eight-Headed Snake in Ryūchi Cave

Chapter 338: The Eight-Headed Snake in Ryūchi Cave

First Hokage was really too strong.

Uehara could temporarily control Hashirama’s body, but he did not have enough power to destroy Hashirama’s consciousness. He temporarily treated Hashirama as a large figurine.

When the Fourth Ninja World War starts, the others will directly reveal his true face. At that time, let the four Hokage come out together…

That scene was simply too beautiful.

Uehara watched as Obito put away the coffin and left with Minato. He sighed faintly, “No one should have any heart disease, right? I hope those people will be fine when the time comes…”

In addition, the reward for defeating Hashirama was also very generous.

[Side Mission: Defeat the Ninja God Senju Hashirama(1/1).]

[Mission completed.]

[Reward: Passive skill – Sage Body.]

[Sage Body: Life Energy is increased by 100,000 points, Chakra Energy is increased by 100,000 points, Natural Energy is increased by 100,000 points, Life Energy Recovery Rate is increased by 50%, Chakra Energy Recovery Rate is increased by 50%. ]

Uehara put away his wings and looked at his status panel. He frowned and said, “In this case, it is almost the limit. Should I use this data to participate in the Fourth Ninja World War?”


Name: Uehara(Normal Mode)

Life Energy: 623,731

Chakra Energy: 621,590

Nature Energy: 621,590

Life Energy Recovery Rate: 864 points per second

Chakra Energy Recovery Rate: 432 points per second

Natural Energy Extraction: 432 points per second

Skill Cooldown Reduction: 100%

Remaining Gold Coins: 660


The final prelude of the Ninja World was about to begin.

While Uehara was still thinking about improving his strength, everyone was nervously preparing for battle.

In Konohagakure.

Tsunade and Jiraiya had organized all the participating forces, including the combat forces, medical ninja forces, and special combat teams.

Tsunade looked at the group below and slowly raised her fist, “Are you ready?”


“Then let’s go!”


A dull sound spread throughout Konoha.

Many villagers stood by the window, watching this mighty group of Ninjas leave the village. These were all the forces of Konoha.

All the Ninjas in the village were transferred, and more than 10,000 Konoha Ninjas, including the Jonins, Chuni, and Genin, gathered into a long stream of people.

The sound of rustling footsteps was endless…

After they left Konoha, they quickly separated from various teams and rushed toward the command center of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

“Let’s go too!”

Tsunade jumped down from Hokage Building, and Jiraiya followed her figure. The others jumped down and chased after the two of them.

In Iwagakure.

Onoki, Kitsuchi, Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi, and the others were standing on a hillside, staring at the team of Iwa Ninjas walking past them. A hint of worry appeared on their faces.

“I wonder how many of them will be able to return alive…”

“Old man, you are a Tsuchikage, don’t say anything depressing!”

Kurotsuchi shook his head and smiled, “What a huge force! This is more than 18,000 ninjas. No one can resist this flood of people!”

Because there was no need to defend the border, Iwagakure gathered all the ninjas to participate in this Fourth Ninja World War.

Onoki sighed.

His granddaughter has never experienced any fierce wars since she was born. The only time she saw the cruelty of the battle was when Uehara invaded Iwagakure…

These ten thousand Iwa Ninja were all the treasures Onoki had painstakingly saved for so many years!

There was probably no village more than their Iwagakure ninjas in the entire Ninja World.

This number of ninjas was what remains after the huge casualties caused by Uehara’s invasion…

In Sunagakure.

Gaara stood high up in the sky, watching the row after row of Suna Ninja stepping over the sand as they walked into the distance.


Kankuro stood behind Gaara and said in a low voice, “The ninjas in the village have already set off. Shall we go as well?”


Gaara nodded.

The next moment, a lump of sand appeared under Gaara’s feet, carrying Kankuro and Temari; then they flew into the distance, “Then let’s go. Hurry up and meet up with the ninjas from the other villages!”

On the surface of the sea.

Large ships were galloping in the direction of the Ninja Continent.

Terumi stood on the railing of a ship, sizing up the ships. The sea breeze blew her hair away, revealing her face.

The armies of the Five Big Countries Great Ninja Village gathered together.

The Five Kage’s headquarters had agreed on in advance was still the newly built Kumogakure because it was easy to defend and difficult to attack. It was also to protect the daimyo and noble families.

In Kumogakure.

Sensor Division’s rendezvous point.

After a batch of Sensory Ninjas finished investigating their country, they rushed over to report to Kumogakure and accept the order from Sensor Division.

Cee was one of the commanders. He glanced at the many teams below and said with an ugly expression, “Zetsu-san, the teams still haven’t received any news about Orochimaru. Where are we going to search now?”

“Haven’t you found him yet?”

Black Zetsu stood next to Cee. After thinking for a while, he said in a gloomy voice, “Gedo Mazo is huge. It is definitely not easy for them to hide. When they extract Bijuu’s chakra, the reaction will be very violent…”

After saying that, Black Zetsu fell into deep thought again, “Has that guy Orochimaru resurrected the Juubi? But it’s impossible for Juubi not to make any movements…”


Cee glanced at the dazed Black Zetsu and continued, “Zetsu-san? What’s wrong?”


Black Zetsu shook his head and said in a deep voice, “How about this! The two of us will lead a team to search in the Country of Sound, Country of Hot Water, Country of Iron, Country of Bears… Maybe Orochimaru hasn’t selected a Bijuu to extract yet. He will only make a move after we investigate the place.”


Cee nodded seriously.

Since Black Zetsu came to report, Cee admired Black Zetsu because this Zetsu’s perception was very strong. He was worthy of being an intelligence officer of Akatsuki’s organization.

On the contrary to Cee.

Black Zetsu felt that these Sensor Division were pretty good-for-nothing.

There were so many ninjas in Sensor Division. Other than the advantage of numbers, there was no use at all. Until now, they had not found any trace of Orochimaru. What was their use of them?

He can only endure it…

Relying on his own perception ability, Black Zetsu did well in Sensor Division. At least these Sensory Ninjas admired him more and more.

There was indeed no waste in Akatsuki’s organization.

This point of view was further deepened because of Black Zetsu’s performance. Even the personnel responsible for intelligence was so outstanding!

As for Orochimaru, whom Sensor Division had worked so hard to find…

In fact, Orochimaru was still lying inside Ryuchi Cave.

In Ryuchi Cave depths.

An eight-headed snake rolled over and continued to coil up its body. The eight huge heads of the snake picked a comfortable position and felt natural energy enter its body.

Although there was no way to train Sage Mode, relying on the curse seal ability, the eight-headed snake could slowly extract natural energy for its own use.

This snake was Orochimaru.

It was not that Orochimaru had not thought of escaping. Still, it was a pity that Ryuchi Cave’s White Snake Sage had received Uehara’s instructions and would never allow Orochimaru to escape.

“That bastard Uehara!”

Orochimaru’s voice echoed in this area. His voice was a bit gloomy as he said, “Didn’t Kabuto tell me that he was going to prepare a perfect body for me soon? How long have I been waiting for now…”

At this point, one of the giant heads of the eight-headed snake smashed the wall beside him. Orochimaru’s voice became colder and colder, “What a complete trash! I even signed a summoning contract with him and have been secretly guiding him in his experiments in vain…

The next time we met and that fellow Kabuto was not ready; I will directly snatch his body. In short, I revived first and figured out the secrets of the Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo. It would be better for me to do it myself! “

When Orochimaru wanted to change his body, Uehara interrupted him, captured his little white snake body, and fell into this situation.

However, Orochimaru did not give up completely.

Because Orochimaru believed that Kabuto was not loyal.

Since Kabuto would betray him, he would definitely betray Uehara.

For so many years, Orochimaru had used all kinds of forbidden techniques and experiments to tempt Kabuto to prepare a suitable body for him.

Unfortunately, Kabuto always used Uehara as a reason to refuse. However, he did not completely refuse.

However, the reason that Kabuto gave to him was bizarre, ‘Even if Orochimaru-sama could resurrect and escape, he would eventually be found by Uehara. As for the consequences of being found by Uehara….’

There was no need for Kabuto to continue introducing.

Orochimaru knew very well the result of being found by Uehara because he had already experienced it too many times.

In this case, he might as well endure it for a while.

That bastard had committed countless crimes against him!

Just as Orochimaru was about to start extracting the natural energy to strengthen his eight-headed snake body again, a feeling of being summoned appeared throughout his body.

“Summoning? What do you want now?”

All the heads of the eight-headed snake couldn’t help but raise!

In the next moment, this huge body disappeared into Ryuchi Cave. It chose to accept the summoning from afar!

After Orochimaru left.

Inside Ryuchi Cave, White Snake Sage looked around and sensed that the eight-headed snake had disappeared.

White Snake Sage spat out his snake tongue and sighed, “That idiot Orochimaru wants to escape every time… Could it be that this idiot doesn’t realize that there is only a dead-end if he goes out and only inside Ryuchi Cave can he survive?”

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