Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 318: Well, It Is Still Lying to Me

Chapter 318: Well, It Is Still Lying to Me

Black Zetsu was under a lot of psychological pressure.

Because right now, it was facing the most painful moment in a thousand years.

Originally, Akatsuki’s organization was about to collect all of Bijuu to resurrect the Juubi. Kabuto also told it that he would soon be able to revive Madara at his peak state.

At that time, as long as Madara really revived and became the Juubi Jinchuriki, he would be able to use infinite Tsukuyomi to collect chakra. Then her mother, Kaguya, could be rescued.

Dawn was right in front of its eyes.

But someone suddenly pulled up a black curtain.

In a single night, Nagato suddenly died in battle.

Kabuto colluded with Obito to steal the Rinnegan, Gedo Mazo, Hachibi Jinchuriki, and Madara’s corpses in a single night. At the same time, he carried Sasuke along with him and fled. Now, he couldn’t even find Kabuto’s shadow.

Black Zetsu deeply realized the darkness of people’s hearts in a single night.

It wasted its great trust in Kabuto and even told him the secret that Madara had the Rinnegan!

In the end, this was how Kabuto treated it?

How could there be someone like Kabuto in this world!

The ninja’s routine is too deep, and the human heart is complicated. Black Zetsu never thought that someone would be able to deceive it and even deceive it successfully!

The self-restraint cultivated for a thousand years could not suppress Black Zetsu’s anger.

The most tricky thing was that only Obito and Sasuke were left in the Uchiha clan. Uchiha was on the verge of extinction at any time. This meant that if Black Zetsu wanted to repeat Madara’s story again, the chance to get the Rinnegan was very slim…

This was the closest chance to resurrect the Kaguya for a thousand years, and it might become the only chance!

As a result, everything was not under its control now.

This feeling was really not good.

Who knew how Kabuto and Obito would operate?

It would be fine if they still wanted to become the Juubi Jinchuriki and launch the Infinite Tsukuyomi. What if Kabuto and Orochimaru were full of themselves and directly studied the Rinnegan?

Unfortunately, Black Zetsu couldn’t find them at all.

Any White Zetsu who approached Kabuto would basically never return, and they would all be used as experimental materials or sacrifices for Impure World Reincarnation.

Therefore, Black Zetsu rushed back to the organization base. The only chess pieces it could use were Uehara and Kisame, who wanted to mobilize Akatsuki’s organization to help hunt down Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Obito.

Uehara was undoubtedly the most important chess piece.

The only troublesome thing was that the little brat Nagato had given up on the plan to collect Bijuu with his life. Would Uehara change his mind and give up on collecting Bijuu too?

However, when Black Zetsu heard that Uehara had succeeded in the position of the Akatsuki organization leader in Akatsuki’s base, he felt a little comforted. He was also lucky to think that Uehara, who had always trusted him, still had hope of continuing to control him…

In the end, Kisame gave it a head-on blow on the spot when he saw Black Zetsu, saying that Uehara would also betray the Eye of the Moon Plan.

How could it still calm down!

Uehara was the only power that Black Zetsu could rely on!

Because Black Zetsu heard that Uehara had killed many people in Konoha, it could only rely on Uehara to defeat Kabuto, Orochimaru, and Obito. Only then would it have a chance to regain control of the Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo.

“Kisame, can you confirm that Uehara betrayed us?”

Black Zetsu looked at Kisame with a gloomy face, and its voice seemed to want to swallow people, “Or did you actually betray the Eye of the Moon Plan?”

To be honest, Black Zetsu really did not want this to happen.

If that was the case, it could only wait for death.

Kisame looked at Black Zetsu in surprise, then shook his head and said, “No, I personally talked to Uehara about this.

Zetsu-sama, don’t you know what happened?”

“What happened?”

“Pain… no, it should be Nagato who sacrificed himself!”

Kisame grinned and said with a chuckle, “I saw with my own eyes that Uehara and his Sensei were so sad that they wished they were dead. After I chatted with him for a while, he no longer thought about the Eye of the Moon Plan. He only wanted to revive Nagato.”

After Kisame said this, he grinned and continued, “Perhaps Uehara has gone crazy… He said that he wanted to create a world that had Nagato again!”


Black Zetsu looked at Kisame in surprise. Suddenly, he smiled darkly and said, “In that case, he shouldn’t have given up on our Eye of the Moon Plan! Why did you say that Uehara was going to betray us?”


Kisame slowly pulled up Samehada, who was behind him. His eyes gradually became a little cold, “Zetsu-sama has always been a spy sent by Obito-san to Akatsuki! Don’t deny; It was Obito who personally leaked this information to others!”

This kind of information could actually be casually said.

After all, Obito was under Uehara’s control.

Kisame spoke with a gloomy voice and said coldly, “Uehara is now very hostile to you. He thinks that you killed Nagato and that you have been playing with us all this time!

Uehara had always wanted to help you in the past. He never expected that you were actually a spy sent by Obito. You have been deceiving us all this time!”

These words really made him blush a little.

Kisame had always thought that he was an honest person. He never thought that he would actually deceive Black Zetsu like this today. Thinking about it, his heart was really…

A little happy?

However, this was the truth.

After all, Black Zetsu had been lying to them.

“How could I be that bastard’s spy!”

Hearing Kisame’s words, Black Zetsu felt as if he had been stepped on. He was in a mess and did not know where to organize it. He did not know what Uehara and Kisame thought.

Why would they think that it was a spy for Obito?

Black Zetsu looked at the vigilant Kisame and said with a gloomy expression, “Don’t believe Obito. He is trying to sow discord between us…”

“Isn’t it?”

Kisame sneered and continued in a low voice, “Then please explain why you recruited Kabuto to join Akatsuki’s organization and why you let such a dangerous person join in at the critical stage of the Eye of the Moon Plan!

Our Bijuu collection is about to complete, and the so-called Eye of the Moon Plan is about to succeed, but Kabuto carried Gedo Mazo and Rinnegan and betrayed Akatsuki. Zetsu-sama, did you use us as tools?

At this point, Kisame grinned and continued, “Although I am very clear about the reality, we ninjas have always been tools, but I really want to understand the truth of this world and not be deceived by your lies all the time!

Whether it is Uehara or me, we have always believed in you, but you have always played with our trust!

Zetsu-sama, now that things have come to this is there anything else you want to say?”


Black Zetsu was simply speechless.

At this moment, if not for the fact that he knew everything about the past, Black Zetsu would really think that he was a spy. How good would it be if he was really Obito’s spy!

In that case, there was no need to waste time here…

Unfortunately, it had already fallen out with Obito.

Now, Black Zetsu could only think of a way to regain Kisame’s trust. At this time, Black Zetsu suddenly remembered something. The corners of his mouth suddenly curved up, and he whispered, “Just because of Obito’s provocation, you and Uehara no longer believe me?”

Black Zetsu slowly raised his head and looked at Kisame. His voice gradually became solemn, “Kisame, then I will tell you everything completely!”


Kisame put down his Samehada and grinned, revealing his mouthful of shark teeth. He then chuckled, “Then let me hear it again. What else do you want to deceive me? If I find a loophole, I will immediately cut off your head with my Samehada!”

After saying this, the smile on Kisame’s face gradually became sinister, “Hahahaha… Zetsu-sama, I am still very easy to convince.

I friendly remind you that you must not test Uehara before you convince me. He is about to go completely crazy because you are Obito’s spy, Kabuto’s betrayal, and Nagato-sama’s death! “

“Hahahaha… Don’t worry.”

Black Zetsu looked up at Kisame, and confidence returned to it, “Let me start from Madara-sama’s story. You will know why Obito and I are absolutely incompatible. I am Madara-sama’s manifested will…”


Kisame wanted to curse.

Initially, he thought that Black Zetsu would be honest with him. But when Black Zetsu mentioned Madara, Kisame knew that Black Zetsu still wanted to lie to him!

Black Zetsu didn’t know all of this, and it was still talking about its own story.

“… When Madara-sama left Konoha, no one was willing to follow him. They betrayed their own Clan Leader. Those Uchiha who grew up in Konoha were born of inferior products that betrayed Madara-sama…

… They only wanted to live in peace, so they were destined to suffer the fate of clan destruction because of their short-sighted eyes. Obito was like this, and so was Sasuke…

… How could trash like them compare to Madara-sama’s great dream? In this world, there has never been anyone who could be as open-minded as Madara-sama. Even the dream of Eye of the Moon Plan and Rinnegan, he was willing to entrust it to others.”

When Black Zetsu said this, his voice paused. He raised his head to look at Kisame and continued, “After Madara-sama concealed himself for a long time, he thought that Nagato would be the Child of Prophecy that would realize the Eye of the Moon Plan. Therefore, he transplanted the Rinnegan to Nagato.

It’s a pity that I thought Nagato was cowardly by nature and would not be firm enough to implement the plan in the future, so I always refused to reveal the Eye of the Moon Plan to Nagato.

After discovering this matter, Obito arrogantly wanted to seize Nagato’s Rinnegan and seize control of the Eye of the Moon Plan. In the end, he chose to defect;

In order to prevent Obito from destroying the Eye of the Moon Plan, I had no choice but to prepare a second, more dangerous plan. That is to have you all secretly prepare for the resurrection of Madara-sama. Unfortunately, I was deceived by Kabuto using the ability to resurrect Madara-sama in his prime.

Now it seems that we are one step behind.

However, we may have a chance to fight back. As long as we defeat Obito, Orochimaru, and Kabuto, the others will take back Gedo Mazo and Rinnegan and then choose one person to continue the Eye of the Moon Plan!”

What Black Zetsu said was simply more nonsense than the past.

Madara was molded into a great person in its story, which shows that Madara’s will was also powerful.

There were also some private goods in these stories.

For example, Black Zetsu secretly took the opportunity to hack the Uchiha in Konoha.

Of course, Black Zetsu didn’t mention these things for no reason but to leave an impression on Kisame. These stories were mainly prepared to gain Uehara’s trust.

Therefore, Black Zetsu had added a lot of goodwill to Nagato in the story.

“Oh? Is that so?”

Kisame glanced at Black Zetsu without batting an eyelid. His small eyes turned, and he suddenly said, “But Nagato-sama is already dead. Madara-sama’s body is still in the hands of the enemy. After we take back the Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo, who will preside over the Eye of the Moon Plan?”

“Then let’s see whose strength is stronger…”

The corner of Black Zetsu’s mouth slowly curved up. Looking at Kisame’s hopeful expression, he said seriously, “The Rinnegan needs a huge amount of chakra to activate it, so to use the Rinnegan to activate the Eye of the Moon Plan, the body must have a huge amount of chakra…”


Kisame slowly nodded his head and grinned, revealing his mouth full of shark teeth, “What a coincidence, the chakra in Uehara and I seem to be very abundant…”

Black Zetsu narrowed his eyes and whispered, “Kisame, don’t be too greedy like your Samehada. You should think of a way to get the Rinnegan and Gedo Mazo before discussing this matter! I will think of a way to persuade Uehara now…”

“Zetsu-sama, Uehara is not easy to convince…”

Kisame spread out his palm and smiled, “Rather than wasting time to regain Uehara’s trust, why don’t you just give up Uehara and let me help you execute the Eye of the Moon Plan!”


Black Zetsu looked at Kisame speechlessly.

Damn, did Kisame become so greedy when he saw the opportunity to master the Rinnegan? Did he think that he could use the Rinnegan just because he had too many Chakra?

Black Zetsu glanced at Kisame and smiled sinisterly, “That depends on your ability. If you can seize it… But I heard that you can’t even defeat Kabuto’s Impure World Reincarnation Ninja…”


Kisame’s expression changed.

In the next moment, Kisame’s voice was somewhat cold as he said, “Forget it. It doesn’t matter who comes. As long as I can see the world after the Eye of the Moon.”


Black Zetsu’s voice was full of bewitchment, “There will never be a war in that world again. No one will deliberately deceive anyone. There will only be peace and tranquility in that world…”

After Black Zetsu finished describing the Eye of the Moon Plan, it left.

After watching Black Zetsu leave coldly, Kisame took out his Den Den Mushi and dialed Uehara’s Den Den Mushi.


A moment later, the Den Den Mushi in Kisame’s hand changed into Uehara’s figure. This was the sign of the call being connected. It narrowed its eyes and spoke.

“Kisame, have you finished chatting with Black Zetsu?”

“Yes, I have. It is still lying to me.”

Kisame nodded and grinned; he then continued, “The things it lied to me this time were all lies prepared in advance to gain Uehara-sama’s trust because the Eye of the Moon was centered around Nagato-sama!”

“I got it.”

Uehara’s voice had a trace of elegance, “Then let it come over and cheat me of my trust with it! My complete trust can’t be so easily obtained by it…”

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